Co., Ltd., V. A. T., St., Mr, Mrs, Messrs., Enc./ Encl.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Co., Ltd., V. A. T., St., Mr, Mrs, Messrs., Enc./ Encl.

12.Напишите стандартные формулы обращения английских и американских деловых писем.

13.Напишите дату the fifteenth of March nineteen-ninety-eight, используя все варианты, принятые в Англии и США.

14.Напишите основные типы английских фирм.

15.Напишите английские соответствия для словосочетаний:

компания с ограниченной ответственностью, товарищество, акционер, Совет директоров, директор-распорядитель, управление, главный управляющий, коммерческий директор, управляющий кадрами, заведующий отделом менеджмента, ассоциация.

16. Изучите следующий контракт:


The firm_____________________________________hereinafter referred to as the Sellers, on the one part, and Rossijskoje Objedinenije……………….., hereinafter referred to as the Buyers, on the other part, have concluded the present Contract as follows:



The Sellers have sold and the Buyers have bought on_____________________________terms the goods in accordance with the Specifications attached to the present Contract and forming integral part thereof.



Prices for the goods are fixed in____________________and to be understood_____________including the cost of packing and marking. The total amount of the present Contract comprises__________________________________________________________



The goods are to be delivered in the time stipulated in the Specifications attached to the present Contract.

The date of__________________________is to be considered as the date of delivery.

Delivery before the time stipulated in the Contract as well as partial delivery of the goods without accessories is not allowed without the Buyers` consent.



The quality of the goods is to be in conformity with the requirements given in the Specifications attached to the Contract.

The goods are to be of the latest design and manufactured of the first grade materials. The Sellers on their own initiative but at the Buyers` consent or request are to make improvements of the design and the materials of which the goods are made taking into account the latest technical achievements in this field without any extra charges or postponement of the delivery time.

The quality of the goods is to be evidenced by a Certificate of Quality issued by the manufacturing works, or by a Letter of Guarantee of the Sellers.



Packing should protect the cargo from any damage, corrosion and shortage during transportation by all kinds of transport involving several transshipments en route. A definite kind of packing may be indicated in the Specifications to the Contract.

Each case is to contain a Packing List indicating the denomination of the goods and spare parts, Contract No., Trans No., Case No., Item No. as per the Specification, Series No. Net gross weight. Packing lists are to be inserted in each case in a waterproof envelope.

The Sellers are to submit for the Buyers` approval overall sketches of the equipment. The size, weight and the center of gravity of the case are to be indicated on each sketch.

The following marking is to be made in waterproof black paint on each case in Russian and English:


With Care

Do not turn over


Contract No.

Trans No.

Narjad No.

Case No.

Gross weight… kg

Net weight… kg

Size of case (length, width, height in cm).

When delivering complete equipment, the case No. is to be given in fraction, in which the numerator is the ordinal No. of case and the denominator – the total number of cases.

The Sellers are to bear responsibility for all eventual losses and/or damages caused by inadequate or unsuitable packing and marking.



Payment is to be effected in___________________within……days after receipt by the Buyers through the Russian Bank for Foreign Economic affairs, Moscow, of the following documents:

a. Invoice – in quadruplicate;

b. Full set of clean on board Bills of Landing issued in the name of the Buyers, with destination to the port of Russia indicated by the Buyers, or airway bill, or railway bill, or post receipt;

c. Certificate of Quality of the manufacturing works or a Letter of Guarantee of the Sellers;

d. Case per case Specification or Packing List – in duplicate;

e. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bank charges, connected with collection of documents are to be for the Sellers` account.



The Sellers are to cable to the Buyers within 24 hours after shipment stating the following data: date of shipment, Contract No., denomination of the goods, number of cases, weight, ship’s name, B/L No. (or railway bill or airway bill, or post receipt). Trans No.

The Sellers are to send by Captain’s mail a non-negotiable copy of the Bill of Landing and Specification.



The buyers have the right to send their inspectors to the manufacturing plant in the Sellers` country top participate in the inspection and tests of the goods.

The Sellers are to render assistance to the Buyers` inspectors to enable them to perform such inspection and tests.

In such inspection or tests reveal that the goods do not comply with the Contract conditions or have defects of any kind, the Sellers are to eliminate such defects.

The participation of the Buyers` inspectors in the tests and inspection does not free the Sellers from the liability provided for in the Clause “Guarantee” of the present Contract.

The final inspection and testing of the goods are to be effected in Russia.



The Sellers guarantee that the quality of the goods conform to the requirements of the Contract and in particular guarantee that:

a. the delivered goods and all the accessories conform to the latest achievements of technics and the highest standards existing in the Sellers` country at the time of execution of the present Contract;

b. the material of which the goods and all the accessories have been manufactured are of the highest quality;

c. the goods have been delivered complete with all the necessary accessories in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract so that to ensure their normal and uninterrupted operation;

d. the drawings and other technical documents are of high quality and are sufficient for mounting and operation of the equipment.

The guarantee period is 12 months from the date of putting the equipment, apparatus and/or instruments into operation, but not more than 15 months from the date of shipment.

In case of a delay in putting the equipment, apparatus and/or instruments into operation through the Sellers` fault, the period of the guarantee is to be prolonged accordingly.

Should the goods and/or accessories prove to be defective during the period of guarantee or to be not in conformity with the terms and conditions of the Contract, the Sellers undertake, at the Buyers` option, to eliminate the defects or to replace the faulty goods free of charge and without a delay, the cost of transportation and insurance being at the Sellers` expense. If, according to agreement between the parties, the defects have been eliminated by the Buyers, the expenses involved are to be paid by the Sellers.

Any claims, if any, are to be presented by the Buyers to the Sellers not later than 30 days after the date of expiration of the guarantee period provided that the defects have been discovered during the guarantee period.

Survey Reports made out with participation of experts of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will serve as a sufficient proof a claim.



Should any circumstances arise preventing any of the parties to fulfill their respective obligations under this Contract partially or in full, namely: acts of elements, war, military operations of any character, blockades, prohibitions of exports or imports, the time of delivery under this Contract is to be extended for the period equal to that during which such circumstances will remain in force. The Sellers are to immediately advise the Buyers by cable of the beginning and cessation of the above circumstances preventing them to fulfill their obligations.

In case a delay in the delivery of the goods owing to the above circumstances is more than 3 months, the Buyers have the right to refuse fulfillment of the Contract in full or in respect of any part of the goods not delivered by the time stipulated and in this case the Sellers are not entitled to claim from the Buyers any compensation for eventual losses.

Certificates issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the Sellers` country will be sufficient evidence of such circumstances and their duration.



If the Sellers fail to deliver the goods in the time stipulated by the contract, they are to pay to the Buyers a penalty at the rate of________________ per cent of the value of the goods delayed for each week during the first___________weeks and_______________per cent______________of the value of the goods for each following week of the delay in the delivery. However, the total sum of the penalty is not to exceed_____________per cent of the value of the goods delayed.

The sum of the penalty is to be deducted by the Buyers from the Sellers` invoices when paying same. The payment of the penalty does not free the Sellers from their obligation to deliver the goods under the present Contract.

Should a delay in the delivery exceed 3 months, the Buyers have the right to cancel the Contract.


Any disputes which may arise under or in connection with this Contract are to be settled by the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Moscow, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the said Commission, no recourse to law courts being permitted. The award of such an arbitration is to be considered final and binding upon both parties.


A. The Sellers are to obtain an Export License at their own expense. If the Sellers fail to obtain an Export License within__________months from the date of signing the Contract, the Buyers have the right to cancel the contract. The Sellers have to immediately inform the Buyers of obtaining an Export License.

B. If the Deliveries are effected on FOB terms, the Sellers are to bear all the expenses incurred at the port of shipment, including those connected with packing, marking, loading on board ship and stowage, as well as lighterage, cranage, quay porterage, port and dock dues, duty on the cargo and all the charges connected with customs formalities.

If deliveries are effected on CIF terms, the Sellers are to insure the goods for their own account for the total invoice value plus 10 per cent (the expected benefit) with “INGOSSTRAKH” Moscow, against all transport risks subject to p. 1 of Transport Insurance Rules published by “INGOSSTRAKH”.

C. After this Contract has been signed all and any previous negotiations and correspondence pertaining thereto to be considered null and void.

D. All amendments and additions to this Contract are to be valid only if made in writing and signed by duly authorized representatives of both parties.

E. Neither of the parties has the right to assign their rights and obligations under this Contract to any third party without written consent of the other party.

F. Moscow is to be considered the place of the conclusion of this Contract.


The Sellers:

The Buyers:

The Sellers The Buyers

(Signatures) (Signatures)

17. Просмотрите несколько юридических двуязычных словарей и расскажите об их структуре.

18.Найдите в юридических словарях и выпишите по 10 терминологических словосочетаний со словами:

law, currency, account, quota, citizenship, trial, sale, customs, duty, tax, protection.

19.В толковом юридическом словаре найдите и выпишите толкование следующих слов:

dealer, solicitor, malice, assizes, prosecute, fraud, loophole, income, employee.


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