To show managers whether a business made or lost money over a specific period 

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To show managers whether a business made or lost money over a specific period


46. Match the accounting document with the best description: Balance sheet

To provide a snapshot of a business’s value at a particular point in time, showing what it has and what it owes


47. Match the accounting document with the best description: Cash flow statement

To indicate inflow and outflow of money over a specific period, in particular to make sure it does not run out

48. Match a term to the definition: A leading or important position.



49. Match a term to the definition: Someone who commits the crime of fraud.



50. Match a term to the definition: A person responsible for deciding on a set of plans or actions for a government, political party, business or other group.




51. Match a term to the definition: An illegal system in which criminals threaten to harm you or your property if you do not give them money.

Protection racket


52. Match a term to the definition: The use of illegal methods to pay less tax or do not pay tax at all.

Tax evasion

53. Match a term to the definition: Working or done secretly in order to catch criminals, get secret information, etc.




54. Match a term to the definition: Crimes in which people who work in offices steal money from the company they work for.

White-collar crime


55. Match the description with an accounting document: All funds going out of a business in a specific period are known as ____.

Cash payments


56. Match the description with an accounting document: The amount of profit after general running costs are deducted is known as ­­­______.

Operating profit


57. Match the description with an accounting document: Business often have money in the bank or money owed to them, known as ­­______.

Current assets


58. Match the description with an accounting document: The total income from all of a business’s normal trading activity is known as ______.




60. Match the description with an accounting document: Some things that a business owns cannot be turned easily into cash.

Fixed assets



61. Match the description with an accounting document: The difference between what a business owns and what it owes are its net assets, which are equal to the _________.

Owners’ equity


62. Choose a phrase according to the function of asking for clarification.

Could you be more precise?


63. Choose a phrase according to the function of checking other people understand.

Do you see what I mean?


64. Choose a phrase according to the function of reformulating to check you understand.

So, what you are saying is …


65. Choose a phrase according to the function of explaining your point more clearly.

What I mean is that I …


66. Choose a phrase according to the function of summarizing.

Can we go over what we’ve decided?


67. Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: The office is on ______ Via Milano in the centre of the city

No article


68) Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: It’s just 20 minutes from the hotel on foot, but you can catch ____ taxi in front of the Unicredit Bank



69) Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: When you get to the office ____ person to ask for is Sergio Rossi



70) Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: The plan is support ____ number of client in the user-accepting test phase on the latest you delivered



71) Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: In the afternoon, you will be working with Mario Dinardo who is ______ analyst



72) Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: He is collating _____ new requirements to complete the final phase of the project



73) Complete the text with a, an, the. Any, no article: Don’t forget to keep the evening free for ____ beer with me later



74) Match the collocation to its definition: interest-free loan

Debt that you pay back without any additional charge


1) While filling the shopping trolley with fair trade goods may relieve the guilt of middle class consumers.

2) There is no conflict between altruism and the market economy.

3) A combination of economic illiteracy and misguided good intentions has created a monster that threatens the prosperity of the poorest producers.

4) Setting a minimum price for product encourage retailers to buy only from more affluent producers that can invest in higher quality.

5) They work because they encourage producers to pursue higher living standarts by becoming more productive, through mechanization and modernization.

6) Fair trade suppliers are naive to think they can solve all the problems of developing world.

7) This ignores the complexity of modern business.

8) Their actions threaten the stability and security of the region.

9) For a product to be certificated as fair trade the importer selling it in the west must pay a minimum price to producers

10) There is no incentive to buy these, because the retailers cannot call it a fair trade.

11) In one such operation in Alang, India, alone, 40000 persons toil daily under the most hazardous occupational conditions outside of warfare.

12) A plant grown for food, usually on a farm – crop.

13) To work very hard doing something difficult and tiring especially physical work – toil.

14) An agreement by a seller to pay fair wages and provide good working conditions to those producing goods in a developing country – fair trade.

15) The boo-boo was cured with the magic-wand effect.

16) Showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment – naive.

17) A way of thinking and behaving that shows you care more about other people and their interests than about yourself – altruism.

18) The company was found to be in breach of environment regulations.

19) To risk damaging or destroying something important – jeopardize.

20) The ineffective educational system meant that illiteracy was widespread.

21) He replied that the water was affluent and that they had not reviewed this in detail.

22) Shops have encouraged consumers to appreciate coffee as a premium product.

23) Fair trade supporters seem to believe they can ignore market realities.

24) To make pain or another feeling less unpleasant – relieve.

25) Use of the legal system to settle a disagreement – litigation.

26) A bank or company is not in your country but in a country where law is different - offshore.

27) An aspect of something that has to be accepted – part and parcel.

28) To decide not to do something that you promised to do- renege.

29) A company’s written promise to repair or replace a product if it doesn’t work usually for a specific period of rime – warranty.

30) An amount of money paid in addition to the normal amount - premium.

31) Behaving in a confident way in which you are quick to express your opinions and feelings – assertive.

32) Not talking or answering questions in an honest way - evasive

33) To make a legal claim against someone – sue.

34) Bernett sued the newspaper for libel and won.

35) Growers receive a premium to be used for community projects like schools and hospitals.

36) When life gets you down it is very tempting and easy to lapse into energy and become immobilized.

37) When you buy a tv and you have a written promise that it will be repaired for free if it breaks within the first year? This is an example of warranty.

38) A person who is very neat and a person who is very messy are examples of people who are incompatible.

39) Employees or organization members experience shared leadership, personal empowerment an appreciation of diversity and they create an ongoing forum to resolve problems.

40) You have to do it - it is necessary, the rules say so.

41) Under new legislation, employees are not allowed to smoke on the premises.

42) Club members shall play their annual subscriptions no later than 31 of December or incur a penalty.

43) Suppliers must follow our strict guidelines on factory condition.

44) On signing the contract, each tenant shall also sign the inventory attached.

45) Under the terms of this agreement either party may terminate the contract in writing and giving one month notice.

46) You don’t have to register this software, but you want get automatic updates,if you don’t.

47) Developers may use the source code to create their own plug-ins.

48) If you are ill, and the doctor comes to see you, you don’t have to pay him.

49) This immigration officer notices that a traveler hasn’t signed this new passport you have to obey law and act ethically at all times.

50) You must not drive more than 3000 km during the rental period.

51) You must follow our guidelines on how to use the vehicle at all times.

52) You have to obey the law and act ethically at all times.

53) You may accept small gifts from suppliers and other business partners.

54) You have to bring your driving license in order to collect the car.

55) You don’t have to take out extra insurance, but its recommended.

56) You must not disclose sensitive information about the company’s products.

57) Under no circumstances shall child labour be used.

58) On no account should the seal be broken.

59) Under no circumstances will he use of pesticides be tolerated.

60) I’m sorry, this is a non-smoking area – you can’t smoke here.

61) I’m sorry I’m late, I had to take my daughter to the hospital

62) It’s a drop-in service, you don’t have to make an appointment.

63) Teresa can’t fly direct from Bmo. She has to do via Prague.

64) Being required to justify ones actions to a higher authority – accountability.

65) organizations which investigate irregularities, such as the securities and Exchange Commission – regulatory bodies.

66) Paying workers the minimum wage allowed by the low for example - borderline ethics.

67) Deciding objectives, means standarts for a company - corporate governance.

68) Encouraging workers to improve the way they do their own jobs – empowerment.

69) Process that has been shown to give excellent results - best practice.

70) The workers are negotiating with management.

71) The failure of the buyer to comply with these rules shall constitute irrevocable acceptance of the goods.

72) Everybody’s heard about the offshore banks which process large cash transactions for drug dealers.

73) And on a larger scale, free trade is dangerous because it encourages unbalanced economics.


Examining something in order to understand it:


CEO stands for:

Chief Executive Officer

An ability to understand something clearly:


R&D stands for:

Research and Development

We tried to contact you, but we couldn’t get:


The line is bad. Please hang...and I’ll call you back.


I … for my exam, when my friend… me.

Past Continuous/Past Simple (was …+ing, when ….)

Before I …to sales Director, I…a sales consultant in our main city-center branch.

Got/had already worked

I’m …charge …three accountants working …me.


Why do you…your boss? Because he makes us work long hours.

Present Simple

…? I would say very often. It keeps crashing every other day.

What would you say about….

…? They were arguing about software problems.

I was wondering if you ………………….arrange a visit from the technician?

Would have …..

When dealing with difficult customers, sometimes we …exchange the product or give a full refund.

Need to

I……………………get through to the Paris office. I‘ve been trying all morning.


…you give more details of the business procedures?

Present Simple

Using office telephone for making personal calls very often is …

…., or you will never finish your job.

Will //verb// ….

Knowledge or skill you get from being in different situations:


USP is…

Business unique selling point (the think that makes a product or service different from others)

Many products are identical from the consumer’s point of …


The principal problem in the company is a lack of …between the people.


You need to possess strong … to work in Sales Department.

Negotiating skills

We can hire you on condition that you’re able to...

Nowadays young people prefer money rather than…

Job satisfaction

When the company was taken over by a larger competitor, Kate…

Was resigned

Thanks to her enhanced resume, Sue …for a second interview.

Was short-listed

Tom joined the British Petroleum three months ago. He has been hoping for…there.


The bank has over 3,000 …


Someone who teaches about trade between countries is a teacher of…


The bank is …in a number of new projects.


Since she …from university, Jane … live alone.

Past simple / has …

At…moment she is working on … project in …China.


Jane… about running her own business ever since she was at school.

Has been thinking

David runs the business …a day-to-day basis.


The phrase ‘climb a ladder’ in a company means:

one’s advancement within a company through promotions

Jim will be working …Jake and Jill in Marketing soon.

You won’t... if you don’t prioritize.


A dress code is obligatory here. You have to dress…

If you have any problems we can …a visit from our technician.

Will …verb…

‘to refund’ means:


I am writing … regard to a computer problem.


I would like to express my...for your help with the computer.


Please accept my … for confusing you with your cousin.


Unfortunately your laptop is no longer … guarantee.


A date by which you have to do something:


‘Purchasing’ is a formal way of saying:


a specially selected group of people who are intended to represent the general public:

focus group

Household-cleaning products are products which you clean the house …

This idea turned out to be …for technical limitations.


What is the thing you are most proud of in your present job? What is your greatest …?

During their work placements students … a lot of experience.


Steve... from the company at the age of 75.


Before graduating, Joe... for jobs in 20 companies.

Applied for

While I was..., I studied for a master’s degree.


I liaise with government officials; fortunately, I …

possed strong negotiating skills

I believe I can make a valuable … to any group.

Mike…his sales targets by 10 % and got promoted.

After a hostile takeover of the company Tony


The word ‘redundancy’ means:

We expect all the work to be done on time. Are able to work to strict …?


There is a lot of conflicts between the...and the trade union members.

…indicators are figures showing how well a country’s economy is working.


People say makes... world go round.

-… the

We developed …great new product-...idea came from our R&D department.

a… an

Estelle is one of …Jane’s friends from...MBA.

- .. the

At... moment she is working on... project in China.

the … a

FedEx is an international company …reputation is very good.


The woman…phoned me was our CFO.


Sales …by 5% so far this year.

Have gone up

I …in R&D department since last week.

Present perfect (have worked)

From time to time I … a bit of work in my father’s company-usually during the summer.

Present simple (do)

Employees are often to join a company’s insurance…

Free medical (?)

a natural ability to do something well or to learn it quickly:


I’m able to cope with being under stress.(Я могу справиться с состоянием стресса)

I don’t think I have any significant weaknesses.(Я не думаю, что у меня есть существенные недостатки)

It is essential to be staying … at work.

Candidates should be analytical, independent and able to develop a rapport with clients in all sectors.(Кандидатам следует быть аналитичными, независимымии и способными развивать взаимоотношения с клиентами во всех секторах.)

I am … that there are areas I need to improve on.

Today’s marketplace is highly...


Packaging is the manufacturer’s last chance to …the customer.


Nowadays many students apply for a gap-year…


I…my CV all morning, and finally I…it.

Presenet perfect cont …. Past simple


There were some complaints about the product, so we had to …it in order to make the necessary modifications.

‘to withdraw ’ means:(извлекать, изымать, брать назад)

Advertising is simply another of …

The company has... a lot of money in new equipment.


Last year was very unsuccessful. We __________ to meet our targets by 20%.

When I…at work, the meeting …already ….

Domestic sales …steadily over the past 4 years.

Present perfect cont.

There … a slight fall in domestic sales in 1995.


When Wilson’s got into difficulties, Cathy …redundant.

Past simple (made)

As you …from my CV, I…currently…for Gepo Foods as the Senior Quality Assurance Technician.

Present simple. Past cont


In…UK…students have to pay back their loans when they leave …university.

Our charges are among … lowest on …market.


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