Not to bring your personal problems to work? 

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Not to bring your personal problems to work?

I …in charge of R&D for a year and a half.

Antonio …from Milan University in 1998.

After university I…for Cambridge University for ten years. Then I was invited to join Oxford University.

High staff… might damage a company’s image.

For the company to…, our turnover needs to grow by 20% this year.

We had to withdraw large number of … products.

She… several job applications since she graduated from the university but she hasn’t been informed yet.

I… twenty candidates this morning. I’m so tired!

Present perfect

At the present we…our company’s structure.

While I …in my uncle’s company, I …to understand ins and outs of this business.

I had no …for accountancy, therefore I applied for marketing at university.

…delegate more if you want to finish the job.


The government has imposed …on the amount of currency that can be exported.

Anyone who works in …marketing will tell you that …packaging is very important.

I nearly hit my boss’s car as I …mine.

That it’s rather difficult to find a job at the age of 55?

Ideas for new products can come from many different...

I’m not …to deal with this problem.

There are many…for students doing a work placement.

Doing an internship can help you check if you have chosen the most appropriate career.

A work placement also …the look of your CV.

We need to...this question urgently.

We must keep an eye…what our competitors are doing at the present time.

The term ‘investor’ means:

Microsoft is a company about … I know quite a little.

FedEx is an international company …reputation is very good.

I do a bit of work in my father’s company – usually during the summer.

The soup…delicious.

Right now I… two assignments.

I I speak two languages: English and Spanish.

I had a great time... my university days.

I had a great time... the first two years at university.

Erica has...left. If you go out to the car park, you’ll catch her.

Have you …been really late for an interview?

If you want to achieve …success with …new product, there are …number of …steps you have to get right.

Products should be available... before they are introduced into the market.

A parent company owns several smaller companies called …

A ‘parent company’ means:

By the end of the year I…that I …several books on my degree subjects.

Currently I… for Almaty Management University. There’s a great atmosphere in my department.

The interview should have a... structure and this should be explained to the candidates at the very start.

These workers are paid on hourly … here.

I can’t solve your problem at the moment. I need to …it my supervisor.

The order I placed online last week….yet.

I …be grateful if you …the order immediately.

Someone who a business buys from:

A written promise that a company will repair something you buy from them:

We need to make our computers more powerful.

The printer has run out of ink. We need to fill up the…

The machine broke … after only a few months.

The machine…by a small motor.

In recent years we …rapidly and now the company has three separate divisions.

We managed to maintain our position during the recession of the early nineties.

1. Last year we had some difficulty in meeting our sales goals (задачи/цели)

2. We were extremely reluctant to make anyone redundant as it was the first time we had ever closed a branch (not willing to do something/делать неохотно)

3. Typically we … prices once a year, from January the first, but this time we…the dollar prices immediately because of the big change in the exchange rate.

4. We made profit (получать прибыль) a couple of hundred pounds on gifts every Christmas.

5. This new model is a real breakthrough (a sudden, important discovery or development/прорыв)

6. Branding is not enough to differentiate (отличать) t almost identical products.

7. The dress code in our office is very formal – everyone wears a suit.

8. The office etiquette demands (требовать) that you don’t read other people’s messages.

9. She will have to take the initiative in order to improve their relationship.

10. Most employers prefer interns who have some work experience (students or recently qualified person, who works in a job in order to get experience/стажер)

11. Alex seems to have learned nothing from the faults (ошибка) of his predecessors. All of them were wrong.

12. Do not blame (винить) me for your faults.

13. Where do you exactly work? In R&D department.

14. Who(person)/What(company) do you exactly work for?

15. I often take on … of projects with multi-million dollar budgets.

16. Producers need to know their consumers say they need and what they really need.

17. Right now I have a break.

18. What are the positive things you can bring to our company? What are your achievements (достижения)?

19. How does the company know you’re doing a good job? How do they measure (определять/оценивать) your performance?

20. They have given us a ten-day deadline to finish the job.

21. ‘Know-how’ means: practical knowledge or experience

22. Students are legally obliged to comply (исполнять) fully with the university regulations.

23. He never acknowledges his mistakes (to accept or admit that something exists, is true or real/сознавать)

24. The phrase ‘to pick someone’s brain’ means: to ask someone questions to get advice or information

25. A person who tries to persuade someone to leave their job and take another job which has better pay and more status: headhunter

26. I enjoy teaching Marketing at university because it’s my vocation (призвание)

27. He was hired to this firm on the spot: immediately/немедленно

28. We are seeking someone who is good at it.

29. … high prices, they are also dissatisfied with the service.

30. They are unhappy with their … suppliers for several reasons despite their long-term relationship.

31. This candidate has some good skills (навыки) though.

32. In fact, he did almost the … job when he was in Africa.

33. I don’t think he’s the right candidate of person for this position.

34. Due to the world crisis, the company had to reduce the headcount: the number of people employed in a particular organization/подбирать кадры

35. The company’s suppliers always complained about the late …

36. I’m going to send them a reminder. They …us for their last order.

37. Jane’s upstairs with Ann and Roy. They have a meeting about the catalogue.

38. The stock market can be risky because the price of shares … according to economic conditions.

39. Every time inflation raises (расти), people demand (требовать) higher wages.

40. Could you help me? I have/need to translate this letter from Spanish client and I don’t know what this word…

41. I come from Australia, but at the moment I am in Switzerland.

42. When did she complete her report? On Friday.

43. Our sales raise (растут) because we have introduced some new product lines.

44. I’m feeling rather nervous.??

45. As you will see from the enclosed CV, I … in the financial services sector for several years.

46. Candidates are required to have managerial skills (навыки) in this sphere.

47. I got into trouble for not working hard enough last week. Since then I am working/have been working very hard.

48. I handed in my resignation a month ago. Since then they hired (наняли) another sales manager.

49. I’m looking forward to my trip because I am going to Russia.

50. I’ve booked your flight and hotels for your trip to Germany. You are flying out on the 18th at 6.30 a.m.

51. We’ve got a machine that prints in colour.


The person who has a job or position after someone else:

Determination to work at something or intention to support something:

To threaten or frighten someone to get what you want:


Someone that has the same job or purpose but in a different country or organization:

A factory where people work very hard in bad conditions and earn very little money:

Something that does not match something else:

The rate at which people leave jobs and new people arrive:

To have a new product tested by customers:

When we were we stayed at...hotel.

Helen works 8 hours... day, 6 days...week.

Jane is looking... a better-paid job.

Have you ever been...the United States?


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