C. Now write down in the note form the information you get to know about.


a) the International Peterson Organization:

1. Basic holding, company is _____________________

2. Most shares owned by ________________________

3. Three main activities are ______________________


b) Peterson Travel

1. owned by ________________________

2. consists of _________________________


D. Vocabulary:"up and down the country" means all over the country.

"direct-sell company" means a company that sells its goods directly to the public, and not through a retailer or agent.


Choose the best answer:

1. The primary activities of acompany are:

a) its most profitable activities

b) the activities that produce the most sales

c) the activity with which it started in business

d) activities that involve labour costs and material costs

2. A holding company is:

a) a company owned by another company

b) a company that holds shares in another company

c) a company that controls another company

d) a privately owned company

3. A private company is:

a) a company that is not state-owned

b) a company with not more than fifty shareholders

c) a company that is owned by only one person

4. A sister company is:

a) a company engaged, in similar-business activity in another country

b) any company owned by the same multinational parent company

с) any company owned by the same parent company

5. A board is:

a) a department of government responsible for trade

b) the executives of a company

c) shareholders of a company

d) the group оf people who are officially responsible for running a company

6. An executive team is:

a) a group of people concerned with social activities

b) a team of people brought into a company to advise on management problems

с) a group of people who make the decisions in business and ensure that these decisions are carried out

d) a group of people who carry out other people's decisions

7. A profit centre is:

а) а соmраnу that is profitable

b) a department of a company main aim of which is to make profits

c) a department of a company which keeps financial records


Check your answer:

1. B 5. D

2. C 6. C

3. B 7. B

4. C


E. 1. Talk to Hugh. Ask him about:

a) the structure of his company

b) the primary activities of the company

c) the primary activities of the British company

d) the structure of the travel group

e) the company's management


Talk to Ken. Tell him in short about the British company of the Peterson organization.


F.1. Study the following words:


1. exploration of oil 2. off - shore 3. pipeline 4. loaded into a tanker 5. subsidiary 6. dealing with 7. headquarters 8. area 9. refining 10. wholesaling 11. retailing 1. разведка и добыча нефти 2. в прибрежных водах 3. трубопровод 4. загружать в танкер 5. филиал 6. занимающийся 7. штаб-квартира 8. область 9. очистка 10. оптовая торговля 11. розничная торговля


G. Now read how Richard describes a multinational oil company he works for.

Richard: Vector Petroleum (UK) limited is the company that I work for, and their responsibility is for exploration of oil in the UK and, offshore UK, and for production of that oil. That oil is sent down a pipeline to be loaded into a tanker. The tank ship is a separate subsidiary of Vector, Vector Tankship Limited.Vector Petroleum is in fact a subsidiary of SOTEX, which is Signal Oil Соmраnу of Texas, and is the world's seventh lar­gest company. This company has a lot of subsidiaries around the world each dealing with a separate activity. So,Vector Petrole­um (UK) Limited is responsible for exploration and production of oil only in the UK. And Vector Overseas Petroleum Incorpora­ted, which has its headquarters in Houston, is responsible for finding and producing oil in all areas outside the USA. And we are a subsidiary of that company. Now that leaves us in the in­teresting position that we can have a number of independent Vec­tor companies operating in one country. So that in the UK we al­so have Vector Oil (UK) Limited, and they are responsible for marketing petrol and other products like diesel and so on, in Britain. Vector Oil Europe also based in London is responsible for refining, wholesaling, and retailing our products throughout Europe.


3. Look at the following expressions. Write down the words that are actually used in the extract instead of those underlined:

1._________________their responsibility is for searching for and finding oil

2._________________in the UK and out at sea near the UK

3. ________________a separate company owned by Vector

4. ________________separate companies for cleaning crude oil and marketing

5._________________operating in every part of the world

6._________________which has its main offices in Houston

7. _________________marketing petrol and other goods sold in large quantities to retailer






I. Reading and translation.

Exercise 1. Read the text A and translate it. Use the Russian variant as the key.


Text A

TST Systems was looking for candidates for the position of Com­mercial Director. Three applicants came for an interview after they had submitted their Resumes. The third and the most successful was Mr. Klimenko. Here is the interview with him.

- Good morning, sir. - Good morning. Come in. Mr Klimenko, isn't it? Please take a seat. You will have to excuse me a moment while I finish signing these letters. Meanwhile please fill in the application form ... . There, that'll do. Now I can concentrate on you, Mr Klimenko. Tell me, how long were you in your last job with Alpha? - Five years. I am only leaving because the firm is moving to Sevastopol, but I think a change will do me good.   - What do you know about our company? Have you got any questions for me? - I know that this is a very promising company, so I'd like you to inform me what will be the major focus of efforts in the next few years?   - We plan to expand our activi­ties with English-speaking coun­tries, mainly England, to buy equipment and technologies from there and run training programs here. We need a team of creative people to make our company competitive in the world market.   - What will my responsibilities and obligations be during the first year?   - Well, first of all to be responsible for our contacts with English partners. You will need to skill­fully negotiate for and buy equip­ment. The job will involve much travelling. There is likely to be a trade fair in London soon, which we hope you will be able to go to.     - Yes, I see. - So tell me what are your three main strengths? - I think they are: reliability, loyality, and energy. - OK. Do you work well under pressure? - Yes. I am accustomed to working under pressure. - Are you a leader, an entrepre­neur by nature? - Yes, I think so. - All right. Now, Mr Klimenko, I am quite prepared to offer you a job with us. You have excellent references from your previous job. You'll start on $450 and if you do well we'll review it after three months. The hours are from nine to five thirty, with an hour for lunch and a fortnight's holiday. Does that suit you? Any questions?   - What about travel? Where will I go and for what length of time? - Mostly to England for not longer than a month. - All right. When do you want me to start, sir? - In a week, if possible. - I am afraid I can't start work­ing till the 10th October. - No problem. We'll be seeing you on the 10th then? - Yes, certainly. Thank you very much. Goodbye. - Goodbye. - Доброе утро, сэр. - Доброе утро. Входите, вхо­дите смелее. Вы м-р Клименко, не так ли? Садитесь, пожалуйс­та. Подождите, пока я не закон­чу подписывать эти письма. Тем временем заполните, пожа­луйста, эту анкету.... Ну, теперь все, и я могу заняться Вами, м-р Клименко. Скажите, как долго Вы работали в фирме Альфа? - Пять лет. Я ухожу только по­тому, что наша фирма переез­жает в Севастополь, но думаю, что перемена пойдет мне на пользу. - Что Вы знаете о нашей фир­ме? У Вас есть какие-либо воп­росы ко мне?   - Полагаю, что Ваша фирма имеет большие перспективы. Я хотел бы узнать от Вас, на чем вы собираетесь сосредоточить свои усилия в ближайшие го­ды? - Мы планируем развернуть деятельность в англоязычных странах, в основном в Англии, закупать там оборудование, технологии, а также органи­зовать здесь обучение специа­листов. Нам нужна сильная творческая команда, чтобы на­ша фирма со временем стала конкурентоспособной на ми­ровом рынке. - За что я буду отвечать, и ка­кие у меня будут обязанности в первый год работы? - В первую очередь Вы будете отвечать за наши контакты с английскими партнерами, вести с ними переговоры и закупать оборудование. Вам нужно будет много путешест­вовать. Кстати, вскоре в Лон­доне состоится ярмарка и, воз­можно, у Вас будет шанс туда поехать. - Да, понимаю. - Итак, скажите, каковы Ваши три основные достоинства? - Думаю, что это: надеж­ность, лояльность, энергия. - Ладно. Вы хорошо пере­носите повседневные нагруз­ки? - Да. Я привык напряженно работать.   - Вы по натуре лидер, пред­приниматель? - Думаю, что да. - Хорошо. Теперь, м-р Кли­менко, я готов предложить Вам работать с нами. У Вас отлич­ные отзывы с предыдущей ра­боты. Думаю, что мы начнем с 450 долларов, а если Вы себя хорошо покажете, то через 3 месяца мы пересмотрим Вашу зарплату. Мы работаем с девяти до половины шестого с часовым перерывом на обед и двухнедельным отпуском. Вас это устраивает? Вопросы есть? - Насчет командировок, их продолжительность, куда? - В основном в Англию, и не дольше, чем на месяц. - Хорошо. Когда Вы хотите, чтобы я начал работать? - По возможности через не­делю. - Боюсь, что я могу начать только с 10 октября. - Это не важно. Итак, увидим­ся десятого? - Да, конечно. Большое спаси­бо. До свидания. - До свидания.

II. Speaking

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