Дисципліна: « Іноземна мова за професійним спрямуванням»

Тема для самостійного опрацювання: Мовні особливості ділового листування. (4год.)


Література: Карпусь І.А. «Английский деловой язык»; Письменная О.А. «Английский для офиса»; Деловой английский. English for business; Богацкий И.С., Дюканова Н.М. Бизнес-курс английского языка; двомовний англо-український, українсько-англійський словник

О.М.Павліченко «Граматичний практикум»,


Завдання для самостійної роботи:

1.Прочитати, перекласти текст

2.Приступити до виконання завдань, що подані у вигляді лексико – граматичних вправ

3.Написати діловий лист,оформивши його відповідним чином.



Exercise 1. Get some information and name types and styles of letters mentioned in the text.

Letters are pieces of writing usually written to a person or a group of people for a specific purpose. There are various types of letters and your choice depends on your reasons for writing. The most common reasons are: requesting or giving information, giving or asking for a opinion, applying for a position, etc.

Any letters consists of:


2 an ITRODUCTION stating the reason(s) for writing

3 a BODY developing the topic of the letter where each new point is written in a new paragraph

4 a CONCLUSION summarizing the topic and including some closing remarks


There are three styles of letter depending of the person you addressed to:

-INFORMAL LETTERS are written to the members of the family or people you know well.

-SEMI-FORMAL LETTERS are written to people you do not know well and whom you want to show politeness and respect.

-FORMAL LETTERS are written to people you do not know or people in authority.

- --------------------Put the parts of the letter in a proper order.

A.--- INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH opening remarks & presenting the reasons for writing

B. ---ENDING writer’s (full) name


D. --- CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH summarizing the topic & closing remarks

E. --- BODY PARAGRAPH Paragraph 2 ,3, etc. Topic development.


Exercise 2. Read the advertisement below and the letter. Then answer the questions.

-What is the style of the letter? Why?

-What is the purpose of the letter? Is it personal or professional?

-Name the type of the letter.

Happy Holidays

We have vacancies for holiday hosts and hostesses this summer. The job involves looking after groups of holidaymakers, entertaining them and helping with any problems. We are looking for young people who are bright and cheerful and who can work independently. If you like travelling and helping people.Why not write to us?

All applicants must speak English and on other language. If you can play any sports or a musical instrument, this will be useful.

Write to: Janet Smith Happy Holidays 26 Baker Street Leeds, L24 7BJ

-------------Refer the headings to the appropriate parts of the letter.

a) the places she has visited

b) addresses she is writing to

c) her knowledge of languages

d) the things she is good at

e) her personal qualities

f) sender’s address

g) reason for writing

h) sender’s signature

i) signing off

j) sender’s name

k) greeting

l) date


12 St John’s St

1________ Bristol


2_______ 16 March

Janet Smith

Happy Holidays

3_______ 26 Baker St





4_______ Dear Ms Smith ,



5_______ I read your advertisement in Teen Magazine and I would like to apply for a job as a Happy Holidays hostess this summer.


6_______ I am seventeen years old and I come from Greece. At the moment I am studying at a language school near Bristol. I can speak English, Greek and a little Spanish.



7 _____________ I like travelling. I have been to Spain, Italy and Britain. This is my second visit to

England. Last year I stayed with my pen friend’s family in London for a month.


8_________ I enjoy playing sports. I can play basketball , tennis and volleyball. I’m good at swimming , too. I can’t play a musical instrument, but I have a good voice and I enjoy singing.


9_________ I’m sure that I would make a good hostess. I’m very sociable and I like helping other people. I look forward to hearing from you.


10________ Yours sincerely ,




12_________ Maria Bapass

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