Translate the sentences with Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs Explanation Example Translation
add up to find total of The shop assistant added up what I’d bought and told me total.  
back up to make a copy of the information on a computer programmer or disk Don’t forget to back up your important data.  
blow up to explode Luckily, the bomb didn’t blow up.  
break down to stop working (for a machine , etc.) Our car broke down on the motorway.  
break in(to) to enter illegally A house in Brecon Place was broken into last night.  
bring up to take care of a child until he or she becomes an adult She brought up three sons on her own  
build up to increase These exercises are good for building up leg strength.  
call back to ring again on the phone I’ll call you back later when you’re not so busy.  
call of to cancel The concert has been called of the weather .  
calm down to become / make calmer The woman finally calmed down and explained what had happened.  
carry on to continue The phone rang , but Mark just carried on watching TV.  
catch up (with) to reach the same point/level as He’s missed so much school that he’s going to find it hard to catch up.  
charge up to put electricity into a piece of equipment My mobile phone isn’t working -I need to charge it up.  
cheer up to become/make happier I started to cheer up when the sun came out.  
clear up to tidy I’ll clear up if you want to go to bed.  
come across to find something by chance I came across a word I’d never seen before.  
come back (from) to return (from) Give me a call when you come back from Greece.  
come on to be quicker Come on, or we’ll be late!  
come out to be published When does her new book come out?  
cross out to draw a line though something written Just across it out and rewrite it correctly.  
cut down (on) to do less of something (smoking etc.) I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat.  
cut off to disconnect (phone, electricity, etc. ) Pay the electricity bill tomorrow or they might cut us off.  
cut off to completely remove by cutting Keep your roses healthy by cutting off any dead flowers.  
do up to button/zip up a piece of clothing It’s very windy, so do your coat up.  
drop in to come without an appointment I might drop in for tea sometime this week.  
drop out to quit a class , school, etc. I dropped out of Science because it was too difficult.  
eat out to eat at a restaurant Would you like to stay in or eat out tonight?  
fall down to trip and fall I fell down and hurt my knee.  
fall out (with) to have an argument with someone and stop being friends Have you two fallen out?  
fill in to add information in the spaces on a form, etc. Just fill in this application form, please.  
fill up to make something completely full Just fill this bowl up with sugar and put in on the table.  
find out To discover information , etc. I don’t want Jerry to find out about this.  
get away with to escape punishment for They have repeatedly broken the law and got away with it.  
get in (to) to enter a car I hurt my head as I was getting into the car.  
get off to leave a bus / train / etc. You need to get off the bus opposite the supermarket.  
get on (with) to have a good relationship (with) She seems to get on with everybody.  
get on (to) to enter a bus / train/ etc. You can buy a ticket when you get on the bus.  
get out (of) to leave a car/building/room/etc. Quick! Get out of the car!  
get over to recover from (an illness , etc.) It can take weeks to get over an illness like that.  
get up to leave your bed He never gets up before nine.  
give away to get something free of charge They’re giving away free tickets at the cinema!  
give back to return something you’ve taken/borrowed Could you give my CDs back because you’ve had them for two weeks.  
give up to stop doing something you do regularly You should give up smoking.  
go away to leave a place/someone Why don’t you just go away and leave me alone?  
go back (to) to return (to) I can’t wait to go back to Italy.  
go off to no longer be fresh Has this milk gone off?  
go on to continue happening or doing something Please go on with your work while I speak to the head teacher.  
go on to happen There isn’t much going on in this town in the evening.  
go out to stop burning The fire must have gone out during the night.  
go out to be the boyfriend/girlfriend of Greg used to go out with Katy.  
grow up to become older (for children) He rarely saw his father while he was growing up.  
hack into to get into someone else’s computer system without permission in order to look at information or do something illegal Someone hacked into the computers at work and destroyed important data.  
hang on to wait Just hang on – I’ll ready in a minute.  
hang up to put clothes in a wardrobe etc. The women hung up their coats and sat down.  
hang up to put the receiver down to end a phone call I can’t believe that Jessica hung up without saying goodbye!  
have on to wear (a piece of clothing) The man had a strange hat on.  
hurry up to do something more quickly We haven’t got much time, so hurry up!  
join in to participate , take part Ask them if you can play – I’m sure they’ll let you join in.  
keep on (doing something) to continue (doing something) Let’s keep on hiking…it’s such a beautiful day.  
keep out to prevent from entering Cars should be kept out of the city Centre.  
key something in to put information into a computer using a keyboard Key in your password.  
leave out to not include Don’t leave your brother out – let him play with you and your friends.  
let down to disappoint You’ve really let me down.  
lie down to start lying(on a bed , etc. ) I’m going to go and lie down for a while.  
Log off to disconnect from the Internet/a website Don’t forget to log off when you’ve finished checking your email.  
Log in/on (to) to connect to the Internet/a website You need your password to log on.  
Log off / out to finish using a computer system Don’t forget to log off/out when you’ve finished.  
look after to take care of It`s hard work looking after three children all day.  
Look up to try to find information I had looked the word up in a dictionary.  
make up to invent an explanation , excuse ,etc. He made up some excuse about the dog eating his homework.  
move in to start living in a new house , etc. We`re moving in next week.  
pay back to return money (to someone) Did you pay Denise back?  
pick up to lift something from the floor, a table, etc. Please pick those toys up and put them away.  
pick up ( email) to connect to the Internet and access emails I`ll take my laptop so I should be able to pick up my emails while I`m away.  
plug in to connect to    
  supply The computer isn`t working because you haven`t plugged it in.  
point out to tell someone important information He pointed out that we had two hours of free time before dinner.  
print out to make a paper copy of something on a computer Let me print those photographs out for you.  
pull off to break by pulling I pulled off the arm of my sunglasses by mistake.  
put away to return something to where it belongs He put the notebook away and stood up.  
put back To return something to where it was Can you put the book back when you`ve finished with it?  
put down to stop holding Emma put her bag down and went upstairs.  
put off to delay to a later time Can we put the meeting off until tomorrow?  
put on to gain (weight) I don`t want to put on any more weight!  
put on to start wearing (a piece of clothing ) Put your gloves and scarf on – it`s cold outside.  
put out to make something stop burning It took three firefighters to put the fire out.  
put up to put something on a wall (e.g. a picture ) The teachers will put a notice up about the new courses.  
read out to say something out loud which you are reading He read the list of names out.  
rip up to tear into pieces Rip us this piece of paper when you’ve finished  
rub out to remove with a rubber I can’t rub it out because I wrote it in pen.  
run away (from) to escape by running The thief ran away from the police officers.  
run out (of ) to not have any left Many hospitals are running out of money.  
save up (for ) to save (for a specific purpose) I’m saving up for a new electric guitar.  
scroll up\ down to move up/down a web page or other document on a computer screen Scroll up to the top of the page.  
send off to make a player leave a game (e.g. football) It was a very bad foul and the referee the player off.  
set off to start a journey Go to sleep because we’re setting off early in the morning.  
set up to start (a business, organization, etc.) My dad is going to set up a taxi company.  
share out to give a part of something to a group of people The money will be shared out between 30 different environmental organisations.  
shut up to stop talking , stop making a noise Just shut up a minute and let me tell you what happened!  
sit down to (start to) sit Please, sit down and make yourselves comfortable.  
sort out solve a problem Investigations are still trying to sort out why the accident happened.  
speak up to talk more loudly so someone can hear you You have to speak up a bit because my gran’s a bit deaf.  
split up to end a relationship Tommy and Liz have just split up. It’s very sad!  
stand up to (start to) stand You have the chair. I don’t mind eating standing up.  
stay up to go to bed late We stayed up until two o’clock last night.  
switch/turn on to touch a switch to make a machine or electrical device start working When I tried to switch/ turn on my computer in the morning, nothing happened.  
switch / turn off to touch a switch to make an electrical device stop working Would the last person to leave the room please switch/turn off the lights.  
take away to remove Have they taken the rubbish away yet?  
take back to return something to the lace it came from I’m going to take my library books back.  
take down to remove (from a high place) The old man took a large book down from a shelf.  
take off to leave the ground Let’s go and watch the planes taking off while we wait.  
take off to remove (a piece of clothing) It felt good to finally take my shoes off a long day .  
takeover to take control of (a business, etc.) The shopping centre has been taken over by an American company.  
take up to start (a hobby , sport, etc. ) I’ve taken up stamp collecting and it’s really interesting.  
throw away to put something in a rubbish bin Have you thrown the papers away?  
try on to put on ( a piece of clothing ) to see how it looks and if it first You should try it on to see if it’s the right size.  
turn down to lower the volume of Turn the radio down – I’m trying to work.  
turn off to stop a machine working Will you turn the television off, please?  
turn on to start a machine working You may turn over your exam papers now.  
turn up to increase the volume of We asked out teacher to turn the CD up, so that we could hear it.  
wake up to stop being asleep Wake up! It’s nearly ten o’clock!  
wash up to wash plates, cups, cutlery, etc. I can help to cook and wash up.  
watch out to be careful Watch out – you’re going to hit that car!  
work out to find the solution to a problem, etc We can’t work out how to get the Internet connection going.  
write down to write information on a piece of paper Do you want to write down my phone number?  



A. Знайдіть помилки в наступних пропозиціях і напишіть їх правильні варіанти:

My name Victor. My name is Victor.

1.I want that he called me.

2. Could you tell to him to call me?

3. I get him for you.

4. Hello. I'm Vladimyr Ivanov speaking.

5. I'm sorry. The line busy.

6. Can I help to you?

7. He not here at the moment.

8. Can I take a massage?

9. I'm sorry. He have a meeting.

10.I'll put you back immediately.

B. Вставте пропущені фрази:


Т. Yes, May I speak to Mr John Conners?

S. _____________________________________

T. Yes, please tell him that Victor Smurov called.

2. O. He is busy at the moment. Can you ring later? P._

0. Yes, that's perfect, thank you. Goodbye.

3. M. ______________

N. Yes, who is calling?

M. ________________________________________

N. Good morning, Mr Ivanov. What can I do for you?

4. I. ___________________________

J. Just a moment. I'll find out if he is in.

I. ____________________________________________________________________

J. This is John Smith, from Continental Equipment. I'd like to find out about my inquiry.


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