ТОП 10:

Doctor Smith is a “radio doctor”. He answers listeners’ questions about their medical problems. Read their questions to him.

a) Hello, Doctor Smith. Well, three days ago I fell over and cut my arm. There was a little blood, but it quickly stopped bleeding and I forgot about it. Now the wound is painful and red. It hurts when I touch it. I also think I may have a fever. I feel a little hot and quite weak. Do you think I should see my doctor?

b) Doctor Smith, I am a 63-year-old woman. A few months ago, I was walking upstairs when I suddenly felt very faint and almost fell over. Now, whenever I do just a little exercise I get out of breath very quickly. Even when I’m sleeping. I have breathing problems. I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. I’m really worried, because I have never had insomnia in my life before. I don’t have a pain in my chest, so I don’t think I have heart problems. I’m very worried. What do you think?

c) For the last two days, Doctor Smith. I have been feeling absolutely terrible. My whole body aches. I have a backache and all my muscles ache. I have a terrible headache too. But the worst thing is the vomiting. Food just won’t stay in my stomach for more than a few minutes. And the diarrhea – I’m in the bathroom every half an hour. I called my doctor and asked for a prescription for some medicine, but she said there wasn’t much she could do for me. She said I should stay in bed and drink a lot of liquids. Is that right?

d) I hope you can understand me all right, doctor, but I can’t talk very well because of my sore throat. I’ve had it a few months now. And a cough, too, even though I don’t smoke. And I seem to be tried all the time, but I’m never so sick that I can’t go to work. I’ve been to the doctor and had some tests, but they can’t find anything wrong with me. What do you think I should do now?


Here are Doctor Smith’s answers. Match his answers and the questions.

1___You should see a doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will arrange for you to have a complete series of tests. It’s best to take care of these things right away.

2 ___You’ve probably got a minor infection. Sometimes they take a long time to go away. The important things is to get plenty of rest. And maybe you should get an opinion from another doctor.

3___ It sounds as if you have an infection. You’ll have to see your doctor, who will probably write you a prescription for an antibiotic and some medicine to put on your skin as well.

4___ You probably have the flu. It’s very important that you drink a lot of liquids. You should feel better soon. If it continues much longer you should see your doctor.



Task I.

Read and translate the text«Blood»


Fluid –рідіна

Hemoglobin –гемоглобін

Granulosyte- гранулоцит

Eosinophile –еозинофіл

Basophile - базофіл

Neutrophile –нейтрофіл

Erythrocyte –еритроцит

Leukocyte –лейкоцит

Lymphocyte –лімфоцит

Monocyte - моноцит

Самостійна робота №12 до практичного завдання № 17

Тема: Я — студент-медик.

Знати:професійно орієнтований лексико-граматичний матеріал з теми.


Вміти: написати твір

Кількість годин: 2 год.

І. Read and translate the following text .Write about your own medical college and your studying in it.

Haisyn Medical College.

Soon our Medical College will celebrate its 80th anniversary.

Our College was a medical school for Jews.

The students paid money for their studying during the fist year. The first director of the school was N.A. Polyakman. He made a great contribution to the development of the medical school. The first students graduated in 1931. Before the Great Patriotic War the College trained about one thousand specialists who took an active part in that War.

After the our school began to train nurses, medical assistants and obstetricians.

Today more than 600 students study at the nursing, obstetric and medical assistant departmens. They listen to lectures and attend practical classes. We have well-equipped classes for studying general and specialized medical subjects.

Well-trained teachers and doctors teach students to be good specialists in their future profession.


To attend lectures-відвідувати заняття

Practical classes-практичні заняття

To be proud of smth- гордитися чимось

To make good progress in smth-робити успіхи в чомусь

Specialized rooms-спеціалізовані кабінети

To be equipped with smth- бути обладнаним чимось


ІІ. Write how has your life changed after you became a student. Write a composition on the theme “I am a student now” about your studing at the college. Give the following information about: the history of your educational establishment, the departments,the department you are study at, the numbers of students in your college, some information about your group,main subjects.



Самостійна робота № 13 до Практичного завдання № 23

Тема:Загальний анліз крові

Знати: лінгвістичні особливості перекладу іншомовних джерел; дослідження різних типів; структури проведення різних досліджень; переклад абревіатур тестів

Вміти: засвоїти класифікацію досліджень, що проводяться у лабораторіях різного профілю; оволодіти правилами досліджень іноземною мовою


There’s more to the make-up of your blood than the obvious red blood cells. A large percentage of your blood is actually made up of plasma, which is, in turn, largely composed of water. The red and the white cells plus platelets make up the rest of your ever-flowing life force. Here’s a bit more about what makes up your blood:

Plasma: Mostly water, a small percentage of plasma is composed of proteins, nutrients, waste and gas. Albumin, fibrinogen and immunoglobin are all proteins found in plasma.

Platelets: The body’s little firemen. Platelets are always putting out “fibers” in the body by beginning the clotting process and putting a stop to any blood escaping from a compromised vessel.

Red blood cells: Also known as erythrocytes, these cells contain hemoglobin, a protein composed of molecules containing globin and iron. Red blood cells carry oxygenated blood throughout the body.

White blood cells: Called leukocytes. These are the double agents of the cardiovascular system. They work as the body’s homemade antibiotics, fighting germs in both the bloodstream and in tissue fluid and lymph fluid.

Path of the blood. Veins carry blood back to the heart via the superior and inferior venae cavae. The superior (meaning “near the top”) vena cava takes blood from the upper body to the right atrium; the inferior (meaning situated below) vena cava carries blood from the lower body to the right atrium, which then empties the blood into the right ventricle. The ventricle con tracts, expelling the blood into the pulmonary artery. Pulmon is the Latin word for “lung”. The pulmonary arteries carry blood through the lungs where it is oxygenated. From there the pulmonary veins carry the oxygenated blood back to the left atrium, which then moves the blood into the left ventricle, which pumps the blood into the aorta .Thank good old Aristotle for the word aorta, meaning “that which is hung”. The philosopher named it so because of the upside-down, hanging curve of the artery.


Task II

Answer the questions:

1. What kind of tissue is the blood?


2. What colour can the blood have?


3. What are the functions of the blood?


4. How much blood has the human body?


5. Can you name all constituents of the blood?


6. What is plasma’s function?


7. What is the main function of red blood cells?


8. What is the main function of white blood cells?




Task III

Learn the following words, remember their Latin/Greek equivalents.

English Latin/Greek Ukrainian
corpuscle corpusclum тільце
erythrocyte erythrocytus еритроцит
leukocyte leukocytus лейкоцит
thrombocyte platelet thrombocytus тромбоцит
hemoglobin haemoglobinum гемоглобін
hemolysis haemolysis гемоліз
leukemia leukaemia лейкемія
plasma plasma плазма
serum serum сироватка
thrombocytopenia thrombocytopenia тромбоцитопія

Task IV

Complete the table

English Latin/Greek Ukrainian
plasma   плазма
  leukocytus лейкоцит
thrombocyte platelet   тромбоцит
  haemolysis гемоліз
hemoglobin   гемоглобін
leukemia leukaemia  
thrombocytopenia   тромбоцитопія


II Speaking : I am a student


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