L. Use the words from the box to complete the sentences.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


L. Use the words from the box to complete the sentences.

champion   tournament   athlete   track and field   high jump  
gymnastics   graceful   gymnasts   wrestler   pommel horse  

LA gymnast from Lviv Victor Chukarin /1921-1984/ was first on the__________;____.

2. He was the first Ukrainian ________________.to win the Olympic title.

3. Yakiv Punkin at 31 he became the first Ukrainian _______________.to carry off a gold medal.

4. The outstanding athlete Larysa Latynina, the "first grace" of the_______________.

5. Latynina is one of the brightest stars in _______________.history.

6. The "iron" Shakhlin was idol of all_________________.a man of unbending will and power

7. Yurii Titov became overall World __________________.in 1962.

8. Journalists nicknamed Polina Astakhova, a ______________.gymnast from Donetsk, "a 9.
Russian birch-tree». '

9. Volodymyr Holubnychyi. was the first of Ukrainian athletes to carry off a gold Olympic medal. 10 Valerii Brumel was a gold prizewinner in the_______________.


Match the names and the sporting event.

1. The graceful Galyna Prozumenshchykova. - •'•-

2. The walker Leonid Zhabotynskyi

3. The gold medallist in swimming Polina Astakhova

4. The weightlifter Volodymyr Holubnychyi

5. The gold prize winner in the high jump Valerii Borzov.

6. The yachtsman from Valentyn Mankin

7. The sprinter Valerii Brumel

8. The outstanding pole-vaulter Volodymyr Klychko

9. The figure skater Kateryna Serebrianska

10. Olympic champion free-style gymnastics Oksana Baiul.

11. The champion in boxing Serhii Bubka.


Discuss the answers to the questions with your classmates.

1. Who was the first Ukrainian athlete to win the Olympic title?

2. Who were Ukraine's first Olympic women champions?

3. What weight did Leonid Zhabotynskyi jerk? ,.

4. Why was Valerii Borzov recognized a hero of the 20th Olympiad?

5. Who was 'the most feminine gymnast in the world"?

PROJECT Ukrainian Olympic Champions

Do you go in for sport?

Who's your favourite sportsman?

Who of the Olympic champions is your fellow townsmanUkrainian sports are well developed. Evidence of this is found in the Olympic results. The first modern Olympic games were opened on the Marble stadium in Athens on April 6, 1896. Among the 80 thousand spectators was our countryman - M.Ritter from Kyiv. He came to Athens on his own to compete in shooting and wrestling. However the rules proved unknown to Ritter and he had to cancel his entry. There were no our countrymen at the following Olympics. They were internationally recognized after the WWII.

In 1952at the 15th Olympic games25 sportsmen of Ukraine won 10 gold, 9 silver and 1 bronze medals in individual and team scoring. A gymnastfrom Lviv Victor Chukarin/1921-1984/ was first on the pommel horse. He was the first Ukrainian athlete to win the Olympic title. V. Chukarin was born in 1921 in Krasnoarmiiske / Donetsk region/. In 1954 he became World Champion. V. Chukarin won 11 Olympic medals. He was twice overall Olympic Champion, a walking legend, a man of rare courage. Ukraine had also her first Olympic women champions in combined competition - Maria Gorokhovskafrom Kharkiv and Nina Bocharovafrom Kyiv. M. Gorohovska was born in Yevpatoria in 1921. In 1954 she became World Champion. A noted Greco-Roman wrestlerfrom Zaporizhzhia Yakiv Punkin/b.1921/ won the Olympic gold prize. Yakiv Punkin had gone through the war of 1941-45 and at 31 he became the first Ukrainian wrestler to carry off a gold medal. Such was the Olympic start of the Ukrainian sportsmen.

In 1956in Melbourne at the 16th Olympics34 Ukrainian athletes seized 14 gold, 4 silver and 11 bronze medals. The 16th Olympics discovered the outstanding athlete Larysa Latynina,the "first grace" of the tournament. She came to Melbourne as unknown gymnast and said good-bye to Australia as an overall champion.Larysa Latynina was born in 1934 in Kherson. At school she was fond of gymnastic and became a Master of Sport. An outstanding sportswoman, she won 18 Olympic awards. Latynina is one of the brightest stars in gymnastics history. In Melbourne Borys Shakhlin/b.1932/, of Kyiv, won his first gold medal. The "iron" Shakhlin was idol of all boys and all gymnasts, a man of unbending will and power. He won 13 Olympic medals. Shakhlin is a living textbook of gymnastics that will never age. Yurii Titovwas born in 1935. He was often called "B. Shakhlin's shadow". He never gave up hope. He became overall World champion in 1962. He won 9 Olympic medals. In 1976 Yurii Titov was elected President of the International Gymnastic Federation.

In 1960in Rome at the 17th Olympics36 Ukrainian athletes took 16 gold, 11 silver and 6 bronze medals. After the Rome Olympics the press nicknamed Polina Astakhova,a graceful gymnast from Donetsk, "a Russian birch-tree». Polina Astakhova was born in 1936 in Donetsk. In Rome she was the best on the asymmetrical bars. She was thrice Olympic champion. Reporters called her 'the most feminine gymnast in the world". The walkerVolodymyr Holubnychyi./b. 1936/ from Sumy won the 20-km walk in a brilliant style. He was the first of Ukrainian track and field athletes to carry off a gold Olympic medal.

In 1964in Tokyo at the 18th Olympics 33 sportsmen won 13 gold, 12 silver and 7 bronze medals. Galyna Prozumenshchykova,a 16-year old schoolgirl from Sevastopol became first Olympic gold medallist in swimming.The weightlifter Leonid Zhabotynskyifrom Zaporizhia jerked 217,5 kg - a sensational result for that time! Valerii Brumelwas a gold prizewinner in the high jump.

In 1968in Mexico at the 19th Olympic games51 Ukrainian athletes took 14 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze medals. Of all Ukrainian sportsmen the most outstanding was a yachtsmanfrom Kyiv Valentyn Mankin.In the Bay of Acapulco he was the first in the Finn class.

In 1972at the20th Olympicsthe Ukrainian sportsmen took in Munich 20 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze medals. An outstanding sprinter Valerii Borzovwas recognized a hero of the Olympiad. Valerii Borzov was born in 1949 in the town of Sambor, Lviv Region. Borzov came to Munich with a big sporting record in the 100 m 710 sec/.

In 1976at the 21st Olympics95 Ukrainian sportsmen took in Montreal 27 gold, 21 silver and 21 bronze medals. The outstanding pole-vaulter Serhii Bubkafrom Donetsk set 35 world records in pole-vaulting. He cleared really "cosmic heights". On July 10, 1988 in Nice, he topped the bar fixed at 6,06. Serhii Bubka is eight times world champion. He has been named World's Best Athlete. At the Olympic Games of 1992the Ukrainian figure skater Oksana Baiulwon the first gold medal for independent Ukraine. At the Olympic Games of 1996in Atlanta, Ukrainian athletes won 9 gold medals.

Lessons 14,15

Travelling is the Way of Broadening the Outlook.

• Reading and speaking.


Pre-reading task.

Activity 1. Match the verbs with the expressions they can go with.

a) water b)sand castles c) on the beach d)a fish • e) mushrooms f) in the sun g) on the open fire h) an air bed i) sightseeing j) a camera k) the sights 1) a tent m) brushwood



1) to pitch/to put up

2) to pick

3) to cook

4) to blow up

5) to collect

6)to fetch

7) to make
8)to see

9) to click

10)to sit

11)to lie

12)to catch
13)to go

Activity 2. In each line there is one noun which does not go with the verb. Which one?


1) to drive

2)to ride

3) to get on/off

4) to go by

5) to get into/out of

a car, a plane, a train, a bus a bike, a boat, a horse, a camel a car, a plane, a horse, a train a bus, foot, a car, a helicopter a motorbike, a taxi, a car, a lorry

Activity 3. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word. Mind that there may be several possible variants.

Moving around


Millions of people all over the world

(1) their holidays travelling. They want to

(2) other countries and continents, modern cities and the ruins of ancient (3) or just for a

change of scene. It is always interesting to (4) new things, different ways of life, to

______ (5) different people, to_ (6) different food, to__ (7) to different


(8) museums and art

Those who live in the country prefer going to big cities and

______ (9), to look at the shop windows and to see the sights. City-dwellers, on the contrary, like to

laze about in the sun somewhere at the, (10) or hike in the mountains and woods. Most

travellers and holiday-makers like to take (11) of all the sights they visit and the beau­
tiful views they see to remind them of those places.

.Activity 4. Nowadays travelling has become a highly organised business. There are express trains,
j у huge cruise liners, luxurious cars and buses and jet airplanes, all of which provide
1---- ^f tourists and travellers with comfort and security. but there are difficulties, too.

Think of the pros and cons of travelling by these means of transport and write your

ideas into the chart given below.

Note: You can use the following adjectives to describe different means of tramsport:


reliable fast dangerous
noisy quiet comfortable
cheap . safe expensive
healthy slow  



Means of transport Advantages Disadvantages

ity 5. the ability to pack the right things for different kinds of holidays is very important. * Sort out the items of clothing and equipment given in the box below according to the _y place where you are going to have a rest. mlnd that one thing can be taken on different kinds of holidays.


a tent a supply of food a pair of sandals
an ax a storm lantern high-heeled shoes
ski gloves a pack of cards a pair of goggles
jewellery a sleeping bag ' a map of the area
a camera an air mattress flat heeled shoes
dress a pack of flares a dressing gown
bikini orange inflatable life raft beach towels
rucksack flippers and diving mask an army knife
matches a fancy-dress costume a guide book
an umbrella a drinking water carrier cosmetic kit
a surfboard magnetic compass sun glasses
fishing rods a warm thick sweater First Aid kit
nylon rope several bars of black chocolate medicines


Sea cruise Holiday at the sea Hiking and camping in the forest Climbing mountains Touring around home or foreign country

Lesson 15




Activity 6. Read about different points of view on holidays and travelling and answer the True/ False questions after the text.

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