I and my Friends: Priorities in Intercommunication.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


I and my Friends: Priorities in Intercommunication.

• Reading and speaking.

You are going to read about the family of Yuriy Kostenko.

My Friend and Her Family.

§ Pre–reading task.

1Check the meaning of these words in your dictionary.

class-mate (n) habit (n)

bosom (adj) keep (v)

pretty (adj) imagination (n)

beauty (n) composition (n)

wellbred (adj) wise (adj)

coach (n) quarrel (v)

soul (n) make up (v)

2Find synonyms to the following words.

bosom friend

pretty girl

inner beauty

kind person

fond of reading

habit of helping

3Make up questions and give answers.

Is your friend a(n) sociable person?











What is his eyes

are her ears







Read the text

My friend and her family.

I have a lot of friends. Most of them are my former school-mates. But my bosom friend is Lena. She is 16. Lena is not very tall, but she is pretty in her own way. She has brown curly hair and dark-blue eyes. Her face is oval and she has a turned-up nose. She is pleasantly plump. To cut the long story short— Lena is a pretty girl. But in my opinion, inner beauty is more important than physical one. Lena is a well-bred jolly and kind person. She does well at school and is always ready to help her friends to cope with difficult home assignments.

She is fond of reading books. Lena thinks that one book isn't enough to read, she has two or three books going at once. My friend has a lot of books at home and she buys them wherever she goes. They are of great help to her. She knows much and it is interesting to spend time with her. Lena goes in for sports and she is a member of our school volley-ball team. Our coach says she is a very gifted sportsman.

Besides, my best friend is fond of music, especially classic one. She plays the guitar and is a soul of the company. She is in habit of helping her parent, because they always have a lot of work to do at work and about the house.

Her duty is to do the shopping after school, to clean the flat and to keep her room in order. She is a sunny soul by nature. My best friend has an imagination and her own style. Usually she writes wise compositions.

Lena and me are good friends. We help each other a lot and try not to quarrel. But when sometimes it comes to quarrelling we try to make it up at once.

Comprehension check

l. Are the sentences true(Ö)or false (x)?


My bosom friend is Lena. Ö

She is very tall. x No, she isn't. She is not very tall.


a) She is pretty in her own way.

b) She has brown straight hair.

c) Physical beauty is more important.

d) Lena is well-bread.

e) She is always ready to help.

f) She is reading three books at once.

g) She has no duties about the house.


Make up a plan to the text



Answer the following questions.

1) Dо you have many friends?

2) Who is your best friend?

3) How old is he?

4) Where does he study?

5) How does he study?

6) What are his favorite subjects?

7) How does his friend look like?

8) What does he usually wear?

9) Do you spend your free time together?

10) Does he go in for sports?

11) What is his attitude to books?

12) What are his plans for future?

13) Does he want to become an engineer?

14) What is his hobby?

15) Why is it interesting to spend time with him?


2 Read the dialogue in pairs and compose your own.

After the Lessons.

Vadim: The lessons are over. But we have a lot of work for tomorrow.

Alec: I suggest to go to the reading-hall now, and to prepare the report in history.

Vadim: This is a good idea. And we should take the books from the library in Foreign Literature. We have to read the novel by Golsworthy.

Alec: Let's go. We must cope with our task in one hour. Then we shall go home to have dinner. And you will come to my place to play computer games for an hour.

Vadim: O’key. By the way, I have lended a disk with virtual games. But we shall have a couple of games not more. And don't forget that we shall have a control work in mathematics. Explain me, please, those sums and equalities.

Alec: No problem. But do everything quickly. I have trainings in the wrestling in the evening.

Vadim: And I have appointed meeting. Let us go.

Speak on:

1) your friend

2) your time after the lessons.


Act out the following situations:


1) You are speaking with your group-mate about his friend. You want to know everything about: his appearance, where he studies, how he spends free time, what he wants to become, etc.

2) The lessons are over and you planning the rest of the day.

3) You were invited to the evening party. But you have to do a lot of work before it.

4) Your sister was invited to the birthday party of her new friend. And you want to know more about him.



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