Travelling - a new world religion?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Travelling - a new world religion?

Mr. and Mrs. Brown: «For our family camping is the purest form of recreation and the best soura of enjoyment. For our big family of six (we have 4 children) it is out of the question to spend oui holidays in hotels as it is far beyond our means. By camping we solve one of our financial problems But besides that there are other advantages: we use our own car to travel and for Mr. Brown it is ar idea of a perfect holiday. Cooking on the open fire is not a chore but a real pleasure for Mrs. Brown Pitching tents, blowing up the air beds, preparing sleeping bags, unpacking cooking utensils and provi­sion in a record time is an enjoyable challenge for our boys and girls. Fetching water and collecting brushwood for the camp fire is usually turned into a game or a competition and we are never bored as there are always so many things to do in the woods and at the river. Fishing and mushrooming are only two of the hobbies that we enjoy while we are camping.»

Sheldrake, an expert on tourism: «I always hated holidays, even as a kid. Such a waste of time, sitting on the beach, making sandpies, when you could be at home, doing some interesting hobby. Then when I got engaged, we were both students at the time, my fiancee insisted on dragging me off to Europe to see the sights: Paris, Venice, Florence, the usual things. Bored the pants off me, till one day, sitting on a lump of rock beside the Parthenon, watching the tourists milling about, clicking their cameras, talking to each other in different languages, it suddenly struck me: tourism is the new world religion. Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists - the only thing they have in common is they all believe in the importance of seeing the Parthenon. Or the Sistine Chapel, or the Eiffel Tower.»

Sally, an English teacher: «For me the world is a classroom. When I travel, I can learn so much. A visit to an aquarium can introduce me and my students to a great variety of fish and other water animals, while a walk through a garden will help us to discover interesting and unusual plants. Hike in a national park and you will become acquainted with even more plants, trees and wildlife. Somewhere during your holiday, you will most likely notice a monument, perhaps a building or a statue cut of stone or marble honouring a person or event. Go into a museum and you will see important works in the areas of art, history or science. In some countries you can tour palaces and castles where rulers or other important people live or used to live. In some places they may be completely destroyed and you can walk around the picturesque ruins and dream about the people who lived there and the historic events that happened there.

Jeremy Freeman, a Green Party member: «The footpaths in the Lake District have become trenches. The frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are being damaged by the breath and body heat of spectators. A hundred and eight people enter Notre Dame every minute: their feet are eroding the floor and the buses that bring them there are rotting the stonework with exhaust fumes. Pollution from cars queuing to get into Alpine resorts is killing the trees and causing landslides. The Mediterranean is like a toilet without a chain: you have a one-in-six chance of getting an infection if you swim in it. In 1987 they had to close Venice one day because it was too full. In 1963 forty-four people went down the Colorado River on a raft, now there are a thousand trips a day. In 1939 a million people travelled abroad, last year it was 400 million. By the year 2000 there could be 650 million international travellers and five times as many people travelling in their own countries

Decide whether the following statements are true or false:

1. The Browns don't have enough money for expensive holidays.

2.Mr. Brown doesn't enjoy driving.

3.Mrs. Brown doesn't mind cooking on the open fire.

4.The Browns' children took after their parents in their love of active rest,

5.Sheldrake used to be an enthusiastic tourist.

6.Sheldrake had a more interesting hobby than travelling. '

7.Sheldrake thinks that all tourists have the same religion.


8. For Sally travelling is an important source of getting knowledge.

9. Mr.Freeman is very much concerned about the state of the Lake District and the Sistine Chapel.


10.Cars and buses exaust fumes that damage historic places of interest.

11.According to Mr.Freeman it is still safe to swim only in the Mediterranean Sea.

12.Mr. Freeman offers to take some urgent measures to decrease the number of international tourists.


Activity 1. What is your opinion on the following statements?

Tourism is a waste of everybody's time.

It is impossible to educate people to be good tourists.

It would be much better if people stayed at home instead of travelling around and polluting the world.

Visiting historic places and viewing great works of art makes us better people.

It is advisable to find something out about the history of the place you are going to visit.

I would rather watch travel programs од TV than travel myself.

Camping is the cheapest way of spending your holidays.

Food cooked on the open fire out-of-doors tastes better.

Sleeping in tent is good for your health.

While hiking you are free to move and stop wherever you like.

Camping and hiking bring you closer to nature.

The best way to travel is on foot.

«Wild tourism» should be banned.

A man gets to know his companions in a long journey.

When in Rome, do as the Roman do.

Rest is rust.

Hasty climbers have a sudden fall. , ,



Lesson 16

1. Test.

Семестрова контрольна робота

1 курс, 1семестр

Variant №1


Прослухайте уважно текст. Погодьтеся (+), чи не погодьтеся (-) з твердженнями до нього.

2.Виберіть правильний варіант перекладу

1)The English educational system is more complicated that in this country/

a)Система освіти в Англії простіша ніж в Україні.

в)Система освіти в Англії складніша ніж в нашій країні.

с)Система освіти в Англії більш розвинена ніж в Україні.

2)The children of the rich get a far better education that the children of the poorer classes.

a)Діти багатих отримують набагато кращу освіту ніж діти бідніших класів.

в)Діти багатих отримують дорожчу освіту ніж бідні.

с)Діти і багатих класів і бідних отримують однакову освіту.

3)For the children of the workers it is more difficult to get a higher education.

а)Для робочих дітей набагато важче отримати вищу освіту.

в)Для дітей, які працюють, набагато важче отримати вищу освіту.

с)Для дітей робітників набагато важче отримати вищу освіту.



3.Поставте інфінітив у потрібній часовій формі.

1).These flowers (to smell) very sweet.

2).My mother always (to get up) at half past six in the morning.

3).John (to learn) the poem by heart now.

4).We (to go) to the cinema tonight.


Поставте речення в запитальну і заперечну форми.

The engineers go to the plant.

I began to study English three years ago.

Напишіть, що ви вже виконали ці дії.

1).Open your book. 3).Clean the blackboard.

2).Close your book. 4).Put your pen on the table.

Lesson 17

1. Summery lesson..




2. Chapter I. Category of Being. Personality. Family. Society.

Lesson 1. About My Family and Myself.

Lesson 2. Family Relations. Traditions.

Lesson 3. Behavior. Character. Feelings and Emotions.

Lesson 4. I and my Friends: Priorities in Intercommunication.


Lesson 5. Intercommunication. Language Etiquette.

3. Chapter II.A Job and Profession

Lesson 6. Labour is the duty of Everybody.

Lesson 7. Education in Ukraine.

Lesson 8,9. Our Technical School. Pages of History. Getting Deep Knowledge.

Lesson 10. My Future Speciality.

Lesson 11. Modul.

Lesson 12. Leisure. Variety of Hobbies.

Lesson 13. Sport is the Way of Forming the Character.

Lesson 14, 15. Travelling is the way of Broadening the Outlook.

Lesson 16. Test.

Lesson 17. Summery Lesson.




4. Literature:


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