Аудіювання “A Good morning.” p.5 11 клас.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Аудіювання “A Good morning.” p.5 11 клас.

Прослухайте текст двічі і детально передайте його зміст на англійській мові.

New words: to shoot – стріляти

gun – рушниця Joe – Джо

mad - сказитися barked – загавкав

2. Перекладіть слова і словосполучення:


1. вставати вранці

2. Іти снідати

3. Мити посуд

4. Лікар

5. Технік

6. Вибирати професію

7. Піти працювати

8. Розміщений не далеко від центра

9. Технікум був заснований

Утворіть питальну і заперечну форму речення.

1. He goes to school every day.

2. The children drink coffee in the evening.

Поставте 5 запитань до речення.

We get up at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Утворіть три ступені порівняння прикметників.

Great, important, narrow, fine, small.


Lesson 12

Leisure. Variety of Hobbies.

• Reading and speaking.


Pre-reading task..


1. Write down the meaning of these words from your dictionary.

Hobby collecting

occupation stamp

free time to knit

regular to sew

interest to repair

to be keen likes



2. Explain the meaning of the words above

hobby - it is a favorite occupation in a free time.



3. Work in the pairs

What do your friends do in their free time? What do your friends usually collect? Does it make them interesting person? What do you collect?


Read the text.


Hobby is a favorite occupation of a person in his free time, not his regular business. The author of some article I once read has counted 1019 personal interests and ways of spending his spare time. The most popular hobbies are collecting postage stamps, view cards, coins or books. Some people collect pictures showing the most interesting architectural designs of our time. Others are interested in photography and take their cameras with them wherever they go. A friend of mine took to collecting tape records a few years ago. He has got dozens of recordings now, mostly pop-music and jazz concerts. But this hobby has become somewhat too much expensive of late.

The main thing about hobbies is that they enlarge a person's knowledge in some particular field and broaden his outlook. Besides, they serve to kill time with minimal harm to your folks.

One of my girl-friends likes to knit very much. Another one likes to sew the things:

skirts, blouses, dresses. One of my boy-friends likes to repair everything himself: an iron, a radio-set, a tape recorder. But most of all he likes to repair the car.

As long as I can remember I have always been keen on drawing. Even at 4 or 5 I could be sitting hours drawing fancy flowers and animals. When I grew older I hide water colors but I could not get accustomed to paints. I preferred color pencils and grew rather skillful at using them.

I am not going to become an artist I am an amateur. It suits me fine. It's a wonderful kind of hobby. It removes tension from the mind and rests the soul. When drawing, I always feel at peace with the world. It satisfies the need for self-expression and the hunger for beauty. It makes us more interesting for others and oneself.

This is my choice. But tastes differ. And every person has his own likes and dislikes.


Comprehension check.

Read the text more carefully. Complete the sentences with correct ending, a, b or c.

1) Hobby is a favorite occupation of person

a) in his working time

b) in his free time

c) in his time of studies

2) The most popular hobbies are

a) collecting postage stamp, view cards, coins or books

b) collecting tape records

c) architectural designs

3) The main thing about hobbies is that

a) they help to spend the time

b) they are waste of time

c) they enlarge a person knowledge

4) One of my boy-friends likes

a) to sew the things

b) to repair everything

c) to draw

5) I have always been keen

a) on writing poems

b) on chess

c) on drawing

6) I preferred

a) color pencils

b) water colors

c) paint

7) It makes us

a) more busy

b) more interesting for others and oneself

c) more satisfied


Answer the following questions.

1. What is hobby?

2. How many hobbies has one author counted?

3. What are the most popular hobbies?

4. What the people collect?

5. What can you say about my friends and his collecting tape records?

6. What is the main telling about hobbies?

7. Do they broaden your outlook?

8. What do my girl-friends like to do?

9. What does my boy-friend like to repair?

10. What am I keen on?

11.What do I prefer color pencils or water colors?

12. Am I an amateur?

13.Does it remove tension from the mind and rest the soul?

14. Does it satisfy the need for self-expression and the hunger for beauty?

15. Are the tastes differ?




Pre-listening task

1 What kinds of things do people often collect?

2 Do you collect anything?

Did you use to when you were younger?



You are going to listen to two people who are

both keen collectors. Divide into two groups.

Look at the picture about your person. What can

you see? What does she/he collect? What

questions would you like to ask her/him? Listen

and answer the questions.


Comprehension check

1. Where does she/he live. Who with?

2. What does she/he do for a living?

3. How big is her/his collection?

4. How long has she/he been collecting?

5. How many rooms of the house are taken up

with the collection?

6. What’s her/his favorite piece?

7. How much has the collection cost?

8. Where do the pieces come from?

9. Is she/he in touch with other people who

share the same hobby?

10. What ambitions does she/he have?

When you have answered the questions, find

a partner from the other group. Compare and

swap information.





When you've guessed what it is, ask some of the

questions in the Comprehension check above.


Dialogue 1

I = Interviewer M = Margaret Tyler

I. Margaret, may I ask you what you do for a living?

M. Well, I work for a children's charity. That's a full-time job. And I live in a house, which is called Heritage House.

I. What I can see around me, Margaret, is amazing! How long have you been collecting all this royal memorabilia?

M. Well. I first got interested in the Royal family when 1 saw the wedding of Princess Margaret on TV in 1960. Then I started collecting. I’ve been collecting for eighteen years. The first things I bought were a dish with the Queen's head in the centre and a few Coronation mugs to go with it.

I. What sort of things have you got?

M. Oh, everything! Oh, pictures, paintings, ashtrays, hundreds of mugs, tea-­pots, tea-cloths, biscuit tins, posters, books, flags, toast racks, egg cups, candle sticks, the lot! I've got over four thousand Royal souvenirs.

I. All in this house?

M. All in this house, yes. They're in all the rooms downstairs, and in the four bedrooms upstairs, and in the attic, too.

I. Incredible!

M. It lakes all my spare time to keep everything clean and dusted.

I. Is there one piece that's your favorite?

M. Yes. 1 was desperately upset when Princess Diana and Prince Charles split up, and I wrote to Princess Diana, saying 1 hoped they might get together again. I got a lovely letter back from her Lady-in-Waiting. Sarah Campden, and that's the most important part of my collection.

I. Have you had to spend a lot of money on your collection?

M. Oh, I don't know. I've never thought about It. No, I don't think so.

I. And where do you get it all from?

M. All over the place. I go up and down the country. We have conventions where we swap things. And there are specialist magazines and shops, and... and jumble sales.

I. Is there anything you haven't got that you'd really like to have?

M. Not a thing, but a person. I’d like one of the Royals to visit my house. (Princess Diana was my favourite).

I. Well, I hope your dream comes true! If One ever came to your house, he'd feel very at home.


Dialogue 2

I. = Interviewer I = Ted Hewitt

I. Ted, we are sitting in your dining-room, surrounded by a wonderful collection of miniature coaches. When did you start collecting them?

T. Well, some of them date back to when I was a child, and they were given to me as toys, so ... at the age of five or six. But most of them I've added er ... in the last ten years

I. Now. I can understand a child enjoying playing with them. But why did you carry on and make this collection?

T. Well, it's because of my family background. I'm the third generation in a family coach business, so I've been ... lived with and been brought up with coaches all my life.

I. So you've got the real thing, and ... and the miniatures as well?

T. That's right, yes.

I. How many miniatures do yon think you've got?

T. I haven't counted them for a long time. But there must be at least five hundred, I should think.

I. Which is your favorite?

T. Well my favorite is probably what is also the oldest, and that's a little double-decker bus, which was a London Transport double-decker of that period.

I. And how old is that?

T. That would have been manufactured in the late thirties, early forties.

I. Oh, it's marvelous. How long have you had that? Did you have it as a child?

T. No. That one doesn't date from that period. Probably about ten years I've had that one.

I. Do you keep your collection all in here? Is this the complete collection?

T. The most of it is here. but er ... I have others in other rooms of the house, and some stored up in the attic, as well.

I. Do many people collect miniature coaches? Where do you get your coaches from? Where do you find them?

T. Yes, there are a lot of people collect buses and coaches, and there are specialist shops that sell them. And there's also a ... a network of what are called swapmeets, where people go and trade in either current models or old models. So there's no difficulty in finding ... models at all.

I. Are they expensive?

T.No, not necessarily. You can buy contemporary models ... anything from about two ninety-nine. And the sky is the limit.

I.Give me a figure.

T. Oh, some people pay thousands and thousands for a specific model.

I. Would you ever sell it?

T. No, I don't think so .

I. No.

T. No, I'm too attached to them to sell them. It's like the real ones.

I. Well, I think they're all lovely. Thank you very much, Ted.

T. Thank you.


Word List


Hobby захоплення

Occupation заняття

Free time вільний час

Regular постійний

Author автор

Article стаття

Count рахувати

Personal interests особові інтереси

Spend проводити

Spare time вільний час

Collecting stamps колекціонування марок

View cards картки з видами

Coins монети

Designs розробки

Tape records магнітофонні записи

Dozens десятки

Expensive дорогий

Broaden his outlook розширюють його кругозір

Harm шкода

To knit в’язати

To sew шити

To repair ремонтувати

To be keen знатися на чомусь

Fancy фантастичний

To get accustomed звикнути

Paints фарби

Water colors акварелі

Skillful майстерний

Amateur аматор

Tension напруга

Removes відкидає

Soul душа

Choice вибір

Likes and dislikes те, що подобається; що не подобається



Lesson 13

1 Sport is the Way of Formation the Character.

• Reading and speaking.


Pre-reading task.

1). Check the meaning of these words in your dictionary.


I. Use the words from the box to complete the sentences.

cricket   ritual   famous   ground   competitive  
central   London   teams   game   club  

1. The English are great lovers of ——————-———sports.

2. ———————————is the game peculiarly associated with England.

3. Nearly every village has its cricket club and its own————————-

4. It is a ———————————impossible to describe to foreigners.

5. At times it is not a game but a kind of dignified public———————-

6. Cricket is played between two ———————————of 11 players.

7. The best grounds are in———————————.

8. The most famous is the Marylebone Cricket———————————.


I II. Scan for the details.

I 1. Football is played with a a/round, b/elliptical, c/plastic ball.

! 2. In the Middle ages football was played by teams of a/villagers, b/ sailors, c/boys.

i 3. The teams of hundred people struggled to a/ catch a ball, b/ score goals, b/fight.

: 4. The ball was made of the a/ gum, b/ wool, c/ bladder of a pig.

Lilia Podkopaieva from Donetsk became all-round Olympic champion in gymnastics.Kateryna Serebrianskafrom Simferopol became Olympic champion in women's free-style gymnastics.The Ukrainian school of gymnastics is recognized the world over. In wrestling- Viacheslav Oliinyk, in weight lifting-Timur Taimazov, in boxing- Volodymyr Klychko.Yachtsmen Yevhen Braslavets'and Ihor Matviienko became Olympic champions in sailing,Inesa Kravets in track and fieldathletics. At the Olympic Games of 2000in Sidney Yana Klochkova became twice Olympic champion in swimming.

In 1999 Vitalii Klychko, the Wold Champion AVBO/ in boxing won in Germany the single battle with the Champion of Southern America /NAFB/ Ed Mahon. Referee stopped contest due to inability of Ed Mahon to defend himself. Vitalii Klychko proved again his title of the World champion. Among the prominent sportsmen who came from the Ukrainian diasporaare hockey players T. Sawczuk, D. Haverchuk and the American football legend W. Czizhowicz.


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