Read the text and answer the questions. 

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Read the text and answer the questions.

' -


As you know, labour is an honourable duty of all the citizens. Everybody must work for the good of our coun­try, as the wealth of it is created by the labour of all the people. That's why it is very important for everybody to work hard.. Schoolchildren's labour is an important part of the work done by our people. Our state wants the children to enter life well prepared, with deep knowledge and a good occupation. Schools have to guide young people towards socially useful work in national economy and teach them to work honestly for the good of the society.


1. What is an honourable duty for everybody in our country?

2. How is the wealth of our country created?

3. What is very important for everybody?


a) Give three forms of the following verbs:

to be, to decide, to choose, to make, to speak, to know, to begin, to take, to write, to read, to stay, to enter, to work

b) Make up affirmative, negative and interrogative sen­
tences in the Present Perfect using some of the verbs given

E x am pie.

1. I have already decided what I should do after finishing
school. |

2. I haven't yet decided what I should do after finishing

3. Have you already decided what you would do after
finishing school? j

Read the dialogues in pairs and act them. f

— Hello, Nick! I haven't seen you for the whole week.
Where have you been all the time?

— I was at home. I didn't go anywhere because I was very
busy with my preparation for the entrance exams.

— I see you have already decided what you would do after
finishing school.

^ — Certainly. But I can't tell you about it. It's my secret.

* * *

— Hello, Helen! How are you?

— Hello, Tania! I am very well, thank you. I am so happy
today! I have passed my exams to the Technical University
and I am already a student.

— Best congratulations, my darling!

— And what about you, Tania? Have you entered the

— No, I have changed my plans. I decided to work for a year
or so. I'll continue my study after receiving some trade.

79*. Translate into English in writing.

1. Ти коли-небудь був у Парижі? — Hi, не був. 2. Я не

бачив тебе цілу вічність. Де ти був? 3. Він уже склав yci іспити. 4. Ти. поступив до університету? — Так. А ти? 5. Я змінив свої плани. 6. Я ніколи не був там. А ти? 7. Biн уже забув ці слова. 8. Ти ще не виконав цю вправу? — Ще нi. Я виконаю її через годину.


Read the words and word-combinations with the translation.

dress-maker['dres,meika] — кравчиня

baker[ beikd] — Пекар

electrician[ilek'trijn] __ електрик

fitter[ fita] —,монтер, слюсар

radio-assembler['t-eidiou9,sembla] — радюмонтажник

technician[tek nija] — техшк

turner['ta:na] — *окар

geologist[d5i'olad8lst] __ геОлог

agronomist[a'gronamist] — агроном

accountant[э kauntant] — бухгалтер

adjuster[a'd3A8ta] _ монтажник, складальник

weaver[ wi:va] — ткач, ткаяя

stewardess [stjiiJKhs] — стюардеса

musician[mju:'zijn] _ ц МузИкант; 2) композитор

conservatoire[kan'satvatwa:] — консерватоР

publishing [pAbhJin] house - видавництво

career[кэпэ] - нар'ера, профес1я

to make a career^ зробити кар'еру

the beginning of the career— початок кар'ери

to become a geologist (mechanician, teacher)— стати

геологом (мехашном, учителем)

to be able forlanguages _ бути здабним до мов

to head a technology bureau[bjua'rou] — очолити тех-

шчний в1дд1л

on board— на борту, на корабл1; у л1таку

behave[bi'heiv] — поводитися

farming['fa: mi о] — хлШоробство; заняття здльським го-


Explain the meaning of the following words.

dress-maker, watch-maker, shoemaker, tool-maker, bus-driver, tram-driver, car-driver, taxi-driver, hairdresser, tailor, novelist, doctor, teacher, composer

f Example: dress-maker — a person who makes women's dresses; shoemaker —a person who makes shoes and boots.

Read the texts about professions.

:, *

I'm Olexii Kravchenko. I'm a geologist. I think it's the

most useful job, especially in such a large country as Ukraine. There are many places which are still unex­plored. Our economy needs coal, oil, gold and geologists find them. This job is very interesting and romantic.

* * *

Volodymyr Savchenko is a mechanician. He is young, he is 28. He likes technique. It's coming from his family. His father and grandfather are mechanicians too. Volodymyr works in the shop where cars are made ready. He believes the job of a mechanician is very useful. Volodymyr is a good athlete. He doesn't smoke. He lives a healthy life and never gets ill.

* * *

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bohdan Seliuk. I want to be an agronomist. Farming in Ukraine needs thousands of highly-qualified specialists. That's why I decided to enter the Agrarian University. I think the work of an agronomist is very important. Besides, I like living in the country. What can be compared with the view of endless fields, green forests, flowers, rivers and hills! And it is possible I'll be a farmer.


Make up dialogues in pairs using the tables.

you she

What should (would) he like to be?

your brother your friend


He should doctor.

She like to be a stewardess.

My friend would technician.

My brother accountant.

. Copy the words and word-combinations into your vocabu­laries (exercise 81).

Translate into English in writing.

1. Я хотчла б стати стюардесою, а моя сестра — вчи-телькою. 2. Ким ти хот!ла б стати? — Лшарем. 3. Я xoTis би записати, але у мене немае ручки. 4. Вш хот1в бй почитати, але у нього немае книжки. 5. Я xoTis би стати шженером. А ти? .

Read the texts about professions.

I'm Mykhailo Petrenko. Pm the head of the technology bureau at the plant. My wife Natalia is an accountant in a publishing house. We've got a four-year-old son Ihor. In all, the family makes 400 hryvnias a month. That is not very much, but we are at the beginning of our careers.

* * *

Victor Popov is an adjuster at the aircraft manufac­turing plant. He is an innovator. Sixteen of his innova­tions were introduced into production. Two years ago he was presented with the State Prize. Victor makes 380 hryvnias a month. He has two children. His wife is a weaver. Their family is fond of spending week-ends by the river or in the forest,

* * *

Nina Dmytrenko is a stewardess in a big airport. Nina is a beautiful girl and a very kind person. She is able for languages. She speaks English, German and works hard at French. Nina is always ready to meet the passengers and tell them how to behave during the flight.

* * *

I'm Olena Ivchenko. I am fond of music. I study at the conservatoire. Pm going to become a musician. Music is very important in today's life. It brings joy to people. Today one can hear music everywhere — at a theatre, in films, on TV, over the radio. Life would be dull without music.

Answer the questions.

1. What kind of occupation attracts you most of all and

2. Does our country need such specialists? Why do you
think so?

3. What education is necessary to acquire this occupation?

4. Will you try to get your education just after finishing
school or will you work in this field for a while?

5. What is your parents' attitude to your choice?

Write a composition on the topic "I am going to become...".


Lesson 7

1. Education in Ukraine.

• Reading and speaking.

You are going to read aboutеducation in Ukraine


Pre-reading task.

1). Check the meaning of these words in your dictionary.



vocational training schools

рost-secondary education


entrance examinations

is awarded

the degree of the Candidate of Science


Education in Ukraine

Those senior students who want to get qualification alongside the secondary education, can gо to vocational training schools. Post-secondary education is provided by technical schools and colleges of 1st and 2nd Level of Accreditation that train young specialists in different trades.

Institutions of higher learning (higher educational establishments) include universities, academies, institutes and conservatories. They all hold entrance examinations to select the best applicants to be the students. Among the best known higher educational establishments there are Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv Polytechnic University, International Independent University «Kyiv-Mohyla Acad­emy», Kyiv State Conservatory, Lviv State University, Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv State Peda­gogical University, Kharkiv State Polytechnic University and many others.

Post graduate education begins after the last year of studies and usually results in theses on the chosen scientific topic and the degree of the Candidate of Science. Doctorate Degree is awarded for an outstanding scientific research.

Activity 1. Speak on the following:

What do you like and dislike in the system of education of our country? What would you like to

change, if you could?

Do you think there should be private and state schools? Why? Give your reasons. Which of these

schools do you go to? Which would you like to study at?

Do you think higher education should be free or fee-paying? Why? Give your reasons.

Find at least 3 differences and 3 similarities between the systems of education in Ukraine, UK and

the USA.

Do you think schools should pay much attention to extra-curricular activities or should they just

teach compulsory subjects?

What is your opinion about developing «social skills» at school? Where else could they be


The system of education in Ukraine is considered to be one of the most successful in the world. Do

you agree with this?

Would you like to study abroad? Why?



Lesson 8

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