Match the idioms in column A with definitions in column B.

1. self appraisal a. to consider smth after delaying it
2. self concept b. to visit without an appointment
3. self evaluation c. to get an appointment
4. resume d. newspaper listing of job
5. give notice e. your own view of yourself
6. give me a call f. to give someone a good opinion of you
7. create a good impression g. summary of one's employment record
8. classified ad h. a form to be filled in when applying for smth
9. drop in i. determine your own value or worth
10. get around to smth j. estimate your own qualities, abilities
11. make an appointment k. telephone me
12. application form l. inform your employer in advance that you are leaving the job



Replace the italicized parts of the sentences by words and word combinations from the vocabulary.

1. In American business practice making appointments is a rule of polite behavior.

2. He went to an employment agency to meet a person who gives advice, but first he had to talk to the employee who receives callers and answers the phone.

3. He went to the manager in order to formally ask for a job.

4. He doesn't work at the moment, he is out of work.

5. The company gives provisions against sickness, death, damage and loss.

6. His parents couldn't make him leave the job, they could only give advice.

7. His program was very busy, every hour was occupied.

8. These agencies deal only with people having no trade.

Complete the sentences given below, choose the right word.

a)job— position— occupation

"job" - anything that one has to do, task, duty;

"position" - a person's relative place, as in society; rank, status;

"occupation" - that which chiefly engages one's time; one's trade.

1. He was unemployed doing only odd … .

2. Knitting is a useful … for long winter evenings.

3. This aid is for those who have a very low .... in society.

4. My sister occupies an important … in the Department of Health.

5. The police called the company to find out his … at the moment.

6. He had a hard … painting the car.

b) force— make

"force" - do smth by force or as if by force; compel;

"make" - to cause or force (followed by an infinitive without "to").

1. They … the confession from him.

2. The robbers … the cashier lie on the floor and took the money.

3. They … me repeat the story again.

4. He would have never done it, but he was … to do it.

c) leave— graduate

"leave" - graduate (school);

"graduate (from)" - to get a degree or diploma, to complete a course of study at a college/university.

1. He ... from Columbia University last summer.

2. She ... school 2 months ago and couldn't find a job.

3. What University did you ... from?

Fill in prepositions where necessary.

1) After leaving school a young person faces....a very difficult problem – choosing an occupation. 2) The majority of young people do not get around....making a decision until they leave school. 3) Boys and girls seldom talk about this problem ... with the family. 4) One has to take special courses to qualify ... the job. 5) There is a special advisory service which counsels.... people who are looking.... work. 6) There are nonprofit agencies that deal.... nonskilled positions. 7) This agency specializes.... placing people ... their qualifications. 8) The agency helped me find .... the information I needed. 9) You can turn.... your teacher... advice and help. 10) Counselors give practical advice.... interview techniques, application forms, etc. 11) He made an appointment with the career officer 11 o'clock. 12) A counselor can see only a few applicants.... a day. 13) An interview.... any kind of job generally requires an appointment. 14) He was.... 20 minutes late and created a negative impression.... the employer. 15) American business people schedule their day hour.... hour. 16) On the wall he saw a notice "The agency works .... appointment only". 17) He didn't know how to fill.... the application form. 18) It turned out that he travelled to the agency.... nothing as he didn't make an appointment.... advance. 19) Appointment is a necessary courtesy, you can't just drop … .


Ex.6. Translate the following sentences

1) Когда я вошла в офис агентства, секретарь, встречающий посетителей, спросил меня, назначена ли у меня встреча. 2) У меня назначена встреча с Мисс Харрис на 10:15. 3) Я проходил мимо вашего агентства и решил зайти и поговорить с одним из ваших сотрудников. 4) Он не пришел в назначенное время на встречу с Мистером Брауном, это, конечно, произвело крайне отрицательное впечатление. 5) Анкета для поступления на работу заполняется печатными буквами. 6) Вам придется начать работу с самой маленькой должности, чтобы приобрести необходимый опыт. 7) Вы должны пойти на курсы, чтобы приобрести знания, необходимые для этой работы. 8) Агентство поможет вам подобрать работу согласно вашей квалификации. 9) Агентство "Manpower" специализируется именно в этой области. 10) Ему предложили две разные должности, но он не мог решить, какую выбрать.

Which statement is a good example of the meaning of the italicized word?

1. He thought that his friend was exaggerating.

a. He was shouting to make his point understood.

b. He made it seem much more important than it really was.

2. One day he went to an employment office.

a. office where he worked

b.organization that helps people to find an occupation.

3. The employment office places people according to their qualifications.

a. the office which helps people to find a place to live.

b.the office which advises people on the job and interview technique.

4. He thought he was imposing on his brother and sister-in-law.

a. He made things very difficult for his brother.

b. He made his brother work hard.

5. He couldn't afford his own apartment.

a. he couldn't live alone.

b. he didn't have enough money to pay the rent

6. One should have definite qualifications for the job.

a. education and work experience

b.definite personal features


Translate the following sentences.

1) Сейчас во многих странах много безработных. 2) Особенно много безработных среди молодых людей только что закончивших школу. 3) У них нет необходимого образования и опыта работы. 4) Часто, чтобы получить необходимую для работы квалификацию (образование и опыт работы), надо закончить специальные курсы. 5) Молодые люди в течение года получают пособие по безработице.


9. Fill in the right word from the word-column.

1. left school 2. to find a job 3. given up 4. looking through 5. receptionist 6. move to 7. living on my own 8. out of work 9. queuing 10.local paper 11.applicants 12.take any job 13.unemployment benefit 14.youth unemployment

Out of Work

In Britain a lot of people are ... . Tracey Chap­man is 18, and she ... a year ago. She lives in the North East, an area of high ... . She hasn't been able ... yet. "My dad just doesn't understand. He started working in a steel mill when he was 15. Things are different now, but he thinks I should start bringing home some money. Oh, I get my ... but that isn't much and I'm fed up with ... for it every Thursday. I hate having to ask my mum and dad for money. Oh, my mum gives me a couple of pounds for tights now and then, but she can't stand seeing me at home all day. I've almost ... looking for a job. I buy the... every day but I'm really tired of...the "Situations Vacant" column. There are 50 ... for every job. I was interested in being a dentist's ... because I like meeting people, but now I'd ... at all. People ask me why I don't... London, but I don't want to leave my family and friends. Anyway, I'm scared of ... in a big city."

Translate the following sentences.

1) Они ищут работу, обращаются в специальные агентства и просматривают объявления в газете в рубрике "Требуются". 2) Мэри хотела получить место секретаря в приемной, но на это место было 40 кандидатов. 3) Она не получила его, теперь она согласна на любую работу, т.к. ей надоело стоять в очереди за пособием каждую неделю. 4) Роджеру за 50. Он проработал в одной компании более 30 лет. 5) Из-за экономических трудностей в отрасли он попал под сокращение штатов. 6) Он опять начал искать работу, но т.к. ему уже за 50, он получил много отказов. 7) Все кандидаты были моложе его, хотя у них было меньше опыта. 8) Ему необходимо получить новую профессию, но никто не хочет обучать человека, который скоро должен уйти на пенсию.

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