Translate the following words and word combinations.


Translate the following words and word combinations.

1) осуществлять кадровое обеспечение; 2) достигать требуемых показателей; 3) определять (вычислять) количество необходимых ресурсов; 4) принимать на работу и обучать работников; 5) финансовые и производственные показатели; 6) эффективно выполнять свои обязанности; 7) определять (устанавливать) стандарты; 8) делегировать (передавать) полномочия; 9) демонстрировать мотивацию; 10) инициатива; 11) изучать информацию о сбыте (данные о сбыте, торговую статистику); 12) совершенствовать маркетинговое планирование (план по сбыту продукции); 13) функциональный уровень; 14) изучать внутренний и внешний рынки; 15) готовить к выпуску новый продукт.


5. Fill in prepositions or particle to where necessary and translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Most managers carry … four different functions … management: planning, organizing and staffing, leading, and controlling.

2. Some managers may primarily focus … one or two … them.

3. Planning involves figuring … the resources.

4. Managers are responsible … making sure employees have all the tools they need … do their jobs well.

5. Good management also requires … good leadership

6. You have … create a vision … the company … inspire your employees.

7. Managers also have … delegate … work.

8. A challenge … many managers, especially … small businesses, is dealing … multiple objectives, each … a different functional level.

Read the text again and answer the questions on it.

1. How many functions do managers carry out? What are they?

2. What does planning involve?

3. What does a manager do while carrying out his organizing function?

4. What types of activities does leading involve?

5. What is the function of controlling?

7. The word motivation (syn.: incentive, motive) has the following equivalents in Russian: стимулирующий фактор, мотив, стимул (то, что побуждает человека к действию).

а) Match the phrases from column A with their Russian equivalents in column B.


1. to keep up motivation а. интенсивность мотивации

2. human motivation b.мотивация кнута и пряника

(использование системы по-

ощрений и наказаний для

мотивации сотрудников)

3. source of motivation c. внутренняя мотивация

4. secondary motivation d. внешняя мотивация

5. primary motivation e. источник мотивации

6. intrinsic (internal) motivation f. поддерживать мотивацию

7. personal motivation g. структура мотивации

8. motivation intensity h. вторичная мотивация

9. employee motivation i. человеческая мотивация

10. team motivation j. личностная мотивация,

личный мотив, мотив личного


11. carrot and stick motivation k. первичная мотивация

12. motivation pattern l. стимулирование группы

(команды, коллектива)

13. extrinsic (external) motivation m. мотивация работников (труда)


б) Use seven word combinations from column A in sentences of your own.

Example: People who are intrinsically motivated work on tasks because they find them enjoyable.


8. The word planning has the following equivalents in Russian: планирование, проектирование, составление плана (проекта, программы); разработка планов деятельности организации (одна из функций менеджмента).

а) Match the phrases from column A with their Russian equivalents in column B.


1. planning of objectives a. группа планирования

2. planning authority b. планирование прибыли

3. planning process c. последовательность


4. planning committee d. планирование целей

5. business planning e. этап планирования

6. planning group f. планирование в изме-

няющихся условиях

7. planning of profit g. процесс планирования

8. planning sequence h. система планирования

9. planning stage i. область планирования

10. production planning j. специалист по плани-


11. planning analyst k. органы планирования

12. planning under uncertainty l. комитет по планированию

13. planning under dynamic m. функция планирования


14. planning cycle n. плановые расчеты

15. planning area o. процесс планирования

16. planning system p. планирование в условиях


17. planning estimates q. допущение ошибок в


18. planning function r. цикл планирования

19. planning flow s.планирование производства

20. inaccurate planning t. бизнес-планирование

(составление бизнес-плана)


б) Use ten word combinations from column A in sentences of your own.


Fill in the table with major functions of management given in the box.

to influence employees, to motivate, to evaluate performance, to coordinate resources, to set objectives, to solve problems, to set standards of work, to obtain resources, to guide people, to resolve conflicts, to make long-term plans, to monitor customer satisfaction, to cut the staffing, to show respect to others, accurate planning, carrot and stick motivation, to review performance, to delegate work, to inspire employees


Planning Organizing and Staffing Leading Controlling
    to show respect to others  


Make up a dialogue discussing the functions of management and their significance.



Forms of Business Organization


Sole Proprietorship

There are three principal forms of business organization: the sole proprietorship, the partnership, and the corporation.

The simplest form of business organization is the sole proprietor­ship, which is owned by one person. Many small businesses start out as sole proprietorships. The owner has relatively unlimited control over the business and keeps all the profits. These firms are usually owned by one person who has day-to-day responsibility for running the business. Sole proprietors own all the assets of the business and the profits gener­ated by it. They also have complete responsibility for any of its liabili­ties or debts. In case of breach of contract the business property and personal assets of the owner may be taken to pay judgments for dam­ages awarded by courts.

Sole proprietorships are the most numerous form of business orga­nization. No charter and permit are needed and there are no particular legal requirements for organizing or conducting a sole proprietorship. When started, many sole proprietorships are conducted out of the owner's home, garage, or van and inventory may be limited and may of­ten be purchased on credit.

Advantages of a sole proprietorship

1. Easiest and least expensive form of ownership to organize.

2. Sole proprietors are in complete control of business, and within the law, may make any decisions.

3. Sole proprietors receive all income from the business to keep or reinvest.

4. Profits from the business flow-through directly to the owner's personal tax return.

5. The business is easy to dissolve, if desired.

Disadvantages of a sole proprietorship

1. Sole proprietors have unlimited liability and are legally respon­sible for all debts against the business. Their business and personal as­sets are at risk.

2. Sole proprietors may be at a disadvantage in raising funds and are often limited to using funds from personal savings.

3. Sole proprietors may have a hard time attracting high-caliber employees, or those that are motivated by the opportunity to own a part of the business.

Main Features of a Sole Proprietorship:

(+) Easy to organize

(+) Owner has complete control

(+) Owner receives all income

(-) Owner has unlimited liability

(-) Benefits are not business deductions



feature – особенность

sole proprietorship – единоличное владение бизнесом

owner – владелец; собственник, хозяин

unlimited liability – неограниченная ответственность

income – доход

benefit – выгода, прибыль

deductions – отчисления

advantage – преимущество

disadvantage – неудобство, недостаток

to run a business – вести дело, управлять предпри­ятием

within the law assets – в рамках закона

liabilities – средства, фонды, авуары, имуще­ство

debt [det] – долги, денежные обязательства, долг

breach of contract – нарушение контракта

to start out – начинать профессиональную деятельность

legal requirements – законные ограничения

inventory – материально-производственные запасы

charter – документ, разрешающий созда­ние компании

permit – разрешение

to raise funds – привлекать фонды, мобилизо­вать средства

personal tax return – личная налоговая декларация

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