See the list of most popular jobs for business management majors. Work in pairs to make up a dialogue.


See the list of most popular jobs for business management majors. Work in pairs to make up a dialogue.


Jobs ranked by popularity among graduates. Annual pay for Bachelors graduates without higher degrees from all colleges.



Looking for a Job

When a company needs to recruit or employ new people, it may de­cide to advertise the job or position in the "NEED HELP" section of a newspaper. People who are interested can apply for the job by send­ing in a letter of application or covering letter (in the USA — cover letter) and a curriculum vitae or CV (in the USA — resume) contain­ing details of their education and experience.

A company may also ask candidates to complete a standard appli­cation form. The company's Human Resources department will then select the most suitable applications and prepare a shortlist of candi­dates or applicants, who are invited to attend an interview. Another way for a company to hire is by using the services of a recruitment agency, which provides a list of suitable candidates.

The CV (curriculum vitae) is presenting your education, skills and experience to the employer. CV demonstrates the suitability of an ap­plicant for the job. As well as providing an insight into previous qualifi­cations and experience, it should show the employer the skills and qual­ities the applicant has, that will match the position being applied for. In compiling CV the applicant has one objective only — to get an inter­view in order to get the job.

A CV must be accurate, interesting and up-to-date. It must be pre­sentable so that it makes the best impression possible and gets no­ticed. It should be relevant — targeted to the needs of each particular position.

In your CV you need to bring together details of your qualifica­tions, details of the job itself, details of the qualifications and skills re­quired, evidence from your personal profile that matches the employ­ers" criteria. This information will help you to prioritize the detail that should be included in your CV.

The CV must be accurate, brief and clear. Describe your skills and achievements as positively as possible. Applicants" skills and qualities that are most often sought by employers are listed below.

Communication is an ability to communicate orally, in writing or via computer communication system.

Team work means working well with others in order to achieve a common objective.

Leadership is a skill and quality of being able to motivate and en­courage others, being a leader.

Initiative is an ability to see opportunities and to set and achieve goals.

Problem solving is thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key issues. Creative thinking is useful.

Flexibility and adaptability are abilities to handle changes and adapt to new situations.

Commitment means having energy and enthusiasm in pursuing projects.

Interpersonal skills are abilities to relate well to others and to es­tablish good working relationships.

Numeracy is competence and understanding of numerical data, statistics and graphs.

Additionally, employers like to see that applicants have some busi­ness awareness — having an insight into what is happening in industry or commerce and the impact this could have on the organization.



to recruit – нанимать, брать на работу

to advertise – давать объявление

section of a newspaper – рубрика газеты

apply for a job – подавать заявление на долж­ность

letter of application (covering letter) – сопроводительное письмо

curriculum vitae (CV) or resume – резюме

to complete an application form – заполнить анкету

Human Resources department – отдел по работе с кадрами

shortlist of candidates – окончательный список кан­дидатов

to attend an interview – посещать интервью

recruitment agency – кадровое агентство

insight – взгляд

up-to-date – новейший

impression – впечатление

to get noticed – зд. быть замеченным, прив­лечь внимание

relevant – релевантный, уместный

targeted to the needs – нацеленный на потребности

particular position – конкретная должность

clear – ясный, четкий

achievements – достижения

orally – устно

flexibility – гибкость

adaptability – адаптивность

commitment – приверженность; убеждения

numeracy – способность к количествен­ному мышлению

data – информация

awareness – осведомленность


1. Scan the text to find the answers to the following questions:

1. Where does the company usually publish the advertisement?

2. What candidates do usually send to the company?

3. What is the role of Human Resources department?

4. What is the role of CV in the process of recruitment?

5. What should CV look like?

6. What skills and qualities are most often sought by employers?

7. What is "problem solving"?

8. What is "numeracy"?

9. What is "business awareness"?


2. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1. A company may decide to advertise a position in the "NEED HELP" section of a newspaper. 2. Candidates are expected to send their CVs and covering letters to the potential employer. 3. Some com­panies require candidates to complete a standard application form. 4. Human Resources department or a recruitment agency prepares a shortlist of candidates to interview. 5. Recruitment agencies are called "search firms" in the United States. 6. The CV presents your qualifica­tions, skills and personal qualities. 7. When the applicant compiles the CV he or she has only one objective — to get a job interview. 8. A CV must make the best impression possible and be targeted to the needs of each position. 9. The CV must be brief, accurate and clear.


3. Finish the following sentences.

1. Job positions are advertised in ... . 2. A company may ask candidates to ... . 3. The company's Human Resources department... . 4. The company may also use ... . 5. CV must be ... . 6. Communication is... . 7. Team work means ... . 8. Initiative is...


4. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Коммуникативность — это способность общаться устно, письменно или через компьютер. 2. Гибкость и адаптивность явля­ются важными качествами для бизнесмена. 3. Способность рабо­тать в команде означает умение работать с другими для достиже­ния общей цели. 4. Способность к количественному мышлению является важным навыком для работы с цифровыми данными, статистическими данными и графиками. 5. Наймодатели хотят ви­деть в кандидате работника, осведомленного в сфере, в которой он собирается работать. 6. Компания может также попросить канди­дата заполнить стандартное заявление (форму). 7. Отдел кадров компании подбирает наиболее подходящие кандидатуры и подго­тавливает окончательный список кандидатов, которые будут приглашены на интервью. 8. Резюме представляет информацию о вашем образовании, умении и опыте работы. 9. Компания также может нанимать сотрудников через фирму, занимающуюся подбо­ром персонала (рекрутинговую компанию).


Text A: Employment Agencies

In Britain there is a special service for school leavers, the Careers Advisory Service, which helps young people who are looking for their first job. Careers Officers give practical advice on interview techniques, application forms, letters, pay, National Insurance and Trade Unions.

One business organization that you may use when you are job-hunting(1) is an employment agency. There are the state employment services and nonprofit agencies that do not receive fees for finding jobs for people. There exist also some private employment agencies which receive a fee. Some employment agencies see applicants without an appointment. These include the state employment services and nonprofit agencies. Counselors there may spend a few minutes with each applicant.

But an agency that deals with technical and higher-salaried jobs, spends much more time with each applicant. Appointments are necessary in this type of agency, where a counselor may be able to see only a few applicants a day.

An interview for any kind of job, whether the interview is obtained through a friend, classified advertisement, or an agency, generally requires an appointment. It is important to be on time for your appointment. If you have made an appointment and cannot keep it, or if you will be more than ten minutes late, you should always call the interviewer. If you do not cancel the appointment or notify the interviewer that you will be late, you will create a negative impression on your possible employer.

To make efficient use of time, American business people schedule their days hour by hour. In most American business situations, appointments are a necessary courtesy.

Note: job-hunting - looking for work


Text В: "....They Live by the Appointment Book."

Victor had recently arrived in the United States, and he did not completely understand the need for appointments. He thought his friend was exaggerating.

One day he went to an employment agency. This agency specialized in placing people according to their qualifications. Victor wanted to start working as soon as possible so that he could afford his own apartment.

When he arrived at the agency at 10 a.m. the receptionist said to him, "Do you have an appointment?" Victor looked around the office and said, "No, I don't, but I see that there are very few people waiting here. I'm sure the counselor can see me. "The receptionist answered, "I'm sorry. This agency works by appointment only." She told him to leave his resume, fill out an application, and make an appointment. Victor did not have a resume, but he was able to get an appointment in two days.

Before dinner that evening, Victor dropped in on his friend Andre. He told Victor again why sometimes in America you cannot just drop in. Victor then turned to his friend and said, "Andre, you are right. In America you don't live from day to day — you live from appointment to appointment!"

(adapted from "Working World" by Baskin M.)


1. Find in texts A and В equivalents for the following words and phrases:

1) быть готовым к переменам (изменениям); 2) создать положительное/ отрицательное впечатление; 3) заполнить анкету для поступления на работу; 4) решить, принять решение; 5) приобрести знания/опыт работы; 6) дать детальную информацию; 7) час за часом; 8) эффективно использовать; 9) предлагать что-либо (советовать); 10) подбирать работу согласно квалифи­кации; 11) специализироваться в области; 12) самооценка; 13) обратиться к кому-либо; 14) изучать что-либо (пойти на курсы).


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