Ex. 22 Grammar Focus 2. The Present Simple.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Ex. 22 Grammar Focus 2. The Present Simple.

a) The Present Simple Tense(простое настоящее время):

1. Выражает факт или регулярно повторяющееся действие:

He comes from Switzerland.

She works in a bank.

2. Будущее действие (по расписанию или графику).

The exam beginsat 2 o’clock on Monday.

Positive Negative Question
I/you/we/they live in Russia. He/she/it livesin Russia.   Never, sometimes, often, usually, always. I/you/we/they do not (= don’t) live in Russia. He/she/it does not (=doesn’t) live in Russia.   Do I/you/we/they live in Russia? Yes, I do. No, I don’t. Does he/she/it live in Russia? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t. Where do I/you/we/they live? Where does he/she/it live?

1. К большинству глаголов в третьем лице единственного числа добавляется окончание –s: wear → wears, speak → speaks, live → lives, но к глаголам go и do добавляется окончание –es: go → goes, do → does.

2. Если глагол имеет окончание –s, -sh, or –ch, add –es: finish → finishes, watch → watches.

3. Если глагол оканчивается на звонкий согласный + -y, то –y изменяется на –ies: fly → flies, study → studies.

Если глагол оканчивается на гласный + -y, –yне меняется: play → plays.

Have → has.

b)One sentence in a pair has a mistake. Choose the correct sentence.

1. a. Where do they live?

b. Where they live?

2. a. She goes to home by taxi.

b. She goes home by taxi.

3. a. Mr. and Mrs. Smith go walking in summer.

b. Mr. and Mrs. Smith goes walking in summer.

4. a. I don’t understand the question.

b. I no understand the question.

5. a. She goes at weekends swimming.

b. She goes swimming at weekends.

6. a. What you do on Sunday mornings?

b. What do you do on Sunday mornings?

7. a. Do you play tennis sometimes?

b. You play tennis sometimes?

8. a. I like very much football.

b. I like football very much.

9. a. He doesn’t know the answer.

b. He don’t know the answer.

10.a. I’m like staying in bed longer on weekends.

b. I like staying in bed longer on weekends.


Ex. 23Read the text about differences between boys and girls and complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

Are Girls Better Students Than Boys?

exist like score reach explain punish believe


Most people think that girls are better students than boys. In England, girls ……higher marks in tests in most subjects and at most ages. A similar situation …. in the USA and many other countries.

However, two American teachers, William Draves and Julie Coates, …..that it is not the boys who are the problem, but the school. Their book, “Nine shift: Work, life, and education in the 21 st century…… that in fact boys are better prepared for the future. Boys are more interested in computers and the internet. They…… taking risks, and thinking about ways of making money and teamwork – things that are important for success at work.

The problem is that schools……boys for this behavior because they are bad at listening and following instructions.


Ex. 24Make the sentences negative.

Model: Boys study more than girls at school. – Boys do not study more than girls at school.

1. The average boy scores higher marks in tests.

2. The researchers say that boys do badly at school because they are less intelligent.

3. Most schools give prizes to boys for their behaviour.

4. Some boys always listen well to their teachers.

5. William Draves thinks boys are the problems.


Ex. 25Write some questions to the text and ask your partner to answer them.


Ex. 26 Grammar Focus 3. The Past Simple.

a) The Past Simple выражает факт в прошлом, также используется для перечисления последовательных действий в прошлом.

I lived in Rome when I was 6.

Positive Negative Question
I/he/she/it/we/you/they moved/went to London in 2011. Ago, last night/ /Saturday/week/year/ month, yesterday morning/ evening/afternoon. I/he/she/it/we/you/they did not (=didn’t) move/go to London in 2011. Did I/he/she/it/we/you/ they move/go to London in 2011? Yes, I did. No, I did not (=didn’t). Where did I/he/she/it/we/ you/they move/go in 2011?

1. К большинству правильных глаголов добавляется окончание –ed: worked, started. Если глагол оканчивается на –e, добавляется –d: lived, loved.

2. Если глагол имеет только один слог и окачивается на гласный и согласный, то согласный удваивается: stop → stopped.

3. Глаголы, оканчивающиеся на согласный + -y, меняются на –ied: study→ studied.

4. Некоторые глаголы являются неправильными и имеют свою форму:beginbegan.

b) Write answers to these questions.

1. When did you first start studying English?

I first started studying English … .

2. What sports did you play when you were a teenager?

I … when I was a teenager.

3. What was your best subject when you were at school?

When I was at school … .

4. Who was your best friend when you were at school or college ?

When I was at school/college, my best friend … .

5. Who is your best friend now ? How did you meet ?

… is my best friend. We first met … .


Ex. 27These are answers. What are the questions?

Model:Yes, I played a lot of sports when I was at school.

Did you play a lot of sports when you were at school?

1. Yes, I worked hard and passed all my state exams successfully when I was at school.

2. No, I didn’t like all the subjects when I was at school, I liked history most of all.

3. Yes, sometimes I went to the movies and exhibitions with my friends when I was at school.

4. Yes, I often met with my friends when I was at school.

5. No, I didn’t have much time for entertainment when I was at school.

Ex. 28 Scan the article below and answer these questions.

1. Who is Kevin Mitnick?

2. Why is he famous?

3. What kind of child and teenager was he?

The most famous hacker in history.


According to the Guinness Book of Records, Kevin Munick is the most famous computer hacker in the world. He was once on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list of dangerous criminals, and was also the inspiration for a Hollywood film.

Here is the story of his life. His parents divorced when he was three but he says his childhood was happy. He lived with his mother in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He was a genius with electronic devices, and computers soon attracted his attention.

By the age of 17 he was an expert in telephone and computer systems, but there was a criminal side to his interests. He hacked into computers at Motorola, Nokia Mobile Phones and other companies. Some reports estimated the damage to be $80 million.

In1981 police arrested him. He was in prison for 5 years. The judge prohibited him from using computers. Now he has a business consultancy and fights against software piracy.


Ex. 29 Find the Past Simple forms in the text.

Ex. 30Agree or disagree with the following statements. Make corrections in case they are false.

Model:He lived with his father.

He didn’t live with his father. He lived with his mother.

1. His parents divorced when he was 16.

2. He hacked into Sun Microsystem telephone system.

3. The damage from his hacking was $100 million.

4. The judge prohibited him from using mobile phone.

5. At present he continues hacking new companies.


Ex. 31Look at the opinions below. Which one(s) you most agree with?

a) Munick isn’t a thief or a terrorist, he’s a recreational hacker. He didn’t do it for economic gain.

b) Kevin Munick represented a real danger for business.

c) Hacking is illegal. Kevin Munick is a dangerous criminal and must be taken to prison.

d) Kevin Munick demonstrated the companies that computer security is a problem.


Ex. 32 Grammar Focus 4. The Future Simple.

a) Форма “will” используется для выражения обещания, прогноза, предсказания действий в будущем.

1. Wait, I will help you.

2. He will probably come back tomorrow.

3. I will not watch TV tonight.

4. It will rain tomorrow.

Positive Negative Question
I/he/she/it/we/you/they will study at the Academy. I/he/she/it/we/you/they will not (=won’t)study at the Academy. Will I/he/she/it/we/you/ they study at the Academy? Yes, I will. No, I will not (=won’t). Where will I/he/she/it/we/ You/they study?


b) What is your opinion? Use the prompts to write sentences with ‘will or won’t’ and ‘possibly, probably or definitely’.

Model:men/stop going bald

Men will definitely stop going bald.

a) a computer / recognize the human voice

b) cars / use water / fuel

c) computers / still be necessary

d) we / use coins and notes

e) people / want robots to check their health

f) GPS / help fight crime


Section II



Text 2

My Biography.

Pre-reading task:Read international words and translate them: school, institute, businessman, literature, profession, student, lecture, seminar, tennis, disciplined, jazz, music, radio.


Let me introducemyself. My name is Vladimir Pavlov. I was born in Yekaterinburg. I am the only child in the family.

At the age of seven I started school. I liked to go to school and studied very well. Аt school I studied many different subjects. Every teacher asked for equal attention to his subject and it was not an easy work to do. I know that all the subjects are important, but still I was always indifferent to exact sciences.

Since childhood I have been fond of reading and good at literature, history and languages. It is not easy to decide what profession to choose.

Many people continue careers of their parents or grandparents but it is not the case for me. My mother is a doctor. My father is a businessman. I decided to enter the Law Academy and now I am a first year student of the Institute of Justice.

During the week I am very busy getting ready for lectures and seminars, so I like to have a rest on weekends. I am not an early riser and I didn’t get up before 9 or even 10 o’clock . I enjoy staying in bed, when I don’t have to hurry anywhere.

I do sports. Tastes differ, and different people do jogging, swimming, diving….. But I adoreplaying tennis. Everyone should do all to stay healthy and choose the sport he is interested in. If one does sports he learns how to lose, and it is not easy. Sport not only helps people to become strong and to develop physically but also makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activity.

I love music as well. We can hear music everywhere: in the streets, in the shops, on TV, over the radio, in the cars, in the parks, everywhere. I think it really doesn’t matter what kind of music you prefer: rock, pop, classical, jazz…. I enjoy listening music because it reflects my moods and emotions. Very often when I am blue, I play my favorite songs and feel much better.

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