III. Find the English in the night-hand column for the following 

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III. Find the English in the night-hand column for the following

1. високоіндустріалізована країна 1. a great deal of the ore

2. сучасна техніка заморожування 2. power plants produce electricity

3. виробництво і переробка нафтопро- 3. the manufacture of дуктів plastics and synthetics

4. широка сфера нових галузей 4. the production and processing of oil products

5. велика кількість руди 5. branches of agriculture

6. навчання менеджменту 6. crop production

7. виробництво пластмас та синтетич- 7. modern technique of

них матеріалів freezing

8. хороші транспортні засоби 8. a highly industrialized country

9. промислове підприємство 9. heavy industry

10. галузі сільського господарства 10. to intensify production

11. рослинництво 11. to increase labour productivity

12. електростанції виробляють електро- 12. a wide range of new енергію industries

13. важка промисловість 13. management training

14. підвищувати продуктивність праці 14. an industrial enterprise

15. інтенсифікувати виробництво 15. good transportation facilities

IV. Complete the following sentences

1. The United States is rich in ... 2. Most of the coal mined in the USA is used by ... . 3. Coal is also used in the ... . 4. The two branches of American agriculture are ... . 5. The main crops grown in the USA are ... . 6. American farmers use scientific methods of farming as ... . 7. The main branches of American industry are ... . 8. Many branches of light industry are also developed, among them ... . 9. Mechanization and automation intensify ... and increase ... . 10. Most of the industrial enterprises are located in the ... .

V. Say if it is right

1.The United States is not reach in natural resources. 2. Ore is mined in the Great Lakes region. 3. Coal is used by power plants to produce electricity. 4. Coal is used in the light industry to produce clothes. 5. The basic metals and minerals in the United States are zinc, copper and silver. 6. Cattle breeding and sheep breeding make up an important branch of America’s agriculture. 7. The United States branches of heavy and textile industries. 8. Mechanization and automation bring about a further growth of unemployment. 9. Throughout American industry great emphasis is being made on management training. 10. Most of the industrial enterprises are located in the western part of the country .

VI. Translate the following into English

1. Сполучені Штати виробляють 100 мільйонів тон металу на рік. 2. Вугілля використовується як електростанціями, так і хімічною промисловістю. 3. Сучасна техніка заморожування, консервування, пакування широко використовується американськими фермерами. 4. Текстильна та деревообробна галузі теж високого­звинені в США . 5. Велика увага в американській промисловості приділяється науковим дослідженням.

VII. Answer the following the question

1. What natural resources is the United States rich in?

2. What can you say about the iron ore mined in the USA?

3. Where is the iron ore mined in the USA?

4. What is coal used for?

5. What is oil used for?

6. What are the main branches of America’s heavy industry?

7. What are the branches of light industry?

8. What is a great deal of attention devoted to in American industry?

9. Why are new industries, such as electronics, created?

10. What do mechanization and automation bring about?

11. How and where is American industry located?

12. Why is there a tendency to build factories close to natural resources and markets?

13. What the main branches of agriculture?

14. What makes up an important branch of America’s agriculture?

15. What crops are grown in the USA?

16. What is used for intensification of farm production?

17. What are the leading exports of the USA?


VIII. Speak on the topic ”US Economy”


The Passive Voice

I. Make the following interrogative and negative

1. The land of the world is divided into five large continents. 2. She was told a good piece of news yesterday. 3. The pupils are taught to drive a car. 4. I was suggested to write about weather. 5. We shall never a pleased with weather. 6. He will be offered an interesting job in a month. 7. He is being instructed by his mother.8. The radio-set is being repaired now. 9. Newspapers were being bought by him from 5 to 6. 10. That document was being copied by him at 12. 11. We have been told mane funny stories. 12.She has been given a beautiful ring. 13. They had been acquainted with many participants of this conference , before they pined it. 14. The problem of budgetary system in Ukraine will have been discussed at the seminar by the time he comes.

II. Put the following sentences into the Passive Voice

1. They often invite me to their parties. 2. People speak English in different parts of the world. 3. One uses milk for making butter. 4. We form the Passive Voice with the help of the auxiliary verb “to be”. 5. They build a lot of new houses in this district every year.


1. They built this house in 1950. 2. Somebody locked the front door. 3. Someone broke my pen last night. 4. They punished the boy for that. 5. They finished their work in time.


1.People will forget it very soon. 2. They will translate this work next year. 3. They will tell you when to come. 4. Where will they build a new library? 5. Someone will ask him about it.


1. They are constructing some new Metro lines now. 2. Wait a little. They are examining the last student there. 3. They are discussing this question now. 4. When I switched on the radio they were broadcasting a very interesting program.


1. Somebody has invited her to the party. 2.They have done all the exercises in written form. 3. They had done everything before we came. 4. I thought they had already sent the letter. 5. Evidently somebody had informed him of the news before they announced it. 6. They will have informed us before he comes.

III. Put the following sentences into the Passive Voice making the indirect object the subject of the passive construction

Example: They showed me the way .

I was shown the way.

1. He offered me a chair. 2. We gave him all the money. 3. They have just shown me a new magazine. 4. Mother promised the boy a new toy. 5. Nobody has told me the news yet. 6. They sent you the invitation last week. 7. I am sure they will offer you a very interesting job. 8. They recommended me several articles on that problem. 9. Someone taught him French and gave him a dictionary. 10. They asked us to be there at eight o’clock 11. They have promised me some books on this problem. 12.A passer-by showed us the way to Trafalgar Square.

IV. Translate the following sentences into English using the Passive Voice

1. Коли обговорювалось це питання? 2. Такі питання обгово­рюються на наших зборах. 3. Яке питання зараз обговорюється? 4. Це питання вже обговорили. 5. Коли я прийшла, це питання обговорювалося. 6. Ця книга написана в ХVIII ст. 7. Коли стаття буде написана, її помістять у газету. 8. Оповідання вже написане ? 9. Ця робота була написана до того, як були зроблені нові відкриття в цій сфері. 10. В Києві зараз не будується багато нових будинків. 11. Коли ми переїхали сюди, неподалік будувалось декілька бу­динків. 12. На цьому майдані буде збудовано новий будинок. 13. Цей будинок було збудовано до війни. 14. Ця школа тільки що збудована. 15. Мені вже ставили таке запитання. 16. Такі запитання часто ставлять на екзамені. 17. Я впевнена, що вам поставлять багато запитань, коли ви будете розповідати про свою поїздку. 18. Оскільки йому раніше вже ставили подібні запитання, він знав, що відповісти.

V. Put the following sentences into the Passive Voice

Example: They laughed at him .

He was laughed at.

1. People speak much of him. 2. They will look after the children well. 3. People will laugh at you if you say it. 4.They sent for the doctor immediately. 5. Everybody listened to her attentively. 6. They always wait for me after the lessons. 7. Nobody took notice of this little boy. 8. Everybody lost sight of the boat in the fog. 9.Why are they laughing at her ? 10. I wonder whether they will listen to him. 11. Students often refer to these books. 12. Nobody has ever spoken to me in such a way. 13. If they send for you don’t refuse to come. 14.They have not referred to that incident since then.

VI. Make up sentences using the given verbs in the Passive Voice

To look (at), to listen (to), to wait (fo), to think (of), to speak (about), to refer (to), to look (for), to look (after), to send (for), to laugh (at), to speak (to), to ask (for).

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