O) Letters of Recommendation

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


O) Letters of Recommendation

Student Name Vitaly V. Vasilenko


Recommendation Form

To be completed by an instructor familiar with the student work; in his or her field of specification.

In the recommendation, please provide a candid evaluation of the applicant's part academic performance and your assessment of his or her ability to participate on an educational exchange program in the United States. Your statement will be given considerable importance by American universities and colleges reviewing this student's application, and therefore should be as completed and detailed as possible. Your comments can be continued on the reverse side if more space is needed. This recommendation should be typewritten and in English, if possible. If not in English, an accurate translation must be attached. All recommendations must be certified with the official seal of the instructor's institution.


Dear Sirs,

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation to support the candidacy of Vitaly V. Vasilenko for 1996-97 USIA-ACTR/ /ACCELS FSA Undergraduate Program. I can evaluate his progress in English, as well as in Economics because for the past two years I have been his English teacher and have worked closely with him.

As a student in Finance, Vitaly Vasilenko has distinguished |himself by his deep interest in the subjects studied at the University and in the modern tendencies in current economy of the country, its financial situation and ways of positive development. He needs more knowledge of laws and economic tendencies in developed countries.

Last year Vitaly in his paper «Banking in Ukraine», investigated the problem of Ukrainian banking and told his report on the topic at the annual students' scientific conference. His views and ideas were independent and rather interesting.

At all classes Vitaly always shows good knowledge of the subject and his readiness for disputing and exchanging opinions on general and specific economic problems. He has a good command of both spoken and written English. Being an industrious and diligent student he also demonstrates creative and untraditional approach in his studies and research.

Out of studies Vitaly is an active, initiative man, patient and amiable with his class-mates. I can recommend him as a highly responsible and reliable student. I believe that Vitaly V. Vasilenko will be able to participate successfully in an educational exchange program in the United States. I support with enthusiasm his application for that possibility.


Name of Recommender Natalya Shamkhalova

Title Senior Teacher of English,
  Foreign Languages Chair
Place of Employment Kyiv State Economic University
Address 49g Dehtyarivska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
Telephone 380-44-441-7637
Signature Date 5 January 1996


A memo (short form for memorandum) is drafted for internal purpose and meets the need for fast internal communication within the firm. The main difference from a conversation or a phone call is that the reader will be given time to think over his reactions and will keep this document in his files for future reference. The fact that there is no coming back on what has been written and that other people may happen to read your memo should have a definite influence on the way you express things and make recommendations.

Memos are often used to inform someone of the state of things at a particular moment, and alternative courses of actions may then be recommended. Memos can be addressed to a superior, a subordinate or a group of people (e.g. Memo to All Personnel in the Testing Dept). Although the style may vary according to the addressee(s), there are however basic rules one should observe when drafting a memo.



To: Messrs. A.Clifford, B. Thompson, M. Muliner

From: S. Pavlenko

Date: April 21, 1996

Subject: On outgoing premium circuit use


Dear Sirs,

In accordance with the decision made at the meeting that took place on March 2, 1996, Network strategy & planning de­partment carries out the study of traffic capacity from premium subscribers and its relation with traffic on regular circuit groups.

However, taking into consideration the fact that we began to receive the above mentioned information from Billing department only from this February, at the moment the objective assessment of the situation is impossible.

We shall inform you additionally on the measures being taken on premium circuit use after March and April data summarizing and analysis.


Sergei Pavlenko

Acting Director

Network Strategy & Planning



When Writing a Resume...

Put most important facts first

Make it neat

Make it easy to read

Keep it brief

Type or print it

Use only job-related information




Jennifer Maxwell Strauss


Present Address Permanent Address

P.O. Box 23383, 274 Alpha road

Emory University West Chester, PA

Atlanta, GA 30322 19150

(404) 555-8550 (215) 555-5939


Objective An internship in advertising

Education Emory University, School of Business

Administration Atlanta, GA

Candidate for BBA degree, May 1993

Major: Marketing

Activities Panhellenic Representative, 1990-1991

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

Participated in weekly meetings that were held to allocate funds to sponsor various all-university events. Liaison between the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and the Panhellenic Board.

Experience Administrative Assistant

December 1990-January 1991

Summer 1991

The Craft Fashion Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Coordinated information to produce course syllabi.

Proofread and oversaw printing of course catalog system in the library. Organized and maintained the director of education's office.

Sales Clerk

Summer 1990

Kamikaze Kids, Philadelphia, PA

Promoted unique, upscale children's clothing.

Responsibilities included opening and closing the store and making

cash deposits.

Cash register experience.

Public Relations Intern

March 1989-June 1989

Elkman Advertising, Philadelphia, PA

Worked closely with the account executive for the McDonald's Corporation.

Responsibilities included following-up press releases and television spots, calling various media offices, and arranging interviews with local celebrities to promote

McDonald's various public relations interests.

Additional Data

Working knowledge of BASIC computer language. Extensive travel in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. Hobbies

include theatre, reading, and music.


Available upon request.

Susan Feagin

1355 Edna Street, Napa, CA 94558

Home phone: (415) 555-5760

Office: (415) 5555-5745


Objective Sales, Leading to Sales Supervision

Areas of Knowledge Personal selling

Customer relations

Stock handling

Complaint handling

Display arranging

Fluent in Spanish

Word processing

Office procedures


Files and records

Shorthand, 90 wpm

Typing, 55 wpm

Work Experience

July 1988 to present Salesperson, Fabric Imports, Napa, California Responsible for sales and

customer relations. Achievements include being top salesperson for last three years and adding ten new accounts.

Jan. 1984 to July 1988

Secretary to Dean of Instruction, Richland College, Dallas, Texas.

Responsibilities including full secretarial service, handling student complaints,

handling all confidential faculty records, composing letters and memos on word

processor, and taking dictation.

Feb. 1983 to Dec. 1983

Fountain Clerk (part-time), Jack-in-the- Box, Dallas, Texas



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