Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!




Skills of Negotiating

Most negotiations are conducted with a view to reaching a compromise agreement. Both parties together move towards an outcome which is to mutual benefit. This is a range of tactics which can help conduct negotiations. It's no use immediately discussing business matters. The topic at the outset of negotiations should be neutral, non-business. It could be immediate experiences, the sort of journey the visitor has had; football, ice-hockey, the morning's newspaper headlines, common interests, etc.

5 per cent of the negotiating time is devoted to breaking the ice. The two parties adjust their thinking and behavior to one another.

If you want to follow the reaction of your visitor introduce in your speech the question — «Agree?».

At the very beginning of the talks get agreement covering the purpose, plan, agenda of a meeting.


Here is some advice to a negotiator:

1. First discuss major items, then minor items.

2. Follow the headlines of the plan one by one.

3. Come over to the next point after you have resolved the previous one.

If talks are difficult and you are in a deadlock, take time-out.

It will help you to build bridges yourself and your partner when you resume negotiations.

Vocabulary to Study and Use

1. To launch talks/debates розпочинати переговори, дискусію

2. To disrupt/to break off/to припинити переговори, зірвати

interrupt business talks переговори несподівано

3. To resume talks поновлювати, резюмувати

4.Resumption of talks продовження (після перерви)

5. To cancel talks анулювати переговори

6. Top-level/summit talks переговори на вищому рівні

7. Round-table talks переговори за круглим столом

8. Bilateral/multilateral talks двосторонні/багатосторонні переговори

9.The talks resulted in … переговори закінчились з ... результатом

10.A deadlock in talks мертва точка, безвихідь у переговорах

11.To sidetrack the negotiations відводити переговори від теми

12.To talk to smb. from a вести переговори з кимось з position of... позиції...

I. The Beginning of Business Talks

1.Business talk ділова розмова

2.To have business talks проводити ділові переговори

3.To make an appointment домовитись при зустріч

4.To receive smb. прийняти когось

5.Card візитна картка

6.To offer some coffee запропонувати каву

7.To get down to business переходити до справ

8.To discuss some (a few) обговорити декілька питань questions

9.To need to have an interpreter потребувати перекладача


ІІ. The Establishment of Business Contacts

1.To maintain business contacts підтримувати ділові контакти

2.To be interested in бути зацікавленим у співробітництві


3.Fruitful cooperation плідне співробітництво

4.To send a delegation направити делегацію

5. Personal contacts особисті контакти


ІІІ. Inquiry and Offer

Inquiry for запит на

To send направити

To receive одержати

4.To study розглядати

5.To accept приймати

6.To confirm підтверджувати

7.To revise переглядати

8.To decline відхиляти


IV. Contracts

1.Order замовлення

2.General terms and conditions основні умови

3.To place an order for розміщувати замовлення

4.To make a contract укладати контракт

5.Small, big and trial order маленьке, велике та пробне замовлення

6.Standard contract типовий контракт

7.Standard terms and conditions стандартні умови

8.To offer terms and conditions запропонувати умови

9.To accept a contract прийняти контракт

10.To discuss a contract обговорювати контракт

11.Clause of a contract пункт контракту

12.Clause by clause пункт за пунктом

13.Draft contract проект контракту

14.Integral part of a contract невід'ємна частина контракту

15.Terms of delivery умови постачання

16.Time of delivery строк постачання

17.Guarantee period гарантований термін (строк)



Exercise 1. Fill in the blanks with the necessary words:

1. I don't know English well enough, that's why I need an ... .

2. I'm glad you are not in a hurry and we ... today.

3. Your idea sounds encouraging. We can get... .

4. Our manager would like ... with you.

5. The bank makes a long term to clients, that's why we ...cooperation.

6. The number of new products is coming into the market. We will start market research and I think our cooperation will be ... .

7.Your prices on these items are too high. That's why we ... .

8. We ... you to start a car repair shop.

9. I think we'll ... your offer, because tape recorders are so popular unless the price is too high.

10. I'm not sure, that's why we have to discuss the contract clause ... .

11. We have already been discussing the ... of the contract for 3 hours, but we have not come to any final decision yet.

12. We enclose a list showing the goods we require for ... by the end of April.

13. It is so complicated to sell the ... to a foreign company with different currencies.

14. We are always on the look out for products of good … .


Exercise 2. Complete the following sentences:

1. I'm thinking of starting my own business that's why I have to discuss ... .

2. We'll have a business talk with ... .

3. We'll make an appointment … .

4. Fruitful cooperation brings ... .

5. Our firm has established business ... .

6. Whatever the reason, we are anxious to establish … .

7. We are interested in cooperation, because … .

8. Have you received ... ?

9. We have to decline your offer, because ... .

10. Our firm must pay a lot of money for delivery, that's why … .

11. The manager has signed a favorable … .

12. The time and the date of delivery are attached to the contract, that's why ... .

13. The firm has already fixed the price and total amount of the contract and ... .

14. We have signed a standard contract, that's why ..

15. The sellers will guarantee the quality of the sold goods for ... .

16. Quality certificate issues ... .

17. Clients can be made for the quality of the goods if it doesn't …


Exercise 3. Translate into English:

1. Я погано розмовляю англійською, тому мені необхідно мати перекладача.

2. Прошу передати мою візитну картку містеру Н.

3. Чи може нас прийняти містер Н.?

4. Займайте свої місця , та давайте перейдемо до справи.

5. Представник нашої фірми має бажання обговорити з Вами декілька питань.

6. З якими країнами ви маєте торгові відносини?

7. Ясподіваюсь, що наші ділові контакти будуть плідними.

8. Ви зацікавлені в цьому співробітництві?

9. Ми тільки-но вийшли на ринок з цим товаром, (to introduce smth to ...).

10. У нас великий досвід в експорті цього товару.

11. Ми відіслали Вам наш запит минулого тижня / в кінці місяця / на початку цього місяця / 10 квітня.

12. Ми змушені переглянути / відхилити / погодитись на цю пропозицію.

13. Пропозиція потребує вашого підтвердження.

14. Ви отримали наш запит на машини (меблі, обладнання).

15. Ми б хотіли обговорити контракт на поставки цього това­ру пункт за пунктом.

16. Це наші стандартні умови постачання.

17. Ми можемо запропонувати вам товар високої якості.




Ted — the manager of the purchasing department.

David — a student of economics and business

David: Hello, Ted. How are you getting on?

Ted: Thanks, I'm fine and what about you?

David: Everything is all right. You know, I don't know how to draft an order.

Ted: OK. I see. I have 10 minutes for you.

David: Last time I had a lot of problems. Could you help me?

Ted: Well, to make it clear, orders are simply the requests of one business organization for the goods or services, or both of another business organization. Orders may be either oral or written. Even when an order is oral it will usually be confirmed in writing at a later date.

David: Are there any rules that should be followed when preparing an order?

Ted: Sure, here are some of them. First, clearly state the exact quantity of the items you are ordering. Second, identify the catalogue number of the item. Third, list the catalogue price for the total price for the amount of goods ordered. Fourth, describe how the shipment is to be made.

David: Thank you for your information. It will be useful for me.
Ted: Not at all, David. I am always glad to help you.




Make your own dialogues according to the pattern above.


Problem I

You are a manager of a firm. You want to make an appointment and have a business talk. Please, do it.

Problem II

You are a sales manager of «Sony» Company. Your firm sells high-quality TV-sets. You want to deliver TV sets. Discuss, please, the terms, the time and the guarantee period of delivery with representative of a big shop.

Problem III

You are a director of a shop. You don't like the terms of delivery. Make an appointment to a sales manager and change the terms of the delivery.





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