Task 5. Match the terms (1-6) with their definitions (a-f). 

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Task 5. Match the terms (1-6) with their definitions (a-f).

  Term   Definition
  transmission a) the act of applying to a particular purpose or use
  rotation b) something that is attached or joined
  applications c) any force or system of forces that causes or tends to cause rotation
  fastening d) the spinning motion of a body, such as a planet, about an internal axis
  torques e) a system of shafts, gears, torque converters, etc., that transmits power of the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
  shaft f) a revolving rod that transmits motion or power: usually used of axial rotation

Task 6. Fill in the gaps using the words and word combinations below. Use each word or word combination only once.

washer, nut, engineering, prevent, diameter, sunk keys, threaded, fastener, width, lengthwise, rods, tapered pins


A tapered pin is a 1)_______ used in mechanical 2)_______. They are steel 3)______ with one end having a slightly larger 4)_______ than the other. Some 5)______ have a male screw thread on the small end that holds the pin in place with a 6)________ and a nut. Other pins are 7)_______ on both ends, on the thick end to pull the pin out with the same 8)_______ that holds the pin in place.

The minimum stock length of keys is 4 times the key 9)_______, and maximum stock length of keys is 16 times the key width. The increments of increase of length are 2 times the width.

10)_______ are adapted particularly to the case of fitting adjacent parts with neither end of the key accessible. Feather keys 11)_______ parts from turning on a shaft while allowing them to move in a 12)_______ direction.


Task 7. Match words from column A with the words from column B and translate them into Ukrainian:

  A   B
1. mechanical a rotation
2. feather b cross-section
3. radial c engineering
4. mating d slot
5. center of e keys
6. longitudinal f power
7. rectangular g part
8. transmits h direction

Task 8. Put these words into the right word order, make sentences and translate them into Ukrainian:

1) assembled /is to transmit / The main function of a key / on it / torque between / a shaft and a machine part.

2) such keys /In some constructions /spine keys / keys allow / the shaft and the hub, / are called / an axial motion between /feather or.

3) into cylindrical pins, / pins can be divided / and conical or /called straight pins,/ Geometrically / taper pins.

4) can be used to/ transmit / Tapered pins/ or for positioning / very small torques.

Task 9. Translate the following sentences into English:

1) Шпонко­ве з'єднання застосовують у механічних пе­редачах, коли потрібно, щоб разом з валом оберталась розмі­щена на ньому деталь.

2) Шпонка з'єднує вал з іншою деталлю завдяки тому, що вона одночасно заходить в паз на валу і в такий самий паз в отворі насадженої на вал деталі.

3) Пази у з'єднуваних деталях називають шпонковими канавками.

4) Наочне зображення шпонкового з'єднання показано на рисунку 221.

5) Найбільш поширеними шпонковим з’єднанням є призматичні шпонки з заокруглени­ми торцями.

6) Штифт — деталь циліндричної або конічної форми для нерухомого з'єднання деталей.

7) За формою штифти бувають конічні і циліндричні.

Task 10. Imagine that you work as a reporter for the newspaper in your university. Write about the main functions of keys and pins. Write your report using 120-150 words. The following opening phrases may help you:

As a matter of fact … On the whole … Fortunately …

So …anyway … Luckily … By the way …

In any case... Unfortunately … On the other hand…

Actually … You know … You see …


Task 1. We are surrounded by technical appliances and take modern conveniences for granted, ignoring the fact that we are rapidly exhausting our energy resources. Study the pictures and describe the role of automation and high-tech technologies nowadays.





Task 2. How can we protect our environment from human harmful influences? These phrases may help you to begin a phrase in English.

OPENING WORDS AND PHRASES: On the one hand … On the whole … Well … On the other hand … Fortunately … Anyway … Luckily … Thus … As a matter of fact … In any case … Unfortunately … By the way … You see … Actually … You know …

Task 3. Read the text and write a short plan of it.


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