ТОП 10:

Task 12. Complete the following statements from column A with the corresponding terminations from column B.

1. Vertical drilling machines are usually designated by a dimension which roughly indicates… a) …feed drive, are con­structed with a box-type column instead of the older cylindrical column.
2. Heavy-duty drill presses of the vertical type, with all-geared speed and… b) …different manufacturers will be interchangeable in the user's plants.
3. If the web is increased gradually in thickness from point to shank to increase the strength, it is…   c) …the diameter of the largest circle that can be drilled at its center under the machine.
4. Tolerances have been set on the various features of all drills so that the products of…   d) …available in metric dimensions.
5. Larger drills are made by various drill manufacturers and…   e) …point to shank (back taper) to prevent binding.
6. Twist drills, straight-shank twist drills, taper-shank drills are the most common tools used…   f) …by the length of the arm.
7. Twist drills are decreased in diameter from… g) …in drilling and are made in many sizes and lengths.
8. The size of a radial drill is designated… h) …customary to reduce the helix angle as it approaches the shank.


Task 13. Complete the following training material for graduate engineers using the words in the box. Use each word only once.

Drilling Flame-cutting Milling Sawing Shearing

Manufacturing techniques evaluation: cutting operations

Key factors in determining the most cutting technique are: material characteristics (notably hardness, and thermal and electrical properties), component thickness, component shape and complexity, required edge quality, and production volume. Select cutting options below for a detailed analysis of techniques.

Cutting options

1) _______: abrasive cutting, removing a kerf of material. Includes cutting with toothed blades and abrasive wheels.

2) _______: use of pressure on smooth-edged blades for guillotining and punching.

3) _______: removal of material across the full diameter of a hole, or using hole-saws for cutting circumferential kerfs.

4) _______: removal of surface layers with multiple cutting wheel passes.

5) _______: using oxy fuel (oxygen + combustible gas, often acetylene)


Task 14. Complete the following definitions using the words or word combinations in the box.

abrasive wheel guillotine hole-saw kerf punch toothed blade

1) A ______ make holes by applying pressure to shear the material.

2) A ______ makes straight cuts by applying pressure to shear the material.

3) A ______ is the width of the saw cut.

4) A ______ has sharp edges for cutting or milling.

5) A ______ has a hard, rough surface for cutting or grinding.

6) A ______ cuts a circular piece to remove an intact core of material.

Task 15. Describe the main principle of the ultrasonic machining (USM) process that is shown on the right and get ready for presenting your report at the conference “Innovations in Science and Technology”. Write a plan of your report.

Task 16. Watch the video file “Tools with Integrated Dampening” about pioneering solution to vibration problems when machining with long slender tools. Write a short report (100-120 words) on a process that is shown.


Task 1. Discuss the following questions:

a) How much do you know about a motion control system?

b) Where are motion control systems used today? Make a list of possible applications of motion control systems. Compare it with those of your groupmates.


Task 2. Look at the picture. Try to give a definitions to all parts of this multiaxis X-Y-Z motion platform.

Elevation -   Brushless servomotors -   Multiaxis motion controller - End effector - Servo drive -

Task 3. Describe the main operation principle of a fractional horsepower permanent-magnet DC servomotor that is shown and get ready for presenting your report at the conference “Innovations in Science and Technology”. Write a plan of your report.

Task 4. Listen to the description of motion control systems and try to describe the main principle of it. Give your own example of using motion control systems.


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