Computer Support Specialists

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Computer Support Specialists

Computer Support Specialists are responsible for providing technical assistance and many forms of computer-related support to a wide variety of potential customers, clients, and employers. The field is rapidly growing, due to the fact that nearly every company now uses computers (as do individuals) and needs specialists to support them. The explosion in the use of computers has created a big demand for specialists who provide advice to users, as well as those who troubleshoot problems and/or perform the day-to-day administration, maintenance, and support of computer systems and networks. Typical duties for a computer support specialist may include daily oversight of a firm’s computer systems, responding to calls for assistance from the organization’s computer users, repair of computer hardware and software, and training users in the use of new computer programs.

A computer support specialist analyzes problems by using automated diagnostic programs, helps clients with hardware/software installation, printing, word processing, e-mail, and operating systems; provides assistance when computers crash; provides advice to customers; trains users in the proper use of hardware and software.

In a profession which involves a lot of interaction with customers and fellow employees, specialists are also susceptible to both the good and the bad consequences of dealing with the public. Specialists who work as consultants tend to spend a significant amount of time away from their offices, sometimes spending weeks or months working at a client’s locale. On the other hand, expansion of computer networks is allowing a growing number of support specialists to provide technical support from remote locations, reducing or eliminating the need to travel as often to the customer’s workplace.

Students interested in becoming computer support specialists need to have strong problem-solving, analytical, and (most especially) communication skills in order to effectively troubleshoot problems and help customers. The need to continually interface with customers, employees and other computer personnel requires a specialist to be able to communicate effectively in many different ways: in person, over the phone, via e-mail, and on paper. Strong writing skills are useful not only in communicating, but also in preparing manuals and instructions for employees and customers.



Task 1

What are your ideas about a Computer Support specialist? What should he/she be like? Share you ideas with your group mates.

Grammar Tables

Степени сравнения имен прилагательных

(The Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives)

В английском языке качественные имена прилагательные изменяются по степени сравнения. Качественные имена прилагательные имеют положительную степень (the Positive degree), сравнительную степень (the Comparative degree) и превосходную степень сравнения (the Superlative degree).

Виды имен прилагательных и образование степеней их сравнения


Виды имен прилагательных Положительная степень Сравнительная степень Превосходная степень
1. Односложные long big hot longer bigger hotter the longest the biggest the hottest
2. Двусложные: а) на -y, -r, -le, -ow; б) с ударением на втором слоге easy clever simple narrow polite severe easier cleverer simpler narrower politer severer   the easiest the cleverest the simplest the narrowest the politest the severest  
3. Многосложные beautiful important more beautiful more important the most beautiful the most important
4. Исключения good bad little much, many far better worse less more farther the best the worst the least the most the farthest


Образование настоящего неопределенного времени

(Present Simple Tense) глагола to do

Утвердительная форма

Лицо Число
Единственное Множественное
1-е I do morning exercises We do morning exercises
2-е You do morning exercises You do morning exercises
3-е He She does morning exercises It They do morning exercises

Вопросительная форма

Лицо Число
Единственное Множественное
1-е Do I do morning exercises? Do we do morning exercises?
2-е Do I do morning exercises? Do you do morning exercises
3-е he Does she do morning it exercises? Do they do morning exercises?

Отрицательная форма

Лицо Число
Единственное Множественное
1-е I do not do morning exercises We do not do morning exercises
2-е You do not do morning exercises You do not do morning exercises
3-е He She does not do morning It exercises The do not do morning exercises

do not = don’t, does not = doesn’t.

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