You are first year students. You spent not much time at the university. What have done yet?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


You are first year students. You spent not much time at the university. What have done yet?

Example 1:I have already twice visited the library.

Example 2:I have already been to the university swimming–pool.

Exercise 6

React to the suggestion using the Present Perfect Tense as in the model.

The following adverbial phrases may be of some help to you:

this week, this month, this year, this morning, this evening.

Example:Let’s go to the swimming–pool.

– No, thanks. I have already been there in the morning.


1. Let’s go to the library this evening to prepare for our physics classes.

2. Let’s go to the cinema to see ”Nochnoy Dozor”.

3. Why don’t we go to visit our grandmother this week.

4. Let’s dedicate this poem to Svetlana.

5. Let’s go to see Paris this summer.

6. Let’s not miss lectures on History this week.


Exercise 7

You are 18 year old students. You are young but I am sure you have some achievements in your life. Think of them and formulate them using the model

Model: I have finished a secondary school and the Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University. I have visited many foreign countries: Germany, the USA and Great Britain are among them.



Task 1

Look at sentences 1 to 8. Then choose phrases from the list and in pairs act out short exchanges reacting positively or negatively.

• OK. • Never mind. • Not at all. • Go ahead• Pity • Why not • I’d love to. • Yes, actually,

• You'd better not. • Let's not. • Poor • Quite reasonable. • I’d rather not. • Terribly


1. I won’t be able to make it.

2. Shall we go?

3. Do you mind?

4. How did it go?

5. Are you coming then?

6. What are my chances?

7. Can I try?

8. I tried really hard.

Example: A. I won’t be able to make it.

B. Pity.

Task 2

Enlarge the situations given


- Will you go to the disco this evening?

- I won’t be able to make it. I am sitting with my sister this evening.

- Pity. May be next time?

- With pleasure.



Task 1

Use the phrases given below to fill in the gaps into the sentences

Secondary education, training, final state examinations, vocational education curricula, to provide mobility, entrance exams, degree of a Specialist, to provide access, competition, distance learning students.

1. To enter the higher institution every applicant should pass ________.

2. _______________ is compulsory in Russia.

3. _______________ is awarded after 5 or 6 years of study.

4. Institute is and independent higher educational institution which applies__________ in specific areas of science, technology and culture.

5. The Intermediate Higher degree is designed _________ between various higher educational institutions.

6. Final state certification includes the presentation of the graduation project and ________.

7. In many modern universities large computer centers are established __________ to Internet resources for the students.

8. ________ to enter state university for the specialties that are in great demand nowadays is 5 applications for one place.

9. To get a Bachelor’s degree a student needs not less than four years of __________.

10. Part-time and __________ constitute one third of the overall number of students in the country.

Task 2

Choose the right variant: Present Perfect or Past Simple

1. She is happy. She (passed/has passed) her exam in Maths.

2. When (did you pass/have you passed) your laboratory work?

3. Ann is upset. She (lost/has lost) 500 rubles.

4. Pete feels uneasy. He (missed/has missed) his classes and (met/has met) his teacher on the street later today.

5. Yesterday I (read/have read) an interesting article about the nature of earthquakes.

Task 3

Translate from Russian into English using the active vocabulary of the lesson

1. Система высшего образования в России находится в стадии реформирования.

2. Среднее образование является обязательным для всех граждан России.

3. После четырех лет обучения студент получает диплом Бакалавра.

4. Университет это высшее учебное заведение, чья деятельность направлена на образование, развитие науки и культуры.

5. При поступлении в университет абитуриенты должны сдавать вступительные экзамены.

6. Министерство образования предлагает принимать в университет абитуриентов на основе результатов Единого Государственного Экзамена. (Unified State Exam)

7. Студенты вечернего отделения и студенты, получающие образование дистанционно, составляют третью часть всех студентов.

8. В Российской Федерации существует несколько типов высших учебных заведений: университеты, институты, академии.

Task 4

Read the text and match the abstracts with the titles given below

a. Leading role in humanities and in applied sciences

b. Russian Diplomas Competitiveness

c. Great variety of educational institutions

d. High Standard of Education

e. Higher Education in Russian is much cheaper than in other countries

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