Use the phrases from exercises 1 and 2 to make up 10 sentences of your own

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Use the phrases from exercises 1 and 2 to make up 10 sentences of your own

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1

Look at what Jenny and Mark hope will happen in the future. Make sentences using If I, …… I will…..

Example: If I don’t go out so much,I willdo more work.

Jenny Mark

If I do more work If I stop smoking

– pass my exams – have more money

– go to university – save some money every week

– study how to run a business – rich when I am thirty

– become a businesswomen – have my own business

– earn a large sum of money – make a lot of money

– travel all over the world – retire when I am forty

Exercise 2

What will you do in the following situations? Complete the sentences

1. If I study hard I will ……

2. If I get a well-paid job I will ….

3. If I miss the classes I will ….

4. If I have a holiday abroad I will ….

5. If I graduate from the university I will ….

6. If I fall ill I will ….

7. If I see my friend has problems I will ….

8. If I have some free time I will ….

9. If I see the book I like I will ….

10. If the weather is fine tomorrow I will ….

11. It I finish my homework early this evening I will ….

Exercise 3

One of you is going for a holiday to an exotic country. The other sees all the problems. Use the prompts to discuss the problems

Example: A – What will you do if the weather is bad?

B – I will read books and go to discos.

A – you don’t like the food?

– there is nowhere to go in the evening?

– you lose your money?

– you don’t understand the language?

– you don’t know anyone?

– you feel homesick?

you lose your passport?

Exercise 4

Make up 2 Chain stories. Look at the situations, and then continue these people thoughts

Situation 1

If I don’t finish this work in time, I will not get a promotion.

Situation 2

If I don’t write my essay I will not get a credit in the major.

Situation 3

If I enter Oxford University, I will be the most diligent student.



Task 1

Make up a dialogue. One of you reads the task on Card 1 and the other reads the task on Card 2. Use the common phrases to ask for the information

Card 1

You are an English student. You are to write an article about a typical Russian University. By chance you happened to visit the South Ural State University. You are to gather as much information as possible. You have heard about this university before and you know that there are such places as School of Physics and Mathematics,

Linguistic Center, “Applicant” center, Gifted Child Center, Open Institute, SUSU Teleradiocenter. Find out where these places are situated in the university and what types of activities do they perform.


Card 2

You are an active member of the Students’ Union and you are accustomed to make tours about the university. So it’s natural that you know the most interesting places of the university. Your task is to be very helpful and provide the English student with all the necessary information about the university.

Asking for Information

There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are some of the most common

Could you tell me...? Не могли бы вы мне сказать…?

Do you know...? Не знаете ли вы…?

Do you happen to know...? Может быть, вы знаете…?

I’d like to know... Я бы хотел узнать…?

Could you find out...? Не могли бы вы мне объяснить…?

I’m interested in a post office near here. Нет ли тут по близости почты.

I’m looking for.. Я ищу ….


Task 1

Complete the facts about the South Ural State University using the following phrases:a linguistic center, e–subscriptions, postgraduate courses, information resources, Open Institute, to be founded in, to introduce, an assistant professor.

1. The South Ural State University ________ 1943 on the basis of two plants.

2. There is ___________ in our university where you can improve your knowledge of English and get additional qualification.

3. If you want to continue your education the university offers __________ in more than 70 specialties.

4. The purpose of the ___________founded on the basis of SUSU is to reach people in distant rural and mountainous areas.

5. ________ allow students to search information using electronic versions of journals.

6. The administration of the South Ural State University __________ new technologies into the educational process.

7. A person can apply for a position of __________ if he performs some research and has publications.

8. Our scientific library is rich in _________ .


Task 2

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