Pronounce the active vocabulary of the lesson after the teacher

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Pronounce the active vocabulary of the lesson after the teacher

1. foreign student – студент иностранец

2. academic year – учебный год

3. Advanced Level examinations – экзамен по программе средней школы

4. applied technology – прикладные разработки

5. approximate number – приблизительное количество

6. foremost – выдающийся

7. General Certificate of Secondary Education – аттестат о среднем образовании

8. interview – собеседование

9. it goes without saying – без сомнения

10. methods of instruction – методы обучения

11. resident – житель страны

12. sandwich course – курс обучения, чередующий теорию с практикой;

13. to apply to a university – обращаться с заявлением о приеме в университет

14. to attend a university – посещать университет

15. to be dedicated to – быть посвященным чему–либо

16. to be founded in – быть основанным в

17. to be free – быть бесплатным

18. to be tested in – проходить тестирование по

19. to give a lecture – читать лекцию

20. tutorial – консультация

21. extension courses – курс повышения квалификации

22. study centre – учебный центр

23. summer school – летняя школа



Task 1

Try to answer the following question using your background knowledge

1. What do you know about the system of Higher Education in Great Britain?

2. Why do you think many new Russians send their children to the UK colleges to get degrees?

3. Do you know any world famous colleges of the UK?

Grammar exercises

Exercise 1

Change the active to the passive by supplying the correct form of the verb to be

Example: Tom prepares the homework every day.

The homework is prepared by Tom.

1. Tom is preparing the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom now.

2. Tom has prepared the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom.

3. Tom prepared the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom.

4. Tom was preparing the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom.

5. Tom had prepared the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom.

6. Tom will prepare the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom.

7. Tom will have prepared the homework.

The homework _____ prepared by Tom.


Exercise 2

To repair a flat is an endless process. Many things change. Describe the changes that happen when we repair the flat, using the Present Simple Passive

Example:The windows are painted and cleaned.

1. The roof _______ (to repair).

2. The carpet ______ (to wash) in the laundry.

3. The walls ______(to decorate) with wall–paper.

4. The bathroom _______ (to lay) with tile.

5. The dust ______ (to beat) out of the carpet.

6. The ceiling ______ (to whitewash).

7. The new curtains ______ (to buy).

8. All the old things _____ (to throw) away.

9. The parquet _______ (to lacquer).


Exercise 3

Open the brackets and put the words into the Future Simple Passive

Example: Some money will be given (to give) to you to buy the products.

1. Many tasty things ________ (to make) by Mother for our party.

2. The pupils ______ (to give) out prizes by the headmaster.

3. I _______ (to ask) a lot of questions during the interview.

4. A surprise party ________ (to arrange) for Jane next week.


Exercise 4

Using the verbs in the box fill in the gaps. Put the verbs into the Past Simple Passive

invent, plant, kill, write, build, name, discover, design, paint, break


1. Five fruit–trees ________ in our garden last year.

2. The picture Mona Lisa _________ by Leonardo da Vinci.

3. Marat ______ in his bath.

4. Radio ______ by Popov.

5. The first Pyramid of Egypt ________ around 3000 BC.

6. The winter Palace _______ by Rastrelli.

7. “War and Peace” ________ by Tolstoy.

8. Rossi street _______ after a famous Russian architect.

9. My car ______ in an accident last night.

10. When ____ America ________?

Exercise 5

Ann and Tom bought a car 10 years ago. The car has been repaired several times since then. Describe the changes that have been made, using the Present Perfect Passive

Example:The oil ______(to change). The oil has been changed.

1. The radiator _____(to fill) with water six times.

2. It ______(to take) for a test drive once.

3. Broken parts ______(to repair) two times.

4. The battery ______(to check).

5. The filters ______(to replace) three times.

6. Air _____ (to put) in the tyres twice.

7. The brakers _____ (to test).

8. The car ______ (to paint) after the accident.

9. The lights _____ (to change).


Exercise 6

Make up Yes/No questions using the words given

Example: India, rice, is, grown, in. Is rice grown in India?

1. Into, languages, many, this book, translated, has, been.

2. A, is, being, built, new church, in, Moscow.

3. The planet, is , known, Mars, as, “the red planet”.

4. Ground, the, covered, is, snow, with.

5. Your, is, being, wedding dress, made, your mother, by.

6. At the moment, being, taught, he, to drive, a car, is.

7. The, has, canceled, been, meeting.

8. All, have, sold, the tickets, been.

9. The, is, cut, grass, every week.


Exercise 7

Open the brackets and put the verbs into the Past Perfect Passive

1. The alarm system had been broken before the thieves climbed through a window.

2. After the stolen motorbike _______ (to find) the police called the owner.

3. Smoke rising from the mouth of the volcano _______ (to see) by the tourists two days before the eruption.

4. The dinner ___already ____ (to eat) by the time I came home.

5. All the work _______ (to do) by the moment the mother came home from work.


Exercise 8

Open the brackets and put the verbs into the Future Perfect Passive

Example: A new park will have been laid out by summer.

1. All her affairs _________ (to settle) before she gets married.

2. All the stolen goods _________ (to find) by September.

3. By the end of the year a new bridge __________ (to build).

4. I ___________ (to examine) by the doctor by this time tomorrow.


Exercise 9

Insert by or with into the gaps

1. Most children are strongly influenced ____ their parents.

2. The jam sandwiches were made _____ white bread.

3. My camera was loaded _____ a black and white film.

4. The supermarket trolley was filled _____ cat food.

5. My hair was cut _____ a top stylist.

6. The song was performed ______ Madonna.

7. This book was written _____ my favorite author.

8. Claire was shouted at ______ her teacher.

9. The cake was decorated _____ icing.

10. The tiger was shoot _____ a gun.


Exercise 10

Choose the right variant

1. The children taught/ were taught Italian.

2. This problem will discuss/will be discussed at the conference.

3. The president interviewed/was interviewed on French TV.

4. Teachers have given/ have been given a new pay rise by the government.

5. Walt Disney created/was created the cartoon character of Mickey Mouse.

6. The firm has been making/has been madedresses for twenty years.

7. He treats/is treated the girl very badly.

8. He said that he had taken/had been taken his watch to a watchmaker’s.

9. Many new houses have been built/have built this year.

10. The door closed/was closed.


Task 1

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