A. educated people n. original research

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


A. educated people n. original research

B. enlarge access to o. fee

C. sponsorship p. «redbrick» foundations

D. adults q. student population

F. loan t. grant degree awards

G. female undergraduates u. medieval foundations

h.ethnic minorities v.part-time courses

I. students’ intake w. finance

J. full-time training y. examination

K. grant x. «plate-glass» universities

L. unemployed z. enroll in a course

M. ancient universities

people places activities money

6. Fill in the gaps with the prepositions.

1. It is the more prosperous people who have benefited most …. university expansion.

2. Open university provides every person in Britain …. the opportunity to study …. a degree.

3. The massive expansion of higher education was achieved …. greatly enlarging access … undergraduate courses.

4. Part-time vocational courses give those who leave school … the age … 16 an opportunity to get a skill ….the manual, technical and clerical field.

5. The UFC assesses university departments …. their performance and quality.

6. The greatly increased demand …. educated people led … foundation of more universities.

7. Open University conducts learning ….. correspondence, radio and television, and also …. local study centers.

8. About three million students enroll each year … part-time courses … further education colleges.

9. They named « plate-glass» universities …. countries or regions rather than old universities.

10. Ethnic minorities representation is growing: 13 … cent in 1996 compared …. only 10.7 … cent in 1990.


7.Look through the text again. Why are these numbers and dates important?

90, 47, 1988, 1992, 28%.

8.Discuss in pairs the answer to following questions:

1. What courses does further higher education provide?

2. How many categories of further and higher education universities are there in Great Britain?

3. What was the reason for massive expansion of higher education in the UK?

9.Make up 3 more questions to the text and ask your partner.

10. Make the list of actions taken by the British government to increase the number of universities.

11. Make the list of advantages and disadvantages of further higher education in the UK.

Advantages Disadvantages
The intake has sharply increased.   The fee is very high.


· Focus: Students’ Life in the UK

· Grammar focus: Wh-questions; Yes/No questions

· Skills focus: Reading for specific information and comparing the systems of higher education in the UK, the USA and Russia; sharing opinions; completing the request form



celebrated– известный, знаменитый

power– власть, право

to grant smth. – npeдоставлять что-либо

condition состояние

intelligenceум, интеллект

require smth. – тpe6oвать

term– ceмecтp

thesis (pl. theses) – диссертация

to make a contribution – вносить вклад

postgraduate student –аспирант

conduct an examination (lesson, seminar, ...)проводить экзамен

scatter smth.paзбрасывть что-либо

govern – управлять

to be responsible for smth., doing smth.быть ответственным за

public school– (англ.) закрытое частное среднее учреждение,

(амер.) бесплатная государственная школа

applicant– претендент, кандидат, абитуриент

available имеющийся в наличие

to take smth. into consideration – принимать что-либо во внимание

attendance– посещение

compulsory – обязательный

apart from– кроме

to practice smth. (AE) (BE to practise)– 1) применять что-либо, 2) практиковать что-либо

to encourage smb., smth. to do ободрять, поощрять что-либо

opportunity возможность

to deny smth. – отрицать что-либо

thisis not the case– это не так

per centпроцент

beyond the age of 15– старше пятнадцати лет

syllabusпрограмма (курса, лекций)

fellow – член совета колледжа; стипендиат и исследователь

tutorial – университетская система обучения путем прикрепления студентов к отдельным консультантам

essay – очерк, этюд , эссе, рассказ, реферат

scholarship – стипендия

to perpetuate – увековечивать

to allocate scholarships – назначать стипендии

1.The text you’ll read is about students’ life in Britain. Before you read work in pairs and discuss these questions:

1. Would you like to study in Great Britain? Why/Why not?

2. What are the cultural differences in the life of Russian and British students?

3. Read the text and check your suppositions.

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