Use your answers and make up a topic about yourself.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Use your answers and make up a topic about yourself.


full name – полное имя

home town – родной город

first-year (second-year) student – студент первого (второго) курса

Saratov State Technical University – Саратовский государственный технический университет

department – отделение, факультет

fee-paying department - платное отделение

maintained department – бюджетное отделение

full-time department – дневное отделение

in the first (second) shift – в первую (вторую) смену

to do sports – заниматься спортом

neither … nor– ни... ни...

spare time – свободное время

an only child – единственный ребенок

in the suburbs – на окраине, в пригороде

in the hostel – в общежитии

skating – катание на коньках

skiing– катание на лыжах

to get in, to go to – поступить, быть принятым (в учебное заведение)


1. Copy out the registration form and reconstruct the words omitted (****) in it:


2. Copy out and fill in your own registration form for your University classes of English:


My name is … . I am a first-year student of Saratov State Technical University. I'm pursuing a degree in Sociology and specialize in … ( ). They say that a man is so many times a man how many languages he knows and I share this opinion. At the University we study English.

You know, English is widely spread. It is really an international language. It is spoken in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and in the South of Africa.

We all know that knowledge of English is useful when you are abroad, especially in an English-speaking country. Modern English is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. A working knowledge of English is a requirement in a number of fields, occupations and professions such as medicine and over a billion people speak English at least a basic level.

We have English classes two times a week and I am doing well. When the teacher comes, unlocks the classroom door and lets us in, we say “Good morning” or “Hello” and the English class begins. At the lesson we learn to speak, to understand, to read and to write English.

We learn new grammar rules and do a lot of exercises, orally and in writing. We learn new vocabulary, ask and answer questions. We translate sentences and texts from Russian into English and from English into Russian. If we don’t know the meaning of a word, we look it up in a dictionary. My wish is to read English books in the original. We check our homework. During our English class we don’t speak Russian, we do our best to speak English. Sometimes we write dictations and grammar tests. I usually get good marks because I prepare for the tests beforehand.

I want to know English well that’s why I am attentive in class and I always prepare my homework. I seldom miss classes.

English is difficult but we like it and work hard in class and at home.




a first-year (second, third, forth, fifth) student – первокурсник (второкурсник и т.д.);

a foreign/international language – иностранный/международный язык;

to be abroad – быть за границей

a working knowledge of English – практическое знание английского языка

over a billion (амер.) – более миллиарда

speak English to at least a basic level – говорить по-английски на начальном уровне

vocabulary – список слов; лексикон, словарный запас;

meaning – значение (слова);

dictionary – словарь; (the English-Russian, the Russian-English)

grammar test – контрольная работа по грамматике;

to do one’s best – стараться изо всех сил

mark – оценка (excellent – отлично; good – хорошо; satisfactory – удовлетворительно; unsatisfactory – неудовлетворительно; bad – плохо).


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