Exercise 1. Use the following adjectives and adverbs in the appropriate place: red, beautiful, tasty, old, boring, bright, dark, big, loud, difficult, fresh, small, new, reasonable, brief, slowly, ever, angrily, very, shyly, often, safely.


1. A _________ car came __________ down the road.

2. The _________ cake looks __________ and __________.

3. __________ people seem __________.

4. Have you __________ visited London?

5. _________ light shone across the __________ room.

6. The __________ bear looked __________ at the zoo visitors.

7. The __________ noise was __________ annoying.

8. They smiled at each other rather __________.

9. She __________ goes to Oxford.

10. The test was ____________ .

11. ____________ flowers decorated the __________ room.

12. The vase looked ____________ .

13. The plane landed ____________ .

14. She gave a ______________ explanation.

15. She made a ______________ speech.

Exercise 2. Choose the right word:


1. There was a (happy, happily) smile on her face. 2. The (heavy, heavily) suitcase was killing him. 3. Ben won (easy, easily). 4. That's a (real, really) different question. 5. She had a (sweet, sweetly) dream. 6. The jacket is made of (real, really) wool. 7. The rain fell (heavy, heavily). 8. Meggie plays the piano (good, well). 9. Irene danced (happy, happily). 10. The young girl watched him (shy, shyly). 11. The dog looked at the meat (hungry, hungrily). 12. He writes (good, well). 13. There was a (terrible, terribly) storm. 14. She gave us a (general, generally) idea. 15. The poor puppy looked (hungry, hungrily). 16. This lake looks (clean, cleanly) enough to swim in. 17. We were (terrible, terribly) late. 18. Her (new, newly) made dress looked fantastic. 19. He doesn't do (good, well) at his English. 20. They moved (quiet, quietly) through the hall. 21. Our teacher gives us a test (occasional, occasionally). 22. I thought (high, highly) of the proposal. 23. When the snake strikes, its mouth opens (wide, widely). 24. This professor is (wide, widely) known at the University. 25. On my days off I wake up later than (usual, usually). 26. He had (regular, regularly) features. 27. Her (home, homely) appearance made me feel happy. 28. "Take it (easy, easily)," I said to my friend.

Exercise 3. Choose the right variant:


1. I hope you can see slightly (clearly, more clearly, most clearly). 2. I thanked him again even (heartily, more heartily, most heartily) than before. 3. They staged some of his (little, less, the least) known operas. 4. Her tears frightened him (much, more, the most) than anything that had ever happened to him before. 5. You know him (good, better, the best) than anyone else. 6. It is the land itself which suffers (bad, worse, the worst). 7. The ground heats up (little, less, the least) there. 8. The people needed business skills so that they could manage themselves (much, more, the most) efficiently. 9. For me, he is the man who rewrites these scripts (often, more often, the most often) and (convincingly, more convincingly, the most convincingly). 10. This building is (big, bigger, the biggest) than that one. 11. The man gave the (brief, briefer, the briefest) answer. 12. My dog soon became (clever, cleverer, the cleverest) of all. 13. He is the (dangerous, more dangerous, the most dangerous) man in the country. 14. Stonehenge is the second (popular, more popular, the most popular) tourist attraction in Britain. 15. You're just as (bad, worse, the worst) as your sister. 16. Prices were as (high, higher, the highest) as ever. 17. Oxford Road is not so (pretty, prettier, the prettiest) as Walnut Street. 18. The Union was (large, larger, the largest) by far. 19. He knew he was (little, less, the least) desired person at the party. 20. Her brother is five years (old, older, the oldest) than she. 21. This road is twice as (long, longer, the longest). 22. The (far, farther, the farthest) we swam into the sea the (beautiful, more beautiful, the most beautiful) the shore looked.

Exercise 4. Make up sentences using the models:


Models: text A — easy — text В Text A is easier than text B.

Car racing — dangerous — boxing Car racing is more dangerous than boxing.


1. January — cold — March

2. Bill — attentive — Kate

3. garden — beautiful — park

4. exercise 5 — big — exercise 7

5. bedroom — cosy — living room

6. teachers — poor — businessmen

7. students — cunning — professors

8. anecdote – funny — story

9. sweater — long — skirt

10. Jack — intelligent — Jill.

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________










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