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No.13: Temperate barrack dress

Khaki Barrack dress trousers (as issued under the Future Army Dress (FAD) programme) and the khaki shirt from No.2 dress with pullover and stable belt. Some regiments' officers and WOs may wear coloured pullovers in place of the green pattern; the following regimental patterns and colours are authorized.


Answer the question:

1. How many “orders” of dress are prescribed to be worn in British Army?

2. When is “Full Dress” prescribed to be worn?

3. What uniform do officers appointed as aides to the Royal Family wear?

4. What does No.2 dress consist of?

5. Since what time has No.3 dress consisted of a white linen tunic?

6. Can No.4 dress be worn on parade?

7. How is the Combat Soldier 95 (CS95) clothing system designed?

8. How can colours and pattern of mess dress vary from unit to unit?

9. What can regiment’s officers wear in place of the green pattern?

Assignment 4.Give definitions of the following words and word combinations:

Instruction, occasion, rarely, originally, duties, equivalent, overseas, footwear, except, underneath, long-sleeve, pattern, match, supplement.

Assignment 5.Discuss in groups:

Look at the picture. Try to guess the number of Dress. Describe the uniforms.

Picture 1.


Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Picture 4.

Picture 5. Picture 6.

Home assignment

Option 1.

Women of the garrison had a less authorized uniform but one that fitted the class structure and social order of the time. The wives of the men in the ranks wore a plain cotton dress with apron and a hairpiece called a `snood.' Their shoes were made of plain leather common to the period. It was in distinct contrast to the more ornate dress worn by an officer's wife, in keeping with her position as an upper-class citizen.

Write an essay on the women's uniform.

Option 2.

Continue the following phrase:

1. While there are officially fourteen different grades (or 'Numbers'), __________________

2. Full dress is the most elaborate order _________________________________________

3. Originally issued as a field uniform, this uniform ________________________________

4. Normally worn by the rank of Sergeant upwards for formal functions,________________

5. The current uniform worn by soldiers most of the time,___________________________

Lesson 61. Modern uniforms

Assignment 1.Read the following words and word combination, using transcriptions:

Utilitarian [ˌjuːtɪlɪ'tɛərɪən] Wedding ['wedɪŋ]
Frugality [fruː'gælətɪ] Glengarry [glen'gærɪ]
Extent [ɪk'stent bonnet ['bɔnɪt]
Ceremonial [ˌserɪ'məunɪəl] disruptive [dɪs'rʌptɪv]
Casual ['kæʒwəl] albeit [ɔːl'biːɪt]
Civilian [sɪ'vɪlɪən] Royal Hussars ['rɔɪəl][hu'zɑː]
Notably ['nəutəblɪ] Beret ['bereɪ]
Enthusiasm [ɪn'θjuːzɪæz(ə)m] Crimson ['krɪmz(ə)n]


Assignment 2. Active vocabulary: Learn the following words and word combination:

No. Word/word combination Russian equivalent
1. Necessity Необходимость
2. Limited extent Ограничено
3. Casual clothing Повседневная одежда
4. Peer Коллега
5. Retain Сохранять
6. Notably Особенно
7. Are not issued with Не снабжаются (чем-либо)
8. Peaked cap Фуражка
9. Albeit Хотя (и)
10. Propose Предложенный
11. Currently В настоящее время
12. “Non-iron” shirts Немнущиеся рубашки
13. Pattern Модель, образец
14. Crimson Малиновый (цвет)
15. Amalgamated Объединенный
16. Mess dress Парадная вечерняя форма


Assignment 3.Read the text, be ready to answer question:

The utilitarian necessities of war and economic frugality are now the dominant factors in uniform design. Most military forces, however, have developed several different uniform types, including combat dress, working dress, service or ordinary duty uniforms and (to a very limited extent) ceremonial full dress. The practice of wearing a form of full dress off duty ("walking out dress") has largely died out as the modern soldier prefers the casual clothing of his civilian peers. The British Army generally retains its traditional full dress uniforms only for bands and units performing ceremonial functions (notably the Household Brigade).

An attempt dating from the early 1950s to provide other British soldiers with a plainer (and cheaper) dark blue or green No.1 dress did not meet with much enthusiasm; indeed, most soldiers are not issued with their own No.1 dress, and the most common occasion when it is now worn is for a wedding. Parade dress for most British regiments is khaki No. 2 dress with No 1 Dress coloured peaked caps, berets or Glengarry bonnets. Following the introduction of the Combat Soldier 95 (CS95) clothing system of Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) this is worn for most day-to-day business replacing the old 'working' uniform of green Lightweight Trousers and Shirt/Jersey, albeit that these are still used as 'Barrack Dress' by some office based personnel. However, the proposed Future Army Dress (FAD), which is currently being developed by the British Army, includes a return to Barrack Dress for all arms, including 'non-iron' shirts and trousers in a similar pattern to that of the current No.2 Dress uniform. Tradition is however still strong in British military culture and there are many regimental distinctions added to some uniforms. One example is the King's Royal Hussars who wear their historic crimson trousers with all orders other than fatigue or combat dress. The trews or tartan trousers of Lowland regiments have been retained for certain orders of dress in the amalgamated Royal Regiment of Scotland, although the kilt of the Highland regiments is the parade dress. Mess dress in traditional scarlet, blue or green is worn by officers and senior NCOs of all regiments for formal evening dress.

Answer the question:

1. What are now the dominant factors in uniform design?

2. What do you know about the practice of wearing a form of full dress?

3. What is the most common occasion now when №1 dress is worn?

4. What is parade dress for most British regiments?

5. Is it a tradition in British Army to have regimental distinctions in uniforms?

6. What uniform do the King’s Royal Hussards wear?

7. When does Royal Regiment of Scotland wear the kilt?

8. When do officers and senior NCOs wear mess dress?

mess dress number 2 uniform combat uniform
Assignment 4.Label the pictures. Use these words.


Assignment 5.Listen to a conversation and answer the questions.

1. What event is CaptainLebowski invited to attend?

2. What is the dress code for the event?

3. What uniform do they agree that Captain Lebowski will wear?

4. What time does Captain Lebowski need to attend?

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