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Assignment 3. Read the text and be ready to answer the questions

Missile defense is a system, weapon, or technology involved in the detection, tracking, interception and destruction of attacking missiles. Concept antimissile defense includes protection against rocket threat of any plan and all means, these are carrying out (including active protection of tanks, the anti-aircraftweapons fighting against cruise missiles and so forth). Speaking about antimissile defense it is possible to allocate self-defense from rockets, the tactical and strategic ABM.

Types of missile intercepted

The types are strategic, theater and tactical. Each entails unique requirements for intercept, and a defensive system capable of intercepting one missile type frequently cannot intercept others; however there is sometimes overlap in capability.

Strategic missile defense

Targets long-range ICBMs, which travel at about 7 km/s (15,700 mph). Examples of currently active systems: Russian A-135 system which defends Moscow, and the U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system that defends the United States from missiles launched from Asia. Geographic range of strategic defense can be regional (Russian system) or national (U.S. system).

Theater missile defense

Targets medium-range missiles, which travel at about 3 km/s (6,700 mph) or less. In this context the term "theater" means the entire localized region for military operations, typically a radius of several hundred kilometers. Defense range of theater defensive systems is usually on this order. Examples of deployed or soon-to-be deployed theater missile defenses: American THAAD and Russian S-400 Triumf.

American THAAD Russian S-400 Triumf

Tactical missile defense

Targets short-range tactical ballistic missiles, which usually travel at less than 1.5 km/s (3,400 mph). Tactical anti-ballistic missiles (ABMs) have short ranges, typically 20–80 km (12–50 miles). Examples of currently-deployed tactical ABMs: American MIM-104 Patriot and Russian S-300V.

American MIM-104 Patriot Russian S-300V



Military News,24.04.2012

The U.S. government wants to cooperate with Russia on missile defense, but do not go with it to create a common air defense system under a unified command and control, said the head of the Pentagon's deputy assistant Brad Roberts.

"The United States wants to cooperate with Russia on missile defense, but they will not allow any restrictions on its missile defense that will carry all four phases, with an adapted approach to the creation of European missile defense system, and that Russia will not be able to command and control over the protection of NATO territory , "- said Roberts.

"NATO will be responsible for its defense, and Russia - for its" - said Deputy Assistant Secretary, speaking before the Senate Committee on Armed Services.



1. What is ABM?

2. What types of ABM do you know?

3. What do you know about these types of missile intercepted?

4. Is MIM-104 Patriot Russian or Amarican tactical ABM?

5. What does the Pentagon say about Missile Defense of Rissia and the USA?


Assignment 4.Give defenitions of the following words and word combinations.

missile defense, antiballistic missile system(ABM), detection, interception, destruction, protection, anti-aircraft weapons, allocate , self-defense, deployed


Assignment 5.Match

1. missile 2. carry 3. unique 4. launch 5. ballistic 6. defensive 7. military 8. anti-aircraft a. system b. from c. out d. weapons e. defense f. operations g. missile h. requirements

Assignment 5.Label the pictures and match .

_________________________ _____________________________ the USA


_______________________________ ___________________________

Assignment 6.Word-formation.


Against the backdrop of a new 1) _________of the ongoing conflict between


Palestine and Israel, there are 2) __________ of a new Israeli weapon, which is


designed to 3) _________ the location of military units and cities from missile


attacks by the Arabs. This weapon is 4) _________ the "Iron Dome". The idea of ​​Israeli designers is simple: the new system is to intercept missiles and

5) __________ missiles at ranges from 4,000 to 70,000 meters.


Assignment 7. Make your own dialogues about ABM.


Home assignment.

Assignment 8.

Write an article about missile defense. (100-150 words)

Theme 7.Satellites.Laser technologies.

Lesson 52.Satellites

Assignment 1. Read the following words and word combinations, using transcriptions:

satellite ['sæt(ə)laɪt] Aerospace Defence Forces ['ɛərə(u)speɪs dɪ'fen(t)s fɔːsɪs]
NATO ['neɪtəu] Cosmodrome ['kɔzmədrəum]
Global Positioning System (GPS) ['gləub(ə)l pə'zɪʃ(ə)nɪŋ 'sɪstəm] adversary ['ædvəs(ə)rɪ]



Assignment 2. Active vocabulary: Learn the following words and word combinations

No. Word/ word combination Russian equivalent
0. increasingly все больше и больше
1. be used for быть использованным для чего-либо
2. dependence зависимость, подчинённое положение
3. military purposes военные цели
4. weapon оружие
5. imagery изображение
6. demand потребнось, нужда
7. estimated предполагаемый
8. data redistribution and backhaul перераспределения данных и транспорта
9. signal latency сигнал задержки
10. government правительство
11. headquartered in штаб-квартира, располагаться в
12. spacecraft космический корабль
13. be intercepted by быть перехваченным
14. Armed Forces Вооруженные Силы
15. Aerospace Defence Forces Войска Воздушно-Космической Обороны
16. Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Высокотехнологичный Высокочастотный спутник
17. adversary враг, противник



Assignment 3. Read the text; be ready to answer the questions.

Our world is becoming an increasingly complex place in which, we are very dependent on other people and organizations. An event in some distant part of the globe can rapidly and significantly affect the quality of life in our home country.

This increasing dependence, on both a national and international scale, forced us to create systems that can respond immediately to dangers, enabling appropriate defensive or offensive actions to be taken. These systems are operating all around us in military, civil, commercial and industrial fields. A worldwide system of satellites has been created and it is possible to transmit signals around the globe by bouncing them from one satellite to an earth station and then to another satellite.

A military satellite is an artificial satellite used for a military purpose, often for gathering intelligence, as a communications satellite used for military purposes, or as a weapon.

A satellite by itself is neither military nor civil. It is the kind of payload it carries that enables one to arrive at a decision regarding its military or civilian character. Nevertheless, even the above distinction is now blurred. For example, a civilian satellite can carry military transponders and vice versa. Civil commercial satellites are also known to carry out military tasks including enabling military communications and imagery. At the same time, military satellites like the NAVSTAR GPS have more civilian users than military users. In spite of the above possibilities, satellites which have purely military uses are known as military satellites.

Military satellite industry

The demand for military satellite communications in 2009 is estimated at 16 Gbit/s, it is expected to grow to 28Gbit/s in 2019. The largest demand for military satellites is from the US. Demand from international security forces is growing as well, especially from NATO states and the Middle East. Military satellites are becoming more indispensable in theater of operations as well as "home country" use for training, data redistribution and backhaul.

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