ТОП 10:

Text 2. My University (Alma Mater)

Task 5. Read and translate the text. Compose your own plan in the form of questions, sentences or statements (5-7 units) and retell the basic contents of the Text according to the plan.

My alma mater is Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law and it is the alma mater of many co-operators of Belgorod region. Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law is ranked among the leading co-operative higher educational institutions in Russia. It provides degree courses for young men and women who wish to become economists, managers, and lawyers, business experts in manufactured good and foodstuffs and qualified specialists in other areas.

Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law, a higher educational institution, was founded in 1978 as a branch of Poltava Co-operative Institute. In 1980 Belgorod Co-operative Institute became an independent educational institution, in 1994 it got the name of the academy, in 1996 it acquired the university status. The main campus of the University is located not far from the centre of Belgorod and the university is housed in two high-rise buildings in Sadovaya Street 116.

The student body of the University is about 23, 000 including its branches. The number of full-time students is about 11, 000.

Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law (BUCEL) is a higher educational institution (establishment) of the Russian Federation. It is granted the right to carry out activities in the field of secondary, higher, post-graduate and continuing education.

The University possesses modern facilities for study, research and leisure. They include 21 lecture halls, 20 computer classes, 70 laboratories with modern equipment and computers, a library containing 400 000 volumes of books, 3 comfortable reading-rooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium and a print shop. More than 1, 000 students live in 4 hostels.

The University consists of 10 departments, 25 chairs, and post-graduate courses. The tuition at the University is organized on the contract basis of 4 and 5-year full-time course. The University graduates are awarded state standard diploma. Male students are freed from the service in the Army.

The University trains specialists of market economy for the system of consumer cooperatives and for other fields of economy who can work in different commercial organizations, the marketing departments of plants and factories, banks, stock exchanges, customs, supermarkets and so on.

Training specialists of high qualification is carried out both at the day-time and correspondence departments in the following specialities:


Accounting and Audit; Economics and Management at Enterprise;
Finance and Credit; World Economy;
Taxes, Taxation; Customs Business;
Computing (Information Systems); Merchandising and Commodity Expertise;
Management (Personnel Management); Statistics;
Marketing; Social Work;
Advertising; Pedagogical Education
Law (Jurisprudence); Psychology;
Food Technology (Catering) Service
Banking Business other aspects of training

At the University there is the special Department of Continuing Education for those who want to get the second higher education, Preparatory and Extra-Mural Departments.

The academic year is divided into two terms: autumn and spring. During the terms-time the students attend lectures, listen to the professors and make notes. At the seminars they discuss theoretical and practical questions. Many students participate in research work.

The University develops cooperation with cooperative organizations and educational institutions of foreign countries. In 2014 UNESCO Chair “Cooperative Development” was opened at the University. The University is one of the founders of the International Academy of Cooperation set up in Moscow in 2007 with the purpose of promoting the development of cooperation in CIS countries.

High level of professional training of graduates from the University allows them to work in any sector of consumer cooperation as well as enterprises and institutions of various forms of ownership.

So, Iam a student of Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law now. I’m a first-year student of the day-time department. I’ve entered the University after finishing a secondary school. I study at the Faculty of Economics and Management. I am studying management techniques, personnel management, marketing, economics, social work, pedagogical education. My major is Business Administration (Management, Marketing, Personnel Management, Economics, Social Work, Pedagogical Education, etc.).


Word Check

Task 6. Memorize the key terms, concepts, expressions and their meaning.

1. Alma Mater университет, выпускником которого вы являетесь, кузница кадров
2. be ranked among занимать какое-либо место среди
3. degree courses курсы высшего образования
4. high-rise building высотное здание
5. be founded быть основанным
6. student body состав студентов
7. branch филиал
8. possess иметь, владеть
9. consists of состоять из
10. tuition обучение
11. be divided into быть разделённым на, делиться на
12. attend lectures посещать лекции, присутствовать на лекции
13. make notes конспектировать
participate принимать участие
15. research work научная работа
16. UNESCO Chair кафедра ЮНЕСКО
17. CIS countries СНГ – Содружество Независимых Государств, страны ближнего зарубежья

Task 7. Answer the following questions, solve the problems, do the tasks.


1. What educational institution do you study at?

2. Why did you enter Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law?

3. Where is the university located and housed?

4. What is the student body of the university?

5. What modern facilities does the university possess?

6. What divisions and departments does the university include?

7. What specialists and bachelors does the university train?

8. How many terms are there in one academic year?

9. What sport facilities are there at your university?

10. What are the living conditions in the students’ hostels, or dormitories?

11. How many years of study does it take you to receive a Bachelor’s degree?

12. How long does a Master’s degree course last?

13. Do you do research?

14. What final exams do you have?

15. Are you self-employed? Where can you find employment?


Task 8. What is the difference between these pairs of words and phrases?

1) teaching learning
2) vision mission
3) museum archive
4) awareness knowledge
5) adult adolescent
6) tutor teacher
7) locate situate
8) value principle
9) national international
10) innovative progressive


Task 9. Developing Speech (Dialogue). Ask and answer questions about your “Alma Mater”.

– Hi, Hello! I’m really happy studying at Belgorod University of Co-operation, Economics and Law. And what about you?

– ….. .

– When was the University founded?

– ….. .

– Where is it located? Is it a safe area of Belgorod?

– …..

– Does the University have excellent transport connections?

– …..

– Does the University have a warm and welcoming atmosphere?

– ….. .

– What programs does the university offer?

– ….. .

– What are you majoring in?

– ….. .

– Do students have free access to the resources and computer area to study and keep in touch with friends and family?

– ….. .

– Are students happy and supported? How is a rapid integration important?

– ….. .

– Where do students live? What does accommodation include? Do students live with a local host family?

– ….. .

– Do social and cultural activities play an important role in the life of the students?

– ….. .

– Oh, thank you very much for explaining everything to me.


Work in pairs

Task 10.Work in pairs and make up short dialogues:

1)Imagine your university is located in desirable and safe residential area of Belgorod. 2) The university offers the highest standards of English language teaching to students from all over the country. 3) Imagine your dream is proficiency in Business English, a better job, or even a chance of a career.


Task 11. Do the multiple-choice test below.

1) The students of our University get good ____ .

A: establishment B: education

C: formation D: cultivation


2) ____ is the act of sharing or exchanging opinions, news, and information.

A: language B: communication

C: culture D: behavior


3) For complete ______ select one of the best diving suits.

A: relaxant B: relaxative

C: relax D: relaxation

4) If you chat in the Internet, say “what is the English for‘чириканье, болтовня’”?

A: click B: tweeter

C: entertainment D: printing

5) Sam was good at all subjects and ______ from the university with honors.

A: entered B: finished

C: left D: graduated

6) I am a first-year student or _____ .

A: a freshman B: an undergraduate

C: a sophomore D: a graduate


7) Our university is a prominent or______centre of economics.

A: well-known B: known

C: not famous D: unknown


8) Teachers open the door, but you must enter by ______.

A: myself B: himself

C: yourself D: themselves


9) The general name of the first degree in Britain is ______ .

A: Master’s B: Bachelor’s

C: Doctorate D: Higher’s


10) The general name of the second degree in Britain is ______ .

A: Master’s B: Bachelor’s

C: Doctorate D: Higher’s


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