ТОП 10:

Eating on a Sunday (At Home in Divan)

Breakfast with newspaper


Lunch. Lunch is a main meal of the day. Family usually all present plus family friends, and relatives. They usually have a “Roast”: roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, chicken, leg of lamb etc. Roast potatoes and vegetables (usually boiled), gravy (подливка), sauce for the meat followed by pudding. e. g. Apple pie with custard (заварной крем) or cream, lemon meringue (me’ren меренга) pie, etc.

Tea or High Tea.

Tea. For tea they have scones (ячменная или пшеничная лепёшка) with clotted (сгущённый) cream and jam. Cake e.g. Dundee cake, biscuit.

High Tea. Family has cold meat, salads, pickled onion, beetroot, bread and butter, etc.

Meals and Food vary a great deal according to families regions, etc. Tea is especially good in Scotland. If you don’t want to cook you can buy fish and chips from your local fish or chip shop and eat it at home.

Food in Britain

Meals are very flexible but may include:


Breakfast: tea/coffee; fruit juice; porridge/cereal; toast and butter with jam/honey; can also include: bacon, eggs, sausages, tomato, kippers.

Morning coffee: 11 a.m. coffee and biscuit

Midday Lunch: a light meal: savoury course followed by pudding e.g. quiche and salad with chips; fruit/yoghurt treacle pudding.

Afternoon Tea: Tea and cake

Tea: Light meal may include: bread and butter, beans/eggs and toast etc., and tea to drink.

Dinner: Main meal may also be taken at noon. Guests are often invited in the evening, in this case it will be 3 or 4 courses and wine probably be drunk.

Supper: Hot chocolate or malted milk to drink before going to bed.

Word Check

Task 14. Memorize the key terms, concepts, expressions and their meaning.

1. cereal блюдо из овсянки
2. instant coffee растворимый кофе
3. snack лёгкая закуска
4. crisps хрустящий картофель
5. gravy подливка
6. custard заварной крем
7. scone ячменная или пшеничная лепёшка
8. clotted cream сбитые сливки
9. vary изменяться, разнообразить
10. kipper копчёная селёдка
11. savoury острое блюдо

Task 15. Answer the following questions, solve the problems, do the tasks.

1. Britain and good food are two things which are not commonly associated. How do you understand this statement?

2. What is the attitude of the British to British food/British cuisine? (Little attention)

3. Are the British extremely open to the cuisine of other countries?

4. The British are conservative about ingredients. Are they conservative about the way they are served?

5. What do British people eat/drink?

6. How many meals do British people have?

7. What is the British pub?

8. In what ways are British pubs different from typical cafes and bars in this (your) country?

Text 4. Shops and Shopping

Task 16. Read and translate the text. Comment on new words and expressions.

Shops are places where people buy goods and foodstuffs. People like shopping. They go shopping almost every day, especially they like shopping at the weekends.

There are different kinds of shops where goods are sold. We may buy bread at the baker’s; meat and meat products at the butcher’s; fish and fishing industry produce at the fish-monger’s; vegetables, fruit and berries at the greengrocer’s; cereals and groats (злаки и крупы) at the grocer’s. Nowadays people may go to the supermarket or hypermarket to buy everything they need because there are a wider variety of items and there is lots of free parking space.

We may also buy poultry, poultry farm produce and game (птица и дичь); dairy produce and fats (молочные продукты и жиры); seasoning and spices (приправы и специи); confectionary (сладости); beverages, soft and strong drinks (напитки, фруктовые воды и крепкие напитки).

If we want to buy a piece of clothing, shoes, a birthday present or something else we go to a big department store and supermarket. There people may find all kinds of departments: footwear, haberdashery (галантерейный отдел), headwear (отдел головных уборов), perfumery, ready-made clothes (отдел готового платья), stationery (отдел канцелярских принадлежностей) and others. At present we, customers, may buy manufactured goods and foodstuffs on Internet.

The British are not very adventurous (предприимчивый) shoppers. They like reliability and buy brand-named goods with the price clearly marked. Most shops are chain stores. A shop by itself in a residential area is often referred to as ‘the corner shop’. These sell various kinds of food, newspapers, magazines, sweets, and other products. Only in corner shops shopkeepers know their customers personally and social and transactional interaction across the counter occurs.

The best known supermarket chains are Tesco, Asda, Woolworth’s and Sainsbury. There is only one department store with a large number of branches. This is Marks and Spencer. It is so well-known that it is often referred to as ‘Marks and Sparks’ or just ‘M and S’. To the British, clothes at M and S are typical of the middle range: they are neither cheap nor expensive.


Word Check

Task 17. Memorize the key terms, concepts, expressions and their meaning.

1. at the baker’s хлебный отдел
2. at the butcher’s мясной отдел
3. at the fish-monger’s рыбный отдел
4. at the grocer’s бакалейный отдел
5. poultry птица
6. dairy produce молочные продукты
7. confectionary кондитерские изделия
8. beverages напитки
9. footwear обувь
10. chain stores розничные магазины одного собственника
11. the corner shop’ магазин на углу, лавка, небольшой частный магазин

Task 18. Ask and answer the following questions, solve the problems, do the tasks.

1. What are shops?

2. Do people like shopping?

3. What kinds of shops do you know?

4. The British are not very adventurous shoppers. How do you understand this statement?

5. What well-known supermarket chains do you know?

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