Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!



The students of this faculty are trained in the following qualifications: Construction Machinery, Road-making Machinery, Operations Management and Automation of Technological Processes. The students of the first two qualifications study the types and purposes of the machines, their structure, units and parts. They listen to the theoretical courses of lectures, fulfill lab works, and acquire practical experience in the workshops of the institute and in field conditions.

Each student should study the following types of machinery: transporting facilities (tractors and trucks); materials handling equipment (cranes, hoists, conveyers, winches, loading and unloading machines); earthmoving machines (bulldozers, scrapers, graders, rippers, diggers, revolving shovels, ditchers); stone-processing equipment (boring machines, pneumatic rock drills, stone crushers and mills, screens); machines for preparing, transporting and placing of concrete and asphalt-concrete mixes (mixers, batchers, pumps, spreaders, rollers); machines for motor-road maintenance and repair (planners, ditch cleaners, sweepers, water-trucks); pile driving machines, and repair of the machinery. Each operator should keep in mind that for a long period of use it is wise to have any machine in its best possible condition. It is considered that repairs are only made when occasion arises. The machinery will work properly if when making repairs you replace all locks, lock washers, lock wires, cotter pins and gaskets with new ones. Thereby a great deal of unnecessary work and trouble will be eliminated.

Besides, each operator should know how to prepare machinery for use. He should give the machine a detailed inspection to reveal defects, which have to be remedied before the machine is put into operation; then he fills the fuel tank, taking care that no dirt, water or other foreign substances are admitted with the fuel; then he fills the radiator with clear water, or with the proper anti-freeze compound if temperatures below freezing. Mind, that water without any impurities should be used; then he examines the oil level in the crank case, transmission case and final drive gear cases and if necessary supplies the deficiency.

The students of the faculty have the possibility to get acquainted with:

1) the service and management of technical maintenance of hoist-transporting and utility machines;

2) complex mechanizations of road-construction works;

3) complex mechanizations and management of road-construction works;

4) automation of road-making and construction machines;

5) hoist-transporting machines, and

6) hydro-linkage of mechanization facilities.


5. Существительные, обозначающие профессии и занятия человека, образуются при помощи прибавления к глаголу или существительному суффиксов-r, -er, -or, -ist, -ian:


Manage – manager, farm – farmer, act – actor, type – typist, music – musician.

Образуйте подобные наименования из следующих слов, пользуясь словарем.

Drive, teach, physics, build, lecture, engine, inspect, art, politics.


Подберите к каждому слову подходящее определение.

Construction The things needed for a particular activity
Workshop The quality of having none or not enough of smth
Unit Keeping in good condition
Equipment The work of building
Maintenance A thing or group regarded as being a complete whole
Repair Smth mixed with smth else so that it is not pure
Impurity A room or place where things are produced, repairs are done
Deficiency To mend smth wrong or broken

Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную форму.


1. (There be) several proliferations at our faculty.

2. Each student (to acquire) good theoretical and practical knowledge.

3. All road-making machinery (to divide) into several types.

4. Road-making machinery (to study) by the third-year students.

5. Knowing road-making machines (to constitute) the foundation of their speciality.

6. Each mechanics (to know) how to prepare the machine for use.

7. It is well know fact that the proper maintenance of machinery (to contribute) to the long period of its use.

8. When the need arises, engineer (to know) how to repair the machine.

8. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What qualification do the students of your faculty acquire? 2. What specializations are given to the students of this faculty? 3. What is your specialization? Why did you choose it? 4. What types of machinery do you study? 5. What is it necessary to do for the proper service of machinery? 6. With what machinery do you prefer to work?

9. Прочитайте и переведите диалог о поломке машины, обращая внимание на специальные термины.

plug – свеча зажигания

gauge – измерительный прибор

to charge – заряжать батареи

to adjust – регулировать

– Donald, I know you are a driver of long standing. I would like you to have a look at my car.

– What’s wrong with your car?

– I don’t know yet. I can’t trace the fault.

– Let me have a look. When did you have your plugs checked?

– Three days ago. I thought I had run out of gas but the tank is half full.

– Have a look at the patrol gauge once more.

– All right. The tank is half full, as I have already said.

– The carburetor is in order. The engine is misfiring.

– So it is.

– I guess the battery has run down. It needs recharging.

– Too bad.

– Don’t get upset about it. It won’t take you long to have your battery recharged.

– Do you really think so?

– I am sure of it. The other day I went to the gas station to have the brakes adjusted. They did it in no time.

– Where is the gas station?

– It’s three miles south of the supermarket. Do you know the place?

– I think so. In my car the brakes are a bit slack. I hope they can easily be adjusted.

– I advise you to have the engine greased.

– I’ll follow your advice. Thank you, Donald.

– Don’t mention it, Paul. I’m very sorry I couldn’t help you.

– Well, you have helped me to trace the fault. I wish I had bought a new car…

– Well, this one is much cheaper. It hasn’t got too many miles on it. It’s practically new.

– I must admit it runs smoothly. It was in good condition when I bought it.

– When was it?

– A year ago.


Составьте диалог о неисправностях машины, используя лексику из предыдущего диалога.

Выучите следующую специальную лексику. Найдите данные слова в текстах «Little squirt» и «Petrol power for Bosh and Ford», выпишите по 3 предложения с ними и переведите на русский язык.

injection – впрыск

petrol – бензин

fuel delivery system – топливная система

performance – характеристика

combustion – сжигание

pressure – давление

accuracy – точность

to generate – производить, вырабатывать

stroke – такт (ход поршня), цикл

engine – двигатель

torque – вращающий момент

fuel consumption – потребление топлива

combustion chamber – камера сгорания

spark – искра

pump – насос

12. Прочитайте текст и подготовьте его реферирование (см. приложение).


Delphi has unveiled the next-generation of its Multec common rail technology, which now uses a unique solenoid injector design to optimize fuel rate, spray shape and accuracy. The new system provides the smallest injection quantities, highest precision fuel delivery and, along with closed loop strategies, results best-in class emission and acoustics performance, claims Delphi.

It can deliver up to 5 injections per cycle, allowing high flexibility for combustion optimization. In addition, it is capable of 1,800 bar system pressure, although initial Euro 5 applications are at 1,600 bars.

Delphi has also introduced a unique, piezo-based injector that compared to current piezo common rail technologies is expected to generate a 25 – 30 per cent reduction in emission in its first implementation and possibly leading to better results with further combustion optimization.

This Piezotec injection system will help OEMs meet Euro 5 emissions regulations on heavier vehicles and stringent new US emissions regulations, claims Delphi. It can deliver up to 7 or more injection events per cycle with extremely high fuel quantity accuracy for pilot, main and post events. The design breakthrough allows dramatically reduced spacing between events, giving engine designers full freedom to shape the flow of fuel throughout the combustion stroke.

Delphi has several diesel technologies including catalysed particulate traps, oxidation catalysed and NOx traps. It is currently developing a combined diesel NOx and particulate trap.


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