I. Вставьте much, many, a lot. 

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I. Вставьте much, many, a lot.

1. Don’t hurry. Have we got … time before the talks.

2. Do you discuss business matters with them? Yes, but not …

3. Do you usually type … letters?

4. Are there … people in the office today?

5. There isn’t … milk in his coffee.

6. There was not.. of snow last winter.

7. We have got … contracts with your company.

8. I haven’t got … free time today. I have… appointments.

9. Do they produce … machines at the plant?

10. Is there … interest for your goods?

11. It costs.. of money to travel around the world.

12. We have … e-mail today.


II. Вставьте few, a few, little, a little.

1. Do you want milk in your coffee? Yes,..., please.

2. I want to ask you … questions.

3.This model is not very popular. We‘ve got … orders.

4. The business is not bad. We’ve got…. new partners.

5. I need … time to think about it.

6. He knows ….. English words. His English is very bad.

7. Our general manager speaks …… foreign languages.

8. The talks start in 5 minutes. We’ve got …time.

9. I don’t drink … coffee.

10.There are.. people in the office- it is nearly empty.


Section B

Text A


Mr. Sun works for a big electronic company. They produce many different types of electronic equipment, such as telephones, computers, fax machines, copiers, etc.

Their head-office is located in Tokyo. They rent a few modern buildings in the suburbs of the capital. The company has a lot of plants and offices in 13 countries. More than 125,000 employees work there.

There are four departments in the head-office. They are: marketing, production, sales and personnel departments.

The company managers are experienced and competent specialists. They work much and run the company successfully.

The board of directors takes a lot of important decisions on the company’s strategy and distribution of dividends. The sales of the company are high. They are a profitable company.


SUN Hello, Mr. Glebov. Nice to see you again.
GLEBOV Hello, Mr. Sun. What a nice office you’ve got!
SUN We like it too. It’s modern. There’s a fax and many computers here. What can I do for you, Mr. Glebov?
GLEBOV I’d like to see the Director General. Is he in?
SUN I’m sorry, he’s on business in London.
GLEBOV What about the offer?
SUN Your offer is very interesting for us.
GLEBOV Glad to hear it.
SUN There are a lot of the terms and conditions in the contract. Shall we discuss them?
GLEBOV All right. Just wait a little please, I’ll take a copy of the contract.



be on business – быть в командировке

go on business – поехать в командировку

board n – правление, руководство

board of directors – совет директоров

capital n – столица

competent a – компетентный

condition n – условие

contract n – контракт

copier n – копир

decision n – решение

department n – отдел

different a – разный, различный

distribution n – распределение, распространение

dividend n – дивиденд

employee n – сотрудник

equipment n – оборудование

experienced a – опытный

head-office n – головной офис

high a – высокий

important a – важный

located a – расположенный

marketing n – маркетинг

modern a – современный

offer n – предложение

personnel n – персонал, кадры, сотрудники

plant n – завод

produce v – производить

profitable a – прибыльный

rent v – арендовать

run a company – управлять компанией

sales n – продажи

strategy n – стратегия

suburbs n – пригород

successfully adv – успешно

work for v – работать на..




I. Ответьте на вопросы к тексту.

1. Where does Mr. Sun work?

2. What does the company produce?

3. Where is their head-office?

4. Where do they have plants and offices?

5. How many people work for the company?

6. What departments are there in the head-office?

7. Who takes the most important decisions in the company?

8. Are they a successful company?

9. Who is at Mr. Sun’s office now?

10. What is there in Mr. Sun’s office?

11. Who does Mr. Glebov want to see?

12. Where is the General Director?

13. What does Mr. Sun want to discuss?


II. Согласитесь с данными утверждениями или опровергните их.

1. Mr. Sun’s company produces computers.

2. The head-office of the company is in the capital of Japan.

3. The company has offices abroad.

4. The head-office has three departments.

5. They are a successful company.

6. The board of directors makes all important decision.

7. Mr. Sun has a modern office.

8. There is a computer in Mr. Sun’s office.

9. The Director General is not in Tokyo at the moment.

10. Mr. Sun is interested in Mr. Glebov’s offer.

11. Mr. Sun wants to discuss the contract with the Russian businessman.


III. Составьте словосочетания, используя слова из двух столбцов.

1. board of 2. company’s 3. conditions of the 4. distribution of 5. electronic 6. experienced 7. production 8. profitable 9. to produce 10. to take company contract decisions department directors dividends equipment fax machines specialists strategy


IV. Заполните пропуски предлогами, где это необходимо.

1. Mr. Brown works ____ General Electrics.

2. Our new plant is located ____ St. Petersburg.

3. The board ____ directors meets on Mondays.

4. What is your decision ___ this matter?

5. The production manager isn’t ____. He’s ____ business ____ the US.

6. This point is very interesting ___ me.

7. I would like to discuss the conditions ___ the contract.

8. What can I do ___ you?

9. What ____ our new model of computer? Do you like it?


V. Заполните пропуски, используя приведенные ниже слова.

Trade department equipment employees head office important offers

Business produces profitable successfully

1. What is the price for your ___________?

2. Our plant ________ computers.

3. Where is Mr. Smith? – He’s on _________ in New York.

4. We receive many __________ from different foreign firms.

5. Our _________ are very experienced.

6. Derek &Co is a big international firm with a _________ in New York.

7. Carston Ltd. is a very ________ company. They have good sales and make much money.

8. I work for the production __________ of GML.

9. Distribution of dividends is very _________ if you want to run the company ___________.

10. I work for a foreign___________company.


Text B



Nowy Swiat which means New World is the best shopping street in the world. It is not in London, New York or Paris but in Warsaw. 14000 Poles walk down this main street every hour. It is a lovely place to shop. There are statues, palaces, attractive town houses, exclusive cafes, and high-class restaurants. The buildings are not too tall. They look old but in fact they are rather modern. There aren’t any billboards or neon lights. There isn’t any loud music and there aren’t many tourists. People think that Polish shops have nothing to sell, so nobody comes shopping here. The world doesn’t know about this paradise for shoppers yet. It is now possible to buy almost everything in Warsaw. There are a lot of shops from the West, but the interesting thing that Polish manufacturers produce high quality goods. They are good because Polish plants don’t produce the goods for world consumption. Nowy Swiat has a lot of small shops, specialist shops and chic shops. There are also book shops and record shops. And there are a lot of small boutiques that sell men’s and women’s clothes that aren’t too expensive. It hasn’t got the huge department stores that sell the same things everywhere.


attractive a -привлекательный

billboard n -рекламный щит

consumption n -потребление

department store-универмаг

expensive a -дорогостоящий

goods n -товары

high quality a -высококачественный

manufacturer n -производитель

modern a -современный

palace n - дворец

paradise n -рай

specialist shop -специализированный магазин


I. Ответьте на вопросы к тексту.

1. How many people visit Nowy Swiat every day?

2. What are there in the street?

3. What goods do Polish manufacturers produce?

4. Why are Polish goods of high quality?

5. What kind of shops are there?


II. Согласитесь с данными утверждениями или опровергните их.

1. Nowy Swiat is in New York

2. All buildings in Nowy Swiat are old.

3. There are many billboards in the street.

4. There aren’t many tourists in Nowy Swiat.

5. Everybody knows about this paradise for shoppers.

6. Polish shops have nothing to sell.

7. It has got the huge department stores.


III. Составьте словосочетания, используя слова из двух столбцов.

1. specialist 2. department 3. high quality 4. high-class 5. shopping goods street restaurant shop store

IV. Заполните пропуски предлогами, где это необходимо.

1. New World is the best shopping street … the world.

2. A lot … people walk … this main street ….every hour.

3. The world doesn’t know … this paradise … shoppers.

4. There are many shops … the West.

5. The buildings are.. fact rather modern.


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