ТОП 10:

Find the right equivalent. 7.15 o’clock.

a) It’s a quarter past seven

b) It’s half past seven

c) It’s a quarter to eight

d) It’s half pasted eight

e) It’s ten minutes past seven

135. Complete the sentence. Lion is the ... animal.

a) Strongest

b) as strong as

c) stronger

d) not strong

e) most srongest

136. Choose the right modal verb: You … take any book you like.

a) may

b) can

c) have to

d) should

e) must

136. Choose the right modal verb: Children … play near the road.

a) mustn’t

b) must

c) need

d) have to

e) might

137. Choose the right modal verb: I…. translate this text, it is too difficult.

a) can’t

b) can

c) need

d) must

e) mustn’t

138. Choose the right modal verb: You….stay with us, if you like.

a) may

b) must

c) need

d) ought

e) can

139. Choose the right modal verb: You … help your mother about the house, it is your duty.

a) must

b) may

c) can’t

d) can

e) ought

Choose the best alternative.

John ... in politics.

a) isn't interested

b) don't interest

c) not interested

d) isn't interesting

e) doesn't interested

141.Choose the correct answer: There are ... bottles of beer in the fridge.

a) a few

b) a little

c) any

d) much

e) an few

142.Choose the right variant:

Your car is … than mine.

a) bigger

b) big

c) the biggest

d) as big

e) so big

143. Find the right variant:

Sun rises in the East:

a) The.

b) -.

c) An.

d) In.

e) A

144. Choose the correct article:

Water which we drink is filtered at waterworks.

a) The

b) -

c) Any

d) An

e) А

Choose the correct answer.

He....... in his office. 1 saw him arrive about ten-minutes ago.

a) must be

b) shall be

c) may be

d) can be

e) is

Choose the right variant: How much is it? 23448 tenge.

a) twenty three thousand four hundred and forty eight

b) twenty three thousands four hundreds and forty eight

c) twenty three thousands four hundred and forty eight

d) twenty three thousand and four hundred and forty eight

e) twenty three thousand four hundreds and forty eight

Find the right translation of the numbers in the sentence: Text 56 on page 287 is very difficult

a) fifty six, two hundred and eighty seven

b) the fifty sixth, two hundred and eighty seven

c) the fifty sixth, two hundred and eight seven

d) fifty sixth, two hundred eighty seventh

e) the fifty sixth, two hundreds and eighty seven

148. Find the right variant:

My father ... not a teacher, he ... a scientist.

a) is / is

b) am / am

c) is / are

d) is / am

e) am / is

149. Choose the correct answer: How many people ... there in the room.

a) are

b) is

c) does

d) have

e) do

Fill in the gap with the correct answer.

There are many good hotels in the town. You can stay at … of them.

a) any

b) none

c) some

d) all

e) no

151. It is ... than it was yesterday.

a) warmer

b) more warme

c) less warmer

d) most warme

e) warmest

152. Find the right antonym: «busy»:

a) free

b) quick

c) cosy

d) slightiy

e) easy

153. Choose the right variant:

… Jack London is … well-known American writer.

a) - / a

b) The / -.

c) The/the.

d) A/an.

e) -/the.

154. Find the right variant:

He was born in ... small Russian town:

a) a

b) on

c) the


e) an

155. Find the right variant: "to be": Those...my presents.

a) are.

b) is.

c) be.

d) was.

e) am.

156. Choose the correct answer: I saw ...... boys in the garden, but Mike was not

Among them.

a) some

b) any

c) no

d) every

e) none

Fill in the gap with the correct answer.

The hotter it is, ..... I feel.

a) the more miserable

b) the miserable

c) the miserabler

d) most miserable

e) more miserable

Meet this engineer here.

a) often

b) still

c) yet

d) quite

e) enough

My father is an economist.

a) What is your father?

b) When is your father?

c) Why is your father?

d) Who is your father?

e) Where is your father?

Indicate the correct answer What is Big Ben:

a) Clock.

b) University.

c) Monument.

d) Theatre.

e) Museum.

161. Find the right variant:

I can't buy this watch, ... too expensive

a) it is

b) these are

c) they

d) they are

e) them are

162. In … past … most people lived by … agriculture.

a. the/-/~

b) -/the/-

c) -/-/-

d) the / the / -

e) -/the/the

163. Choose an appropriate article to "She's ...University teacher"

a) a

b) these


d) the

e) an

164. Find the right variant: ... your friend ... to see you every Sunday?

a) Does ... come.

b) Do ... come.

c) Does ... comes.

d) Do ... comes.

e) Is ... comes.

Choose the best alternative.

The girl couldn't remember what happened ... her after the accident.

a) to

b) with

c) at

d) on

e) n

Choose the correct answer.

If someone … into the store smile and say, 'May I help you?'

a) comes

b) could come

c) came

d) would come

e) will come

167. Choose the noun in a possessive case:

a) The children's

b) The childs

c) The children'

d) The childrens

e) The childrenes

Choose the right variant: Dr. Smith has been living in Birmingham since 2002.

a) Two thousand two

b) Two thousands two

c) Twelve zero two

d) Twelve zero twelve

e) Twenty zero twelve

169. $ 382, 67

a) three hundred and eighty two dollars and sixty seven cents

b) three hundred eighteen two dollars and sixty seven cents

c) three hundreds and eighty two dollars and sixty seven cents

d) three hundreds eighty two dollars sixty seven cents

e) three hundred eighty two dollars and sixty seven cents

170. Complete the sentence:

Basketball ... an international sport.

a) Is.

b) Are.

c) Were.

d) Am.

e) Has.

171. Put the correct form of the verb. What colour... your new car?

a) is

b) are

c) does

d) has

e) do

172. Choose the right variant:

This is Nick. … is my friend

a) He.

b) You.

c) She.

d) We.

e) They.

173. Choose the right answer. I can speak English ... than you:

a) better

b) more good

c) well

d) good

e) the best

174. Choose the right variant:

Translate some ... from English, please.

a) sentences.

b) tables.

c) walk.

d) windows.

e) lights.

Choose the right answer.

In the cafe I had a cup of … coffee and … bread, … butter.

a) -\-\-

b) -\a\a

c) the\the\a

d) A the\ a

e) a\-\a

176. Find the right variant:

I have ... lot of English books:

a) a.

b) an.

c) in.

d) -.

e) the.

Choose the correct answer.

Julia went … the kitchen to get the salt.

a) to

b) for

c) by

d) along

e) near

178. Choose the right variant:

It's the ... job he's ever had to do.

a) worst

b) as bad as

c) worse

d) bad

e) badly

179. Choose the right degree of comparison: This is ... winter for 20 years.

a) the worst

b) worst

c) the worse

d) worse

e) the more bad

180. Choose the correct answer: They play chess.....

a) very slowly

b) too

c) nice too

d) the best

e) better

Possessive case of the noun.

These are ... toys

a) children's

b) children'es

c) of children

d) childrens'

e) of childrens

182. Great Britain is washed by ... Atlantic Ocean.

a) the

b) and


d) an

e) a

183. Choose the right variant:

The house was constructed in the ... century.

a) Nineteenth.

b) Nineties.

c) Ninety.

d) Nine.

e) Nineteen.

Choose the right variant of the year nineteen fifty-seven.

a) 1957

b) 1959

c) 1955

d) 1956

b) E)1975

185. Make the right choice:

My friend works..... a chemist's....... the town centre.

a) At, in.

b) Over, in.

c) Under, for.

d) In, in.

e) For, by.

186. There isn’t ..... milk in the fridge.

a) Any

b) Some

c) No

d) Many

e) Few

187. I would like ... tea.

a) Some

b) Many

c) No

d) Few

e) Any

189. There .... nobody in the room.

a) Is

b) Am

c) Are

d) Be

e) Been

Any birds in the cage?

a) Are there

b) Is there

c) Are

d) Have

e) To be

191. Thank you very .....

a) Much

b) Many

c) Little

d) Few

e) A little

Find the right numeral. 72-нші, 72-ой

a) The seventy second

b) The seventieth

c) The seventy two

d) The seventeen two

e) The seventeen second

193. Find the right numeral. She lives on the .... floor.

a) Third

b) Three

c) Thirteen

d) Thirty

e) Twenty three

194. Find the right numeral. John lives in flat ....

a) Forty

b) Forth

c) Fortieth

d) Fourteenth

e) Forty second

Find the ordinal numeral.

a) The fourteenth

b) Four

c) Seven

d) One

e) Six

196. Do you like …. flowers?

a) These

b) This

c) That

d) What

e) Which

197. He usually gets up … 8 o’clock.

a) at

b) on

c) to

d) with

e) by

198. Cats … see in the dark.

a) Can

b) Can’t

c) Must

d) May

e) Might

199. I … in a flat.

a) Live

b) Lives

c) Living

d) Life

e) Is living

200. I usually … bread at the baker’s.

a) Buy

b) Buys

c) Buying

d) Is buying

e) Am buying

201. He never …. early on Sundays.

a) Gets up

b) Got up

c) Getting up

d) Gots up

e) Is get up

202. Shop assistants …. at shopping centers.

a) Work

b) Works

c) Wodkes

d) Working

e) To work

203. They ... pets.

a) Love

b) Loving

c) Are love

d) Loves

e) Is love

204. We ... French very well.

a) Speak

b) Speaking

c) Speaks

d) Are speak

e) To speak

205. Where ... she live?

a) Does

b) Do

c) Doing

d) To do

e) Done

206. I .... know her telephone number.

a) Don’t

b) Doesn’t

c) Does not

d) To do not

e) Done not

207. You ... be quiet in the library.

a) Must

b) May

c) Mustn’t

d) Can

e) Can’t

208. There are ..... broad streets in our city.

a) Many

b) Much

c) Little

d) More

e) No more

209. I don’t like ... sugar in my tea.

a) Much

b) No more

c) Little

d) Many

e) More

210. She wrote us ... letters from the country

a) Many

b) No more

c) More

d) Much

e) Little

211. He spent ... time writing his composition.

a) Much

b) No more

c) Many

d) A little

e) More

212. There are seven days in a ....

a) Week

b) Month

c) Year

d) Century

e) Term

213. There are twelve months in a .....

a) Year

b) Month

c) Century

d) Term

e) Week

214. Where .... you study?

a) Do

b) Does

c) Doing

d) To do

e) To does

Find the right antonym of the word: short

a) Long

b) Wide

c) Small

d) Important

e) Thin

Find the right antonym of the word: big

a) Small

b) Wide

c) Thin

d) Long

e) Important

Find the right antonym of the word: thick

a) Thin

b) Long

c) Important

d) Wide

e) Small

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