JR16/114 YOLET– OLD FOUNDRY AND NEW STONE BARBECUE Aurillac 03/07-23/07/16 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , Age: 18-30. 12 VOLS

WORK: The goal of the workcamp is to give a new life to the old foundry discovered on the territory. For this, you will have to disassemble, to sort, to clean objects and stones. The land chosen to exhibit these remains is sloping, so earthworks will be useful. The municipality wants to make a porch with beautiful stones found on the site of the foundry, and to highlight the tools found there (bellows ...) to give a new life to this forgotten foundry.

The group can also be divided into several work teams to also build an outdoor stone barbecue, near the village hall. Indeed, the municipality wants to promote beautiful stones currently unused, and an outdoor barbecue could be a great festive and convivial opportunity to meet locals and those who frequent the hall.

You will participate in the work with other international volunteers and technical supervisor will teach you specific techniques. The work takes place in the morning for 5 hours maximum. Afternoons and weekends are dedicated for activities.

ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will be accommodated in the village hall : in the wide hall there will be a sleeping and a dining area. Nearby are the changing rooms of the football field with all facilities (showers, toilets). Mattresses will be provided, please bring your sleeping bags and warm clothes. A budget and all the equipment necessary for cooking will be supplied (dishes ...), you’ll cook in turn, by two people, and tables and chairs will be available to enjoy meals together. To be accommodated like this at the heart of the village and in a strategic place of the social and cultural life of the town (football field, playground nearby) will be for you a great way to build lasting relationships with locals. Jeunesse et Reconstruction can’t take care of the volunteers before the start date of the project.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: From its location, Yolet has all the richness of the Cantal mountains landscapes : walks in the valley and on the plateau constantly offer stunning views of the area. Its historical and cultural heritage is also quite remarkable: the Church of St. Peter and Paul (XIV and XV century) entered at the heritage of France, a cross on which the sun and moon were carved, the bread oven of Couderc, castles of Boudieu, of Doux and Yolet ... Moreover, in the municipality of Yolet, many associations energize local life by their animations. A 7 km from Aurillac as the crow flies, you can also enjoy all the services of this great city (cinema, museums, theater, sports ...)!

For more information on tourism activities : http://www.iaurillac.com/

TERMINAL: Aurillac


JR16/03 EMMAUS 1 - FRENCH SPEAKING Paris 04/07-23/07/16 SOCI , Age : 20/30.8 VOLSJR16/04 EMMAUS 2 - FRENCH SPEAKING Paris 01/08-20/08/16 SOCI , Age : 20/30.8 VOLSWORK: The work will consist into helping the community in the everyday tasks such as: sorting out 2nd hand cloths, sorting out 2nd hand furniture or materials or books… helping into collecting the 2nd hand things in the people house (only strong volunteers can do that), You will participate in a great sell out on 9 and 10th July. Selling the books/cloths/furniture to the public, tidying up the different little “shops” in the community… finally any mission useful for the well being of the community. Most of the companions have had hard times and harsh experiences. They are often tough people in appearance, who won’t talk much at first. Volunteers should be mature, and aware of the difficulty of establishing communication with the companions and of gaining their confidence It is important to keep in mind that it is a social project, so that volunteers have to adapt their timetable to the one of the companions. Volunteers will have to be really motivated because it is a difficult work : they will work from Tuesday to Saturday from 7:30 am till 5:00 pm. Sunday and Mondays are free. Please note that although the project is close to Paris, you will have a limited time to visit the city, due to long working hours which cannot be bargained. If you do not agree with these conditions please do not apply. As extra activity, you will create an exhibition on the topic of tolerance, together withthe companions. Your creative talents will be needed!ACCOMODATION: To facilitate communication and integration, volunteers will take all their meals with the companions at the restaurant of the community. Volunteers will be hosted in basic conditions : they will sleep in a prefabricated building and share the shower and the toilets of the companions. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly forbiddenLANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : FrenchLOCATION: Town of Neuilly-Plaisance, departement de Seine-St-Denis (Ile de France). Possible activities : walk along the Seine, visit of Paris (at your exepense), of Vincennes, activities ti be organised with the companions.TERMINAL: PARISSPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM AGE 20 - MOTIVATION LETTER in french to be sure that the volunteers understand the project and explain why you want to participate There are 50 men living in the Emmaüs Neuilly Plaisance community so girls are advised to be careful to do not wear too short clothes.1 /Our association does not provide a car during the work camp. 2/ Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card, for the refunding of medical expenses in your country). 3/ If you have a driving licence, please bring it along in case of necessity. Do not forget to bring: a sleeping bag, warm clothes (a sweater and rain-coat), a bathing suit. For male volunteers: short pants are generally prohibited in the public swimming pools in France, please bring a bathing suit. For work: worn out clothes and strong shoes (like boots – obligatory for your own safety). Your games, songbooks, cassettes, musical instruments and recipes, will be also welcome! To make exchanges and encounters easier, please also bring photographs of your home, some postcards, and small gifts. REMARKS: chantier francophone / French speaking camp



JR16/104 CLERMONT-FERRAND – IMPROVE SOCIAL HOUSE ! – FR SPE Clermont-ferrand 10/07-23/07/16 RENO ,SOCI ,KIDS ,CULT , Age: 18-30. 6 VOLS

WORK: In partnership with the home district «;Les Vergnes»; the project will embellish the building interior. This artistic production will be achieved with local young people. Moreover, other rehabilitation tasks will be assigned: cleaning, painting. You will work with the youth of the neighborhoods, supervised by professional. Motivation is essential! You will work from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00. You will participate in several activities during the afternoon : cultural visit, sports,..

ACCOMODATION: You will be accommodated in an apartment in Clermont-Ferrand. There is a kitchen in the apartment with a refrigerator and a cook; dishes and kitchenware will be provided. There are a lot of shops in Clermont-Ferrand. We will not be responsible for you if you arrive before the beginning of the project : Possible lodging, at your expenses (please check by calling): www.ville-clermont-ferrand.fr; www.ot-clermont-ferrand.fr and www.tourisme.fr/office-de-tourisme/clermont-ferrand


LOCATION: Clermont-Ferrand is the prefecture of the department of Puy-de-Dome and capital of the Auvergne region. Partly for historical reasons, the city is often called Clermont. The modern city was born of a union of two separate cities, Clairmont and Montferrand imposed by Louis XIII and confirmed under Louis XV. While Montferrand was founded in the early twelfth century by the Counts of Auvergne, on the model of Southwest towns, Clairmont is much older, as it existed in ancient times. The oldest mention of the existence of Clairmont appears in the work of Strabo, in the early first century. Clermont is located in the Massif Central, at 410 metres above sea level. To the west, the city is dominated by basaltic plateau (900m on average) with the chain of Puys, the largest chain of volcanoes (extinguished) in Europe, including the Puy de Dome, the most famous volcano. To the east of the metropolitan area reaches the plain of Limagne, with river Allier. The city is both a point of contact between the plain Limagne and Mountains of Domes. A large part of the city occupies a volcanic hill called the central plateau. It is, in fact, the edge of the crater, one hundred fifty six thousand years old. It is approximately 1,5 km in diameter and has been filled by the alluvium of the Tiretaine, small river running through the city. Clermont is also built on the edge of the valley of Allier. The city has developed around this central plateau on which stands the cathedral, extending to the east in the plain, and to a lesser extent, on the hillsides to the west. www.ot-clermont-ferrand.fr/ requirements





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