JR16/111 CHANONAT - RENOVATE TRADITIONAL WALLS AND PATHS Clermont-ferrand 27/07-06/08/16 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , Age: 18-30. 16 VOLS

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


JR16/111 CHANONAT - RENOVATE TRADITIONAL WALLS AND PATHS Clermont-ferrand 27/07-06/08/16 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , Age: 18-30. 16 VOLS

WORK: The priority is to cut undergrowth back in the trails, to clean the stone walls that run along the paths, to put the stones into place, to widen the passage and to make small steps as needed. You will have too to arrange the surroundings of the Red Source, and to improve the access in order to highlight it. Finally, depending on your efficiency to carry out those first projects, there will be stone walls to rebuild too with lime binder, the surroundings of a little building must be cleaned, and vaults loosing stones have to be renovated. So you will not miss work! You will participate to the work with other international volunteers and a technical supervisor will teach you specific techniques. The work takes place the morning for 5 hours maximum. Afternoon and weekends are dedicated to activities.

ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will be accommodated in the House of Associations, organized in a dormitory. Mattresses will be available, remember to bring your sleeping bags. You’ll have on-site access to all the facilities (toilets, electricity,...), the showers will be taken in two other buildings. In the House of Associations, you can also cook and eat together in an area with gas cooker, fridge, tables and chairs. You will cook in turn, by two, and a budget will be allocated for food shopping you can do in Chanonat (bakery, honey and fruits producers) and the neighboring town (farm products, groceries, butcher...). Jeunesse et Reconstruction can’t take charge of you if you arrive before the beginning of the workcamp.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: Many local associations create a real dynamic in Chanonat, facilitating access to the rich historical, cultural and natural heritage of the municipality. Thus, footpaths crisscross the area, leading to the Chapel of the Tree and its mysterious legend of the statue, or the Castle of the Bâtisse, which is a Historical Monument, and whose French gardens, ponds, rock caves and waterfalls are famous. You too go to meet the inhabitants to experience the local life, customs, treasures to discover in the region : you will quickly appreciate the charm of Chanonat!

For more information: http://www.tourisme-lescheires.com/

TERMINAL: Clermont-Ferrand



JR16/211 SALINS LES BAINS – WORLD HERITAGE PROJECT Mouchard 31/07-20/08/16

RENO Age: 18-30. 14 VOLS

WORK: The town owns a land plot in the centre that the representatives of the Community Center for Social Actions wishes to transform into a community garden. In order to secure the access to the future garden, the municipality needs to renovate the fortification wall and stairs under there with the help of an international volunteers’ team. You will help renovate an ancient fortification using traditional masonry techniques: removing old coatings, jointing, and rebuilding some destroyed parts of the wall. You will be trained and supervised by a stone cutter specialist and a historical monuments specialist who will happily share with you their knowledge and expertise.

Please don’t forget to bring strong shoes and clothes for the work! You will work 5 hours a day, in the morning, 5 days a week.

ACCOMODATION: Accommodation will be in the Golden Tower (Tour Dorée), another architectural beauty in Salins. Tents will be placed in front of the Tower for sleeping, and you will have access to the Golden Tower’s appartment for preparing meals, eating, showering, and using the toilets.

Jeunesse et Reconstruction will provide tents and ground mattresses, but please don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags. Meals will be prepared by volunteers for the whole group. Like every other volunteer you will participate in the daily tasks and the group organization: cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, planning free time activities, buying food… Please note: the camp organizers can’t take care of you if you arrive before the starting date of the camp!

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: Located in the charming valley of La Furieuse, in the heart of the Jura region, Salins-les-Bains is a little typical town of Franche-Comté that has over 3000 inhabitants. Overlooked by two ancient forts and the Mount Poupet, the town owns a rich cultural and natural heritage, as well as beautiful buildings which show the glorious past of this “saline city”; among them the UNESCO world heritage “Saline building”. Salins-les-Bains developed with extraction and commercialization of salt and hosts nowadays many spa-goers. Possible leisure activities for the group include: a visit of the town, of the Salt museum, hiking in the surrounding mountains, swimming, shared meals and parties with locals, visit of a farm or a vineyard etc. You will be in charge of organizing an international meal for the inhabitants during your stay; please do not forget to bring specialties and traditional recipes from your country, as well as pictures, music, trinkets, costumes etc. to share your culture!

TERMINAL: Mouchard



JR16/206 PONTAIX - OLD STONES, YOUNG ENERGY! Die 31/07-20/08/16 RENO, Age: 18-30. 14 VOLS

WORK: Stone lovers? Curious about discovering traditional masonry? Or simply desire to add your contribution? Join the team of international volunteers for a third renovation workcamp in Pontaix and participate in masonry work right in the heart of the village. After two very successful camp in 2014 and 2015, the municipal staff of the village calls again on the motivation and the collective spirit of the volunteers of Jeunesse et Reconstruction. The first challenge of the team 2016 will be to reconstruct a stone staircase to facilitate access to the town hall! The second challenge is to realize a tiled floor made with stones and pebbles to stabilize the start of the path leading to the old medieval tower. Stone cutting, manufacture of filler in the lime, the finishes, but also excavation, handling and placing stones line by line...you will have the opportunity to become real craftsmen builders within a few weeks under the discerning eye of local volunteers! The work will be made in the morning (5 hours a day) and you will have two days off per week, giving you the opportunity to discover the surrounding parts of the country through cultural and sports activities and tourist visits! Around August 13th you will be asked by the inhabitants to join them to prepare and liven up the Vogue of Pontaix, very popular summer festival which gathers hundreds of people for the weekend ( festive meals, games and concerts). By assisting in the installation, food preparation and service and in the cleaning, you will have the chance to live this major event of the village life from the inside and to share strong moments with the inhabitants ! Do not forget to bring old clothes and good shoes (like work shoes or walking shoes) for the works!
ACCOMODATION: You will benefit a collective place of living, rudimentary but comfortable, a bit away from the center of Pontaix. You will be settled in the premises of one of the village’s association, just a few steps from the Drôme river and from its beach, in the middle of fields. A fitted kitchen and a living room, equipped with a terrace and a barbecue will be at your disposal. Sleeping will be in two prefabricated structures, next to the small house, in which mattresses will be installed; don’t forget your sleeping bag! A shower and a toilet will also be settled on the site in a third prefabricated structure. Meals will be prepared by volunteers: don’t hesitate to bring some specialties or recipes to introduce your culture the other members of the group! Please note: our association cannot take care of you if you will arrive before the beginning of the workcamp, nor beyond the end of the project.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: Pontaix: a very small village with a big heart, in an exceptional environment! Located in the South Alps, in the heart of the Valley of the Drôme, the village of Pontaix is just like its neighborhood: sweet life, beautiful landscapes, open air activities and festive spirit! In the afternoons and weekends, you will be up to discover the region: swimming in the waterfalls, holes of turquoise blue water of the Drôme, walk to explore Vercors, winery visit and Clairette tasting (the famous local sparkling wine!), canoeing or tree climbing, visit of the picturesque cities of Die and Crest. Pontaix hardly counts 200 inhabitants, among whom an innkeeper, a brewer of beer, several wine growers and a biscuit manufacturer. A program of diverse activities will be proposed to you to meet the local population: shared meals, walks and trips, and of course the preparation of the Vogue (local festival)! Do not hesitate to bring your games, music instruments, foods or favorite recipes, photos and souvenirs to live an experience beyond your expectations! More information on the region: www.facebook.com/villagedepontaix26, www.diois-tourisme.com, www.valleedeladrome-tourisme.com


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: - REMARKS: Camp in a small village, for nature and outdoors lovers ! Petit village, pour les amoureux du grand air et de la nature ! NB : Chantier ouvert dès 17 ans pour les participants français



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