Age: 18-30. 9 VOLS

WORK: Either if you are a creative arts’ enthusiastic or curious about learning how to Paint, this workcamp is made for you! Your mission will be to participate in the revalorization of a part of the Saint Jean Bosco’s school. You will have to paint some walls of the school corridors and will have the chance to create a giant fresco on the main wall. Come and take part to the adventure! The project: Repaint this space that has been made for the students to share, find people from all horizons of life and leave a permanent souvenir during your stay in Cluses. You will work every morning (5 hours per day from Monday to Friday) and it will give you the opportunity to discover other regions through cultural activities and touristic visits on the afternoons. Don’t forget to bring old clothes for the painting activities!

ACCOMODATION: Next to the town center of Cluses and the many facilities, you will be directly accommodated in tents inside Saint Jean Bosco school (http://college-sjbosco.fr/): Jeunesse et Reconstruction is providing the tents and mattresses, but take into consideration that you will have to bring your own sleeping bag! A kitchen, showers and restrooms will be at the disposition of all volunteers inside of the school building. You will prepare your meals as a group and you will be required to participate in daily chores (cooking, dish washing, cleaning, etc.). Please note: the association will not take responsibility of you if you decide to arrive before the indicated date or to leave after the end of the workcamp.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: On the foothills of the most beautiful mountains in the Nothern Alps and next to the famous Grande Route des Alpes, the cute town of Cluses - 17000 habitants – is located in an amazing area! From Cluses you can easily access to different touristic sites such as Chamonix, the Mont Blanc and the Leman Lake rivers, Geneva or the pretty town of Annecy. Guided by the locals, you will be able to discover the local culture and the surroundings panoramas through cultural activities and visits! Possible leisure activities: mountain sports (hiking, climbing etc), swimming in the rivers, trips to Geneva, Annecy or Chamonix, concerts, shared meals and, obviously, intercultural and linguistic exchanges! Don’t forget to bring games, musical instruments, recipes, pictures and other souvenirs from your home country in order to share this memorable experience with the other volunteers and with the locals. For more information about the region: http://www.savoie-mont-blanc.com/offre/fiche-de-turisme-intercommunal-cluses-arve-et-montagne/473200




JR16/108 CHASPINHAC – FESTIVAL AND REHABILITATION Le puy en velay 28/06-16/07/16


WORK: The first week of the project, you will actively participate in the organization of the festival «;The Feast of Wood»;. Program: workshops on woodworking, shows, concerts, fireworks. This mission will be carried out with local volunteers of the Friends of Saint-Quentin.

The second part of the workcamp will focus on the rehabilitation of the site of Saint-Quentin: it will involve saving a ruined building: consolidation of the existing (jointing with lime) and clearing the site and excavation to welcome visitors .

You will participate to the work with other international volunteers and a technical supervisor will teach you specific techniques concerning this restoration. The work takes place the morning for 5 hours maximum. Afternoon and weekends are dedicated to activities.

ACCOMODATION: You will stay on the Saint-Quentin site with magnificent views of the gorges of the Loire. Mattresses and tents provided. Bring WARM SLEEPING BAG AND CLOTHES NEEDED and extra blankets, the village is 900 meters high, it could be cold especially during the nights. Toilets and shower nearby. Equipped kitchen in the building where you will take the meals all together. No shop in the village. Jeunesse et Reconstruction will not be responsible for you if you arrive before the beginning of the project.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: Chaspinhac has 800 inhabitants and it is located 15km north of Le Puy-en-Velay city (no public transportation to go to the city). It’s a village with a huge History, which attracts tourists and hikers, especially with its preserved environment. Several sites have environmental protection: the Loire’s Gorges, the Loire’s Valley. One of the hiking paths crosses the Saint-Quentin site and offers a beautiful view on the Loire’s Gorges. The hamlet of Saint-Quentin, built during the 19th century, hosted farms years ago. Deserted for 70 years, the buildings are starting to becoming ruins. You will be proposed some activities during your stay: visits, hiking, excursions… This workcamp is for those who like nature and are really interested in the environmental/ecological dimension. You will meet local organic farmer and taste great produce.




JR16/117 SEGUR LES VILLAS – HIGHLIGHT BREAD OVEN RUINS Allanche (autocar) 02/07-23/07/16

RENO ,ENVI ,MANU , Age: 18-30. 12 VOLS

WORK: At the moment, the bread oven of the Villas hamlet disappears under a real heap of brushwood.The workcamp aim is to make it visible for the inhabitants and visitors. Thus, there is a lot of work to cut brushwood back, to level the ground around the bread oven, to clean and sort the stones, in order to highlight the ruins and to give its place back to the bread oven in the village. You will participate to the work with other international volunteers and a technical supervisor will teach you specific techniques. The work takes place the morning for 5 hours maximum. Afternoon and weekends are dedicated to activities.

ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will sleep under tents, in the village center of Ségur les Villas : the best way to fit well in the local life ! Mattress will be provided, don’t forget your sleeping bag and warm clothes. Next to this place, there is the foot stadium with cloakrooms, showers ans toilets. There will be a room too for you to eat together. You will cook successively, with local products bought to the village grocery. Jeunesse et Reconstruction can’t take charge of you if you arrive before the beginning of the workcamp.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: In the heart of the Cézallier altitude plateaux, Ségur les Villas owns a particularly remarkable historical heritage, in a unrivalled natural environment. The Valentine Chapel (XIIIe century) overhangs the Santoire valley, and you will admire, from this citadel, the must-see view on the Limon plateau, between Cantal Mounts, Mont Dore and Cézallier. You would cross hiking trails among peatlands, which are full of plants and wildlife : the Vial peatland, with its scottish atmosphere, the Jolan lake, a remarkable Natura 2000 area, protected for all nature friends. Visits are organized in the Gazelle water mill, which has been restored with original pieces, in a village full of character. It’s up to you to go to meet the inhabitants, to discover their way of living, their customs, the treasures of this region. You will enjoy quickly its wealth ! For more information : http://www.tourismecezallier.com/index.php/fr/home

TERMINAL: Allanche (autocar)



JR16/201 BEAUVALLON - ALL GENERATIONS PEACE PROJECT Valence ville 03/07-16/07/16

RENO - Age: 18-30. 7 VOLS

WORK: You will be working for two weeks, in collaboration with the town teenagers and pensioners, in order to complete the construction of the front esplanade of the war memorial monuments, which began last year. This project is very important for the senior residents, who are looking forward to build a place of commemoration in the heart of the village.

Indeed, twenty people of all ages will be working every morning: a great atmosphere and conviviality are on the menu, in addition to, of course, an incredible experience of solidarity!

From a technical point of view, your goal will be to complete the restoration of the wall that was started last year, to build a small stone wall, to make a vegetable border on the walls as well as spreading gravel.

At the end of the project, the new war memorial esplanade should be operational, and you would proudly be able to attend the inauguration ceremony ! You will be working 5 days a weeks, 4 to 5 hours per day, in the morning. Don’t forget to bring appropriate, closed-toe shoes to have it during your work.

ACCOMODATION: Your accommodation will be in a communal hall situated in the town center (only 200m from the worksite). « Jeunesse et Reconstruction » will be providing the mattresses, but please bring along your own sleeping bag. The meals will be prepared by volunteers, in teams of 2, at the accommodation area. Toilets on site. The showers are located on the football stadium, at 800m walk from the main location: bikes will therefore be at your disposal in order to get there.

We are unable to accommodate you if you arrive before the starting date of the site. Accommodation will be at your own expenses, if you will arrive earlier (contact the hostel to verify availability) : you can contactgina (devant la gare) Hôtel restaurant - Camping L’Epervière**: 04 75 42 32 00 Etoile - Camping La Mare : 04 75 59 33 79

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: Situated in the Drôme, at approximatively 10km south of Valence, Beauvallon is a small, dynamic and pleasant commune overlooking the Rhône valley.

Between the peaceful lake, the orchards, the historical village and the Véore river it’s also a great place to relax. Bikes will be at your disposal so you can move around freely, and you may also discover the territory thanks to the bus which runs regularly.

The inhabitants will be happy to welcome you and help you discover the beauties and regional flavors!

Possible activities : canoe, meetings with other volunteers, concerts, family meals, visiting Valence as well as many beautiful Drôme villages, initiation to « pétanque » (typically French lawn bowling), lunch of the 14th of July, football, outing with the MJC youth... For more information regarding the Drôme region, you can consult the following internet sites :

http://www.vallee-drome.com http://www.drometourisme.com http://www.cg26.fr

TERMINAL: Valence Ville



JR16/205 PONT D'AIN – CLASSICAL WORKCAMP Ambérieu en bugey 03/07-16/07/16

RENO , Age: 18-30. 11 VOLS

WORK: This summer at Port d’Ain, your task will be to reconstruct the old irrigation valves located in a small forest surrounding the village. The work will consist mainly of painting, cleaning and clearing away plants. A path will also be built to allow walkers to reach the spot. Supervised by

volunteers from the town, you will work 5 days per week for 4 or 5 hours (in the morning). Do not forget to bring solid, closed shoes! PLEASE REMEMBER: every morning we will go to the work site by bike! (Approximately 10 minutes)

ACCOMODATION: Accommodation will be in the vicarage. Sleeping space, small kitchen and WC on site. Meals will be prepared by volunteers in teams of two. As there isn’t a shower in the vicarage, your neighbours will let you use their bathrooms when you want to take a shower! Jeunesse et Reconstruction will provide mattresses but you will have to bring sheets and a sleeping bag.

Please be aware, we cannot take responsibility of you if you arrive before the start of the work camp!

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: A haven of calm and peace, with one of France’s most beautiful streams flowing through it, Pont d’Ain is pleasantly located on the borders of three large geographic regions of the Ain department:

La Bresse, la Dombes and le Bugey. Its exceptional geographic location will allow you to spend two pleasant weeks here and also let you get to know the region! Many exchanges with the locals are planned. Possible leisure activities: visiting Lyon, walking to the Château des Allymes,

hikes, water sports, BBQs and/or meals with locals and local associations, village fete with fireworks, etc. For more information on the town : http://www.pontdain.fr/ N.B: You will be provided with bicycles so that you can travel around the town and its surrounding area independently!

TERMINAL: Ambérieu en Bugey



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