List of workcamps (by date order)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


List of workcamps (by date order)

Code name from to Type age limit No. of vol special fee
JR16/100 ARTIAS CASTLE : DRY STONE TRAINING 08/05/2016 15/05/2016 RENO ,CONS ,ARCH ,STUD ,MANU ,EDU , 16+ (no limit) 200 EUR
JR16/215 SAINT ALBAN BASSENS - ON THE PATHS OF SAVOY 18/06/2016 09/07/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/202 CREATIVE PAINTING IN THE FRENCH ALPS 25/06/2016 16/07/2016 MANU ,ART , 18/30  
JR16/117 SEGUR LES VILLAS – HIGHLIGHT BREAD OVEN RUINS 02/07/2016 23/07/2016 RENO ,ENVI ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/201 BEAUVALLON - ALL GENERATIONS PEACE PROJECT 03/07/2016 16/07/2016 RENO , 18/30  
JR16/205 PONT D'AIN 03/07/2016 16/07/2016 RENO , 18/30  
JR16/114 YOLET– OLD FOUNDRY AND NEW STONE BARBECUE 03/07/2016 23/07/2016 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/03 EMMAUS 1 – FRENCH SPEAKING 04/04/2016 23/07/2016 SOCIAL 20/30  
JR16/104 CLERMONT-FERRAND – IMPROVE SOCIAL HOUSE ! – FR SPE 10/07/2016 23/07/2016 RENO ,SOCI ,KIDS ,CULT , 18/30  
JR16/204 PERMACULTURE IN SOUTH BEAUJOLAIS – FR SPEAK 10/07/2016 30/07/2016 RENO ,ENVI ,AGRI , 18/30  
JR16/210 CLUSES – FRIENDLY FRENCH ALPS 10/07/2016 30/07/2016 RENO ,MANU ,ART , 18/30  
JR16/212 ROCLES – RETURN TO THE ROOTS 10/07/2016 31/07/2016 ENVI ,MANU ,ART , 18/30  
JR16/203 ETOILE SUR RHONE – CASTLE PARK RESTORATION 10/07/2016 01/08/2016 RENO , 18/30  
JR16/300 MILLE PATTES 1 11/07/2016 30/07/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/207 BASE NATURE VERCORS - FR SPEAK 11/07/2016 25/07/2016 ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , 14/17 380 EUR
JR16/209 VIVIERS HISTORICAL MONUMENTS 17/07/2016 30/07/2016 RENO , 18/30  
JR16/101 CERILLY - HERITAGE CONSERVATION 17/07/2016 06/08/2016 RENO ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/102 VITRAY – SAVE WASH HOUSE HEART OF FOREST ! 17/07/2016 06/08/2016 RENO ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/109 FERNOEL – HERITAGE CONSERVATION 17/07/2016 16/08/2016 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/01 LEFFRINCKOUCKE FORT DES DUNES 18/07/2016 08/08/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/213 CREST JAZZ FESTIVAL – FR SPEAK 24/07/2016 10/08/2016 FEST , 18/30 50 EUR
JR16/115 VALUEJOLS – RENOVATE A TYPICAL WASHING PLACE 24/07/2016 13/08/2016 RENO ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/214 EMMAUS ETOILE - SOCIAL COMMUNITY 24/07/2016 13/08/2016 ENVI ,SOCI , 20/30  
JR16/211 SALINS LES BAINS – WORLD HERITAGE PROJECT 31/07/2016 20/08/2016 RENO , 18/30  
JR16/106 ISSOIRE 31/07/2016 20/08/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/107 MUROL - CASTLE AND VOLCANOES 31/07/2016 20/08/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/112 SAINT-ILPIZE – CASTLE OVERLOOKING THE VALLEY 31/07/2016 20/08/2016 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS , 18/30  
JR16/119 VEBRET – DRY STONES WALL RENOVATION 31/07/2016 20/08/2016 RENO ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/206 PONTAIX - OLD STONES, YOUNG ENERGY! 31/07/2016 20/08/2016 RENO , 18/30  
JR16/04 EMMAUS 2 – FRENCH SPEAKING 01/08/2016 20/08/2016 SOCIAL 20/30  
JR16/302 BRAMEVAQUE 01/08/2016 19/08/2016 RENO MANU 18/30  
JR16/208 BASE NATURE VERCORS - FR SPEAK 01/08/2016 15/08/2016 ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , 14/17 380 EUR
JR16/103 RETOURNAC – EDGE OF LOIRE RIVER 07/08/2016 27/08/2016 RENO ,ENVI ,CONS ,ARCH ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/105 HERMENT – DRY STONE CONSERVATION 07/08/2016 27/08/2016 RENO ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/02 FESTIVAL COUVRE FEU 08/08/2016 25/08/2016 FEST , 18/30 50 EUR
JR16/200 BEAUMES DE VENISE – ARCHEO EXPERIMENTATION IN 14/08/2016 27/08/2016 RENO ,ARCH , 18/30  
JR16/216 TERMIGNON – DRY STONE BUILDING IN A NATIONAL PARK 14/08/2016 03/09/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/301 MILLE PATTES 2 16/08/2016 03/09/2016 RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  
JR16/118 TEISSIERES - MUSIC AND LAND ART FESTIVAL 16/08/2016 03/09/2016 ENVI ,MANU ,FEST , 18/30  
JR16/113 BILLOM – A GREENER MEDIEVAL TOWN 21/08/2016 03/09/2016 ENVI ,CONS ,MANU , 18/30  
JR16/217 LE BEAUCET – MEDIEVAL CASTLE IN PROVENCE To be confirmed   RENO ,ENVI , 18/30  


Auvergne region

JR16/100 to JR16/119






Rhône-Alpes Region

JR16/200 to JR16/217




Midi-Pyrenees Region

JR16/300 to JR16/304







Ile de France region

JR16/03, JR16/04




Nord Pas-de-Calais Picardie region







Pays-de-Loire region











Letter to the volunteers


To come to a workcamp in France means, first of all, to make the choice of “discovering”: discovering a culture in which you are going to be fully integrated; discovering of a new language; discovering intercultural learning in a group of volunteers coming from all parts of the world; discovering of a region…


Jeunesse et Reconstruction was created in 1948and,since then, it has never stopped promoting the idea of another way of travelling. The organization has its head office in Paris, and regional offices in Auvergne, Midi-Pyrénées and Rhône Alpes. Since its creation, it has hosted more than 100 000 volunteers on workcamps or on long term volunteering programmes.


The aim of a workcamp is to promote volunteering through a community service projectin the municipality which is going to host you, but also to promote respect, exchange and tolerance through intercultural and intergenerational exchanges. The work that has to be done is thus central in the set up of a workcamp and its completion guarantees the recognition of the group within the community.

Depending on the type of workcamp, the work can be: the renovation or restoration of a monument/building, the maintenance of « green spaces », the protection of the environment, a social or a cultural project…

Then, we are not talking of usual tourist holidays any longer: you are going to be integrated in the French culture and its diversity; as a consequence, you will make a significant and enriching experience. Moreover, the volunteers who come to a workcamp come from different countries, different backgrounds, and their age can be different too (from 17 to 30 years old) : they are not only students but all of them want to share they culture.


A workcamp is thus a space and a time for exchanges and encounters for the volunteers, but it is also the result of an important partnership between our organization, the municipality that is hosting the camp and different structures such as the district and regional councils or the Youth and Sports ministry. The funding of a workcamp is done by those different structures as a policy promoting open-mindedness and intercultural learning. The camps mainly take place in rural areas, and consequently, the aim is to meet foreign cultures, for those people who cannot travel abroad, and to mobilise the volunteers around a common project which is useful to the community.


The group will be managed by a « camp leader »: he/ she is not a paid staff of our organisation but a volunteer, just like you, who has chosen to get more involved in order to federate the workcamp volunteers: he/she will be in charge of the management of the group, of the food budget and of the free time activitiesbut he/she will always be ready to listen to your suggestions because initiatives are always welcome and strengthen the team spirit of the group,particularly concerning free time activities.

The team leader will expect a personal involvement from you and also some help in the daily life and chores. He/She is also the representative of our organisation towards the different actors: municipality, funding partners, local organisations...etc.


You have chosen to make the experience of a workcamp organised by Jeunesse et Reconstruction consequently you are making a commitment and that is why we expect from you:


1) At work:


- To respect the work timetables and schedules defined with the village/city municipality and to adapt to the difficulties inherent to every workcamp.

- To follow the safety regulations in orderto protect yourself and to protect the other members of the group from any accident,

- To wear appropriate clothes for working,

- To take good care of the materials and tools,

- To respect the environment in which you are going to work,

- To involve yourselfso that the work is finished at the end of the camp.


2) In the daily life of the group and during the free time activities:


- To respect the culture of the other volunteers and of all the people you are going to meet during the camp.

- To get involve in the daily life of the groupthrough the free time activities and the daily chores,

- To respect the accommodationpremises and equipment (kitchen, bathroom….)

- To adapt to the living conditions of the camp because they may be very different from what you are used to live in (tents, school rooms, etc…) and to accept simple living conditions. Moreover, workcamps are usually located in quite isolated rural areas.

- To follow the regulations concerning the consumption of alcohol: no excess will be accepted, please be responsible and adult. The use of any drug is prohibited in France, and thus fully prohibited on the workcamp.

- To give life to the group: indeed, the success of a workcamp lies in the personal involvement of all the volunteers : initiatives are welcome and they allow better exchanges.

- To make sure you will be present from the starting date till the ending dateof the camp in order not to disturb the group, but above all in order to respect the hosting municipality.

- To follow the advice of the camp leaderfor the well-being of the group.



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