The involvement is thus important but it will guarantee the success of your experience and, above all, the quality of the exchanges during the workcamp.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The involvement is thus important but it will guarantee the success of your experience and, above all, the quality of the exchanges during the workcamp.

We remind to read carefully the infosheet of your workcamp. Please pay attention to the remarks giving you advice on what to bring for the workcamp. Particularly, be careful to the necessity of bringing good shoes for work (for safety) and a sleeping bag (in case you do not bring it, we cannot provide one and you will have to buy one).

Have a nice workcamp and enjoy it!

The Jeunesse et Reconstruction staff and team





In date order



Requirements/what to bring (for all camps)

1/ No special knowledge or competence is required for this camp, except being motivated, curious and loving work in group! 2 / Our association doesn’ t provide a car during the workcamp. 3 / At the end of the workcamp, no transportation will be organized by our association. You will then have to arrange your own means of transport to return to the train station and plan it during the camp with the team leader and the inhabitants. 4/ More info about trains: European volunteers should bring their European health care card, and everybody must, in any case, BRING THEIR INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. If health issues on the camp, the volunteers will have to pay for it, and then get reimbursed once back in the home country. 6/Please don’t forget to bring: a sleeping bag, warm clothes (socks, sweaters and rain-coat), a bathing suit. For male volunteers: short pants are generally prohibited in the public swimming pools in France, please bring a bathing suit. For the work: worn out and protective clothes and strong shoes. + Your games, songbooks, cassettes, musical instruments and recipes, will be also welcome! To make exchanges and meetings easier, please also bring photos of your home, some postcards, and small gifts. 7/ It is not possible for foreigners to change traveller-checks into cash money at the French bank agencies: please do it before the workcamp starts at money changers (in airports, main train stations, big cities)


Dates not confirmed yet : JR16/217


JR16/217 LE BEAUCET – MEDIEVAL CASTLE IN PROVENCE Carpentras 01/01-01/01/16

RENO ,ENVI , Age: 18-30. 13 VOLS

WORK: The international volunteers’ team will take part in collective work very close to the ancient castle of Le Beaucet. Your objective: rearrange a former foot path that originally linked the castle to the rest of the village. This path has not been used for decades given the numerous plants and trees that overrun the ground. In order to allow visitors, tourists and hikers to access the castle other than by car, and enjoy the beautiful panorama you will take part in a big clearing up operation! With secateurs and handsaws, you will cut up the vegetation and clear the path. A repetitive work, with a lot of handling, that you will though perform in a beautiful site with the help of local people! Work 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. Remember to bring sturdy shoes and closed for work!

ACCOMODATION: Outdoor daily life in a remarkable place! You will be accommodated under tents on the esplanade next to the castle, on the top of the hill that overhangs the village of Le Beaucet and the valley! Tents and mattresses will be provided by our organization but please don’t forget to bring you sleeping bag. Sanitary facilities will be installed on the esplanade (shower and toilets). A kitchen will be at your disposal inside the castle for preparing your meals. Meals will be prepared by volunteers for the whole group. Like every other volunteer you will participate in the daily tasks and the group organization: cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, planning free time activities, buying food… Please note that the organizers of the camp can’t take care of you if you arrive before the starting date of the camp.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: Welcome to Provence ! Between the Vaucluse mountains and the famous Mount Ventoux, Le Beaucet is located in the Comtat Venaissin region, very close to the Luberon. You will have the chance to get to know the fascinating history of this Southern France region that offers numerous leisure and discovery activities: visit of villages, trip to Avignon, to the Mount Ventoux, to the Fountain of Vaucluse, visit of a wine cellar and wine tasting... You will also have the opportunity of meeting the inhabitants and participating in the various local summer events and celebrations. In order to make intercultural exchanges easier, please do not forget to bring specialties and traditional recipes from your country, as well as pictures, music, curios to share about your culture! More info about the region:

TERMINAL: Carpentras

REMARKS: Project located in a very small village!




SPECIAL PROJECT : training to learn dry stone walling


08/05-15/05/16 RENO,CONS ,ARCH ,STUD ,MANU ,EDU , Age: 16+ (no limit) 8 VOLS


WORK: During this training you will be able to discover or deepen the ancestral technique of dry stone. You will be trained by two experts of this technique, called “muraillers”. The training will focus on the following educational concepts: Why dry stone - Sorting stones - How to handle the stones - The waist with specific tools - Laying of the foundation stone - Calculation of the fruit, choice of a facing stone - The calibration - Different rules built - Laying couvertines and wall finish.

In order to practice your acquired knowledge you will rebuild a retaining wall on the castle site.

ACCOMODATION: The training includes accommodation and all meals. You will stay in a collective cottage located 10 minutes from the site of ARTIAS. Evening meals will be taken in the cottage which is located in a farm. The farm products are certified Organic farming, so you will eat quality food! Meal preparation will be made collectively: every day, two participants will be responsible for preparing the meals for the group. More information about the cottage:

Showers and toilets nearby. Equipped kitchen.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

LOCATION: ARTIAS is located in the municipality of Retournac in the Region of AUVERGNE. The site overhangs majestically the Loire river (see photos). There is a train station in Retournac (Saint-Etienne - Le Puy-en-Velay line). With its natural and built heritage (Loire runs along the city), Retournac is a pleasant small town. Website of Retournac :

The area offers many opportunities for walking and recreation: swimming in the river, heritage tour, festival.

Depending on the time and the weather we plan to organize during the training the visit of one or two outstanding sites for the dry stone and to watch movies linked to the topic.

TERMINAL: Retournac




JR16/215 SAINT ALBAN BASSENS - ON THE PATHS OF SAVOY Chambéry 18/06-09/07/16

RENO ,ENVI , Age: 18-30. 11 VOLS

WORK: You will do renovation work in Saint-Alban-Leysse during the first ten days of the project. The technical advisors for this part of the project will prepare a programme of varied tasks for you, from traditional stone masonry to painting urban furniture, and even clearing away undergrowth in green spaces. You will work in small teams and you will have the chance to try everything, under the watchful eyes of the experienced and kind town workers. During the final ten days your team will carry out work in Bassens: accompanied by a local walkers organisation, who will help you to restore the hiking paths to good condition. Please note: There will be bikes available to use by your team to travel between your accommodation and your project work sites.

ACCOMODATION: You will be staying in the Champiteau building, near to the Saint-Alban-Leysse’s town centre: on site there will be a kitchen, toilets, and showers; and even a little garden for taking naps in the shade! For bedding, J & R will provide sleeping mats which you can put in one of the building’s rooms; remember to bring sheets and a sleeping bag! The meals will be prepared as a group and you will be required to take part in daily chores (cooking, dish washing, cleaning, etc.) Don’t forget to bring ingredients and recipes from your country to show your country’s gastronomy to the other volunteers and the inhabitants. Please note: Bikes will be available to you for travelling between your accommodation and your project work site, and also for exploring the surrounding areas independently!

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / and : French

TERMINAL: Chambéry



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