Ex. 3 Match each word with the correct definition

1.spin-off a.to imagine or expect that something will happen
2.specialized b.not harmed or affected by something
3.device c.an object that has been invented to fulfill a particular purpose
4.durable d.a product that develops from another product
5.anticipate e.able to last a long time without becoming damaged
6.monitor f.the best out of a number of possible alternatives
7.resistant g.to watch and check the progress of something
8.optimum h.developed for a particular purpose or job


Ex. 4 Circle the correct answer

1. If you anticipate that you are going to get a raise in your salary, you __________.

a. expect to get a raise

b. don’t plan on getting a raise

2. If the optimum time travel to Spain is in the summer, you would probably __________.

a. avoid Spain in the summer

b. plan a trip to Spain in the summer

3. A material that is resistant to water __________.

a. keeps water out

b. lets water in

4. An example of a spin-off of space technology is a special bed for __________.

a. astronauts

b. burn patients

5. Durable tires for your car __________.

a. need to be replaced very often

b. should last for a long time

6. Which is an example of a specialized device?

a. an electronic microscope

b. a book of poetry

7. Which would a nurse be more likely to monitor?

a. a patient’s heart rate

b. a customer’s purchases


Ex. 5 Learning synonyms and antonyms. For each pair of words circle S if they are synonyms or A if they are antonyms.

spin-offs by-products S A
device machine S A
durable weak S A
optimum worst S A
monitor check S A
resistant vulnerable S A
adapted modified S A
anticipate predict S A


Ex. 6. Discuss these questions:

1) Have you ever used any of the spin-offs mentioned in the article? If so, describe when and why.

2) Do you think any of the spin-off from space technology are more valuable that their originally intended purpose? Which one(s)?


Part II (Listening and Speaking)

Ex. 1 To warm up work in small groups of two or three. Ask your group-mates what would happen if……, then give your own answer


- What would you do if you met an alien?

- If I met an alien I would ask him/her about the most advanced technologies they use.

That’ right, but if I met an alien I would try to learn his language and would just talk with him/ her.

1. If I were a scientist in rocketry…

2. Had I an opportunity to design a…

3. If the missions to Venus were possible…

4. If I could grow potatoes on Mars…

5. If the atmosphere on Mars wasn’t rarefied (разреженный)...

6. If I were a crew member on the ISS…

7. Had the governments invested to space research more…

8. If people were able to colonize Mars…

9. Had I spoken to Tsiolkovsky…

10. Were a space lift built from the Earth to a geostationary orbit...

11. What if …Russia had never launched the Sputnik?

12. What if…no one had ever tried to break the sound barrier?

13. What if…you were offered an opportunity to ride on the Space Shuttle?


Ex.2 Watch the video

Before watching:

Predicting content – you will watch a movie about space exploration. With a partner, decide which topic a presenter will probably NOT talk about. Circle your answer.

1. Survivals – humanity should colonize space

2. Aliens – we are not alone in the universe

3. Inventions made in space are valuable

4. Asteroids are of great danger to our planet.

5. Remote controlled machines are preferable in space exploration.

6. Raw materials – space mining is very important.


After watching

With your partner take turns asking and answering the questions.

1. Why are asteroids dangerous for our planet?

2. Why does space exploration matter? (Give 5 reasons based on the movie)

3. What reasons against space exploration are mentioned in the movie?


Note: nitinol - нитинол


Continue to list advantages (good things) about manned space exploration and possible disadvantages in the table given after Text 12A, p. 6


Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel_titanium



Listening I

Discuss the following questions:

1) How does Moon look like if you look at it from Earth?

2) Do you believe that life on Mars is possible?

3) Have you seen/read the movie/book “The Martian”? Do you think the events described will be a reality soon?


to be fascinated – быть очарованным, заворожённым

weird – таинственный, фантастический, странный

with the naked eye – невооружённым глазом

tantalizing – волнующий, провоцирующий

pretty cold – довольно холодный

arid – сухой, безводный

harsh – агрессивный, суровый

collision – столкновение

disrupt – прерывать, разрушать

extremophiles – экстремофилы (совокупное название для живых существ, в том числе бактерий и микроорганизмов, способных жить и размножаться в экстремальных условиях окружающей среды, т.е. в низких/высоких температурах, чрезвычайном давлении и радиации)

meteorite – метеорит

evolved – развиваться, эволюционировать

Ex. 4. Listen to the text “Life on Mars” and say what you have learned about Mars. Answer the following questions.

1. Why do people get excited about the possibility of life on Mars?

2. What have you learned about the conditions (temperature, atmosphere) on the planet?

3. In what form does water exist on Mars?

4. Why doesn’t solar radiation kill human beings?

5. How might life on Mars have evolved?

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