Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!




Athletes wishing to school during speed competitions (Table A and Table C) must inform the OC before these competitions begin. These athletes will start first in these competitions.




· If an athlete is uncertain as to whether the boots he/she intends to use during an event are allowed, he/she or his/her representative should show the boots to the Chief Steward for his/her opinion before the boots are used in training or in competition.

· In addition, athletes are to be made aware that hind boots must be removed and placed again on the horse’s legs in the presence of a Steward while in the warm-up arena prior to entering the competition arena for certain competitions. (If bandages are used in place of boots, athletes are not required to remove the bandages in the warm-up arena.)This procedure is compulsory for competitions for which boot and bandage control is mandatory, that is the Nations Cup, Grand Prix, and the competition with the highest prize money, and is at the discretion of the Chief Steward for other competitions.

· As an alternative to carrying out this procedure at the time designated by the Steward an athlete may ask his/her groom to take the boots to the in-gate and place them on the horse’s legs in front of the Steward prior to the combination entering the arena.

· The Steward has the authority to intervene if a boot is deemed excessively tight by instructing that the boot be removed and put on again correctly. [Stewards are to note thatit is normal for a horse’s gait to be somewhat affected immediately after boots have been removed and re-placed.]If an athlete or his/her groom refuses to remove and re-place the boot(s) when instructed to do so by the Steward, a Yellow Warning Card will be issued to the athlete in question.

· If it is deemed impossible or unsafe to remove the hind boots in the warm-up arena prior to the combination entering the competition arena, due to an extremely excited or nervous horse, the boots of the horse in question are to be removed by the athlete/groom following the athlete’s round upon leaving the arena and inspected by the Steward. This inspection may be carried out during the boot and bandage control if the boot and bandage control is carried out for the competition in question.

· This procedure does not replace boot and bandage control after completion of an athlete’s round for competitions for which boot and bandage control is mandatory (refer to JRs Art. 244.1).



In the event of any discussion concerning the interpretation of the schedule (in translated languages), the English version will be decisive.



In exceptional circumstances, together with the approval of Chefs d'Equipe, host NF delegate, if any, and the Ground Jury, the Organiser may change the schedule in order to clarify any matter arising from an omission or due to unforeseen circumstances. Any such changes must be notified to all athletes and officials as soon as possible and they must be reported to the FEI Secretary General by the Technical Delegate.


Additional informations from the oC



  Square for organiser to include any additional information -






In case of a tie for the 12th place in a competition with 12 to 48 starters, the prize money foreseen for the 12th place will be divided equally among the athletes concerned.

For Competitions run in two rounds with more than 12 starters in 2nd round:

OCs that indicate in the schedule that a specific number (that is more than 12) of athletes will return for the second round will be permitted to distribute the prize money for that competition among all the athletes taking part in the second round, even if the second round is followed by a jump-off in case of a tie on penalties for first place after the second round.




Please fill the form below in order to provide you and the other members of your committee or your IT Providers access to the FEI Entry System.


FEI ID1: 10109648 Name*: Kiryanova First Name*: Natalia E-Mail*: Access Rights*: Admin2 Consult3 Events4:
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1 If already have an FEI user account. 2 Provides you the required access to manage entries and substitutions and download entries/lists. 3 You are just able to consult and download the entries/lists. 4 Leave the field blank if the user deals with the entries of all events in the show. * Mandatory Fields


In order to proceed with the results publication and for qualification purposes the FEI requires results to be uploaded directly on the FEI Database within five days after the conclusion of the event.

All relevant information, file format and tutorial can be found on this page:

If you or your provider are unable to produce the required files, results will be accepted by e-mail to, in the proper Excel or “XML” format immediately after the event. Please refer to compulsory format for CSIs/CSIOs/Championships and Games; the file can be downloaded using the following link:

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