TEXT          Me and the world I live in.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


TEXT          Me and the world I live in.


Let me introduce myself. My full name is …. . I am a student of the Economic-Technical College and my friends call me by my first name. I was born on the 5-th of November, 1985 in Volgograd. I am not the only child in my family. I've got a sister and a brother. So, we are five. We are a friendly family and try to help each other and to consider the feelings of each other. We are very busy all day long. My parents are at work, my elder sister and my younger brother study. My father is a doctor. He works at a hospital. He likes his job. My mother is a manager. She works a lot. My sister is a third-year student of the Medical Academy, my brother is a pupil. As for me, I study at the Economic-Technical College. I have chosen the programming course because I have a keen interest on computer technology. In the evening when we are all at home, we try to help mother about the house and then have tea and a trusting talk around the table. My parents are very interesting and tactful people, we, children, adore them.

Sometimes, I stay at the college late because I attend a sport club twice a week. I am fond of playing chess. It's my hobby and I pay a great attention to practicing. Besides, I've got a lot of friends and we often have a good time together at a cafe, at a disco club or attending a concert. I am a communicative person. I feel it easy to get along with my friends. As a rule I am on good terms with them but sometimes, we quarrel. To tell the truth , it doesn't last long.

Friendship is one of the greatest things in the world. Frankly speaking, I have only one sincerest friend. My friend is the person I trust. We have much in common, we share our secrets, consider each - other's opinion, try to help each other in everything.

My future, I hope, will be deal with computers. No doubt, computers are necessary absolutely in all the spheres of life. I hope I’l1 make a good specialist in computer technology.

I am young and all the youth problems trouble me, if not touch me. First of all, I mean relations with my elder sister, with my parents, who sometimes don't want to understand my late nights or some habits such as smoking or my passion for certain music or clothes. Then, sorry to say, but I have conflicts with teachers when I don't agree with the given mark. Luckily for me, I have avoided the problems dealing with narcomania, toxicomania, drug-abuse, alcoholism. But I am really upset to see when boys and girls of my age are ill with those diseases. Another problem is the problem of life, of pastime. The present day social conditions of the youth: lack of money, lack of clubs free of charge make it rather difficult or impossible to travel, to attend clubs, theatres, cinemas. Even rare books taken from libraries should be paid. As a result, young people have to stay at home alone. This fact can also cause bad habits. It goes without saying, we need greatly a certain youth program which would help solve our problems.


Words and and word combinations:

to introduce – представлять;

to have a keen interest on – интересоваться очень;

to attend – посещать, ходить (на занятия);

to pay a great attention to – уделять большое внимание;

communicative – общительный;

to feel it easy to – испытывать легкость;

to get along with – ладить (с людьми);

to be on good terms – быть в хороших отношениях;

to quarrel – ссориться;

sincere – искренний;

to have much in com mon – иметь много общего;

to consider the opinion (the feelings) of – считаться с мнением (чувствами);

to make a good specialist in – стать хорошим специалистом

to avoid – избежать;

to be upset – расстраиваться;

diseases – болезни;

pastime (leisure) – досуг, время препровождения;

lack of (money, time) – нехватка (денег, времени);

to cause -  быть причиной;

drug – friend (drug – taker) - наркоман;

abuse – злоупотребление;

to adore – обожать, поклоняться;

trusting – доверительный;

rare – редкий.



1. Phonetic difficulties. Practise the following:


“Oh, dear, why have you cut your hair? What’s the big idea?”

“They don’t wear long hair this year.”


2. Answer the questions:

  1. Is your family large?
  2. Are you a friendly family?
  3. Have you got a sister or a brother?
  4. What are your parents?
  5. Where do you study?
  6. What are you fond of?
  7. Do you get along with your friends?
  8. Do you enjoy making friends?
  9. Do you have friends who share your interests?
  10. What do you usually do in the evening?
  11. What problems touch or trouble you?
  12. What are the reasons of the problems in your opinion?


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