Put the following words in the right column.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Put the following words in the right column.

Equipment, bridge, use, following, different, subsequent, operation, material, scraper, pave, improve, advantage, ensure, economic, incredible, quality, cost, sub grade, compaction, dozer, scraper, construct, help, direct, cut, job, formation, ripper.



Give English equivalents of the following words and word combinations.

Оборудование для дорожного строительства, в последние десятилетия, основное преимущество, обеспечить безопасную работу на строительной площадке, сегодняшние машины, даже многоэтажные здания, различные типы работ, последовательность выполнения работ, невероятный прогресс, формирование грунта земляного полотна.


8. Using the information from the text give general information about road construction equipment.


1. Before you start. · What is the function of bulldozers in road construction? · Do you know what the scraper is?

Read the words and learn them by heart.

1. crawler – машина на гусеничном ходу

2. blade – отвал

3. rubble – щебень

4. at the rear – в задней части

5. to loosen – разрыхлить

6. capability – способность

7. substantial – массивный

8. muddy – илистый

9. metal plate – металлическая пластина

10. densely compacted – компактно уплотненный

11. tracked – на гусеничном ходу

12. rough – неровный

13. to sink – тонуть

14. to evolve – развиваться

15. tree dozer – бульдозер-корчеватель, бульдозер-древовал

16. attachment – приспособление

17. hauling – перемещение

18. rubber – резина

19. tires – колеса

20. bowl – ковш

21. apron – заслонка

22. ejector – устройство для разгрузки грунта

23. elevating scraper – скрепер с элеваторной загрузкой

24. elevator – подъемник

25. crossbars – поперечные перекладины

26. pull-type scraper – прицепной скрепер

Read and translate the text to learn more about dozers and scrapers used for clearing the site.

Dozers and scrapers

A bulldozer is a crawler equipped with a substantial metal plate (known as a blade) used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, and other materials during construction work and typically equipped at the rear with a ripper to loosen densely compacted materials.

Bulldozers can be found on a wide range of sites, including road construction site. Most often bulldozers are large and powerful tracked heavy equipment. The tracks give them excellent ground holding capability and mobility through very rough terrain. Wide tracks help distribute the bulldozer’s weight over a large area, thus preventing it from sinking in sandy or muddy ground. The bulldozer’s primary tools are the blade and the ripper.

Bulldozers have been further modified over time to evolve into new machines which can work in ways that the original bulldozer cannot.

In an angledozer the blade can be pushed forward at one end to make it easier to push material away to the side.

Another modification is a tree dozer which is an attachment for a tractor or bulldozer consisting of metal bars and a cutting blade, used to clear bushes and small trees.

Scrapers are large motorized machines used for digging, hauling and leveling out materials in a variety of construction jobs. Running on massive rubber tires, motorized scrapers quickly move large quantities of earth around a construction site.

Motor scraper

A standard motor scraper is comprised of a bowl, an apron to drop down over a load of material in order to retain it, and an ejector to push out the load hydraulically. Due to its hydraulic system, these components can all function independently.


Instead of an apron, these scrapers include a hydraulically- or electrically-driven elevator made of two chains equipped with a series of crossbars. The elevator’s purpose is to aid in loading material into the scraper’s elevating bowl.

Pull type

Pull scrapers are able to move in soft, wet soils, as well as sand. Unlike the motor scraper, pull scrapers are not motorized and must therefore be pulled by another vehicle.

Source: http://www.heavyequipment.com/heavy-equipment/road-highways

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