I. Грамматические упражнения

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


I. Грамматические упражнения

Упражнение 1. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Past Simple:

1. He (lose) his balance and (fall).

2. Ann’s grandfather (found) his firm in 1981.

3. The train (leave) the station at 8.30 a.m.

4. We (meet) last summer.

5. We (go) for a walk every day.

6. It (happen) a long time ago.

7. Everything (be) wrong yesterday.

8. We (study) merchandising last term.

9. I (have) a very good time last Saturday.

10. They (be) at home in the evening.

Упражнение 2. Составьте и запишите предложения из данных слов:

1. traveled, you, to, ever, have, the East?

2. always, been, has, she, a bright student.

3. we, never, have, a flying saucer, seen.

4. you, have, yet, your homework, finished?

5. always, I, have, wanted, to meet your parents.

6. heard, from Mary, lately, have, you?

Упражнение 3. Ответьте на вопросы, используя Present Perfect:

1. How long have you worked here?

2. Since when has your family lived in Perm?

3. What novels have you read this year?

4. What transport have you used today?

5. How long have you been a student?

6. What birthday present has your friend given you?

7. How long have your parents been married?

8. Have you ever been to Moscow?

9. What sources have you used for your report?

10. What newspapers have you looked through?

Упражнение 4. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в Present Perfect или Past Simple:

1. I (make) a report at the seminar last week.

2. Your brother (graduate) from the University?

3. I (pass) my English exam last week.

4. That’s the third time I (phone) her today.

5. How long (know) each other?

6. I (have) just my breakfast.

7. When you (go) to the cinema last?

8. He (break) his arm yesterday.

9. Moscow (change) greatly for the last few years.

10. I (see) him an hour ago.

Упражнение №5. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в Past Continuous:

1. We (to walk) down the street when it began to rain.

2. I couldn’t get you on the phone last night, who (to talk) to so long?

3. They (to play) chess for half an hour.

4. (to wear) you this dress at yesterday’s party?

5. He (not to drive) too fast.

Упражнение 6. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в форму Past Simple или Past Continuous:

1. When the taxi (arrive) I still (pack) my things.

2. What you (do) in the evening yesterday? – I (watch) TV and my wife (wash up).

3. Mr. Brown, where you (be) when they (drive) your car at midnight?

4. When the clock (strike) nine she (run) up the stairs to her office because the lift (not work).

5. He (stand) and (watch) while the boys (fight).

6. She (wear) a marvelous new dress at the party and (look) fantastic.

7. He (wait) for her for an hour but she never (come).

8. When the telephone (ring) I (bake) a cake and (ask) Mary who (do) nothing at the moment to answer the call.

9. Why you (not attend) the lecture on Saturday? Professor B. (speak) about types of accounting recorders.

Упражнение 7. Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам:

1. Fifty students were admitted to the faculty of commerce last August.

2. I have been woken by the noise in the street.

3. He was given a form to fill in.

4. The tea will be not served till 5 because of the conference.

5. She was greeted very warmly.

6. My colleague will be sent to London to lecture on British history.

7. French is spoken in France and Canada.

Тексты для чтения, перевода и пересказа

1. Прочитайте и перескажите текст:

In America: Shopping Madness

Apart from working, sleeping, watching TV Americans devote more time to shopping than to any other pastime. Indeed, shopping is now the number one holiday activity of Americans. People actually plan their vacation around shopping trips. Hundreds of thousands people a year travel to Niagara Falls, it seems, not to see the falls but to wander through its two mega-malls. Soon holidaymakers will be able to travel to the Grand Canyon and see it either, for there are plans, if you can believe it, to build a 450,000-square-foot shopping centre by its main entrance.

As for me, I cannot go shopping in America without wanting either to burst into tears or kill someone. For all its science, you see, shopping in this country is no longer fun, if it ever was.

A big part of the problem is the stores. They come in three types.

First, there are the stores where you can never find anyone to help you. Then there are the stores where you don’t want any help, but you are pestered by a persistent sales assistant, probably working on commission. Finally, there are the stores where, when you ask where anything is, the answer is always “Aisle seven.” I don’t know why, but that is what they always tell you.

“Where’s pet food?” you ask.

“Aisle seven.”

“Where’s menswear?”

“Aisle seven.”

“Where’s aisle six?”

“Aisle seven.”

America is the shopping paradise. My point is that there is almost nothing you cannot buy in this remarkable country. Of course, shopping is the national sport in America.

2. Прочитайте и переведите текст:


Shopping by post has been around for a long time, but it has developed to a degree that is just beyond astounding. Almost from the moment we arrived in America catalogues began coming with the daily mail. Now we get perhaps a dozen a week, sometimes more – catalogues for videos, gardening implements, lingerie, books, camping and fishing gear, things to make your bathroom a more stylish place.

For a long I threw all that away. What a fool I was. I now realize they not only provide hours of reading pleasure, but open up a world of possibilities I didn’t know existed.

The goods themselves are not bargains and the attempts made to advertise them are very often quite amusing. But the scary thing is that often these descriptions are written so artfully that you are almost taken in by them. I was just reading in another catalogue about a fancy kitchen accessory from Italy called a porto rotolo di carta, which was for just $ 49.95 when I realized that it was a paper towel holder.

Even socks come with lengthy descriptions proving their unique qualities. I confess I have sometimes been briefly tempted to make a purchase, but in the end I realize that given a choice between paying $ 37.50 for a shirt with a superior nap and just having a nap, I will always go for the latter.


3. Прочитайте и перескажите текст:

London’s Shopping Street

Don’t miss Carnaby Street as its banner says, it still carries on welcoming the world. Trip down the multi-coloured pavement and you’ll find punk fashion lives-leather jackets, Sex Pistols T-shirts and studded leather belts are among the novelties and souvenirs. Oxford Street is the mecca for reasonably priced high street fashion shops and department stores, CD and DVD shops. King’s Road is famous for reasonable to more expensively priced trendy clothes and good shops. Covent Garden is good for more classic but fashionable clothes. South Molton Street, Sloane Street and Bond Street have some of the leading international designer shops in London. Kensington High Street with its markets, is fun to find something high fashion and often quite outrageous! And Burlington Arcade, built in 1819 by Lord Cavendish with its long established British shops selling traditional merchandise, is a must just to walk down.

Cоставьте аналогичный текст о городе, в котором вы живете.

4. Переведите и выучите следующие диалоги:


Nick: Will you show me those black shoes?

Shop-assistant: Do you mean the rubber-soled shoes?

Nick: No, black leather-soled shoes.

Shop-assistant: What size do you wear?

Nick: I wear size 39.

Shop-assistant: Here you are.

Nick: Thank you. Give me another shoe.

Shop-assistant: Does it fit you well?

Nick: The left shoe pinches a little. But I think I’ll soon break it.


Shop-assistant: Can I help you?

Mary: Yes, please. I would like a vacuum-cleaner.

Shop-assistant: Which make would you like?

Mary: Oh, I don’t know anything about different makes.

Shop-assistant: Can you see anything you like in the shop?

Mary: What about this one? Does it work on 220 volts A.C.?

Shop-assistant: Yes, it does.

Mary: How much is it?

Shop-assistant: Twenty-five pounds.


Shop-assistant: Can I help you?

John: Yes, please. Can I try these jeans on?

Shop-assistant: Certainly. Over there.

John: Thank you.

Jane: Have you got these jeans in another colour and a larger size?

Shop-assistant: Here you are.

Jane: Thanks a lot. How much are they?

Shop-assistant: £20.

Jane: They are very smart. Thank you.

John: I must buy presents for my friends in Scotland. Jane, could you help me?


Salesgirl: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

Mr. Williams: Yes. I’m looking for a present for my wife.

Salesgirl: This handbag is very nice, sir.

Mr. Williams: Is it expensive?

Salesgirl: Oh, no, sir! It’s quite cheap. It costs fifteen pounds.

Mr. Williams: Fifteen pounds! That’s too expensive, I’m afraid.

Salesgirl: Look at this vase, sir.

Mr. Williams: No, that one’s too big. What about the one next to it?

Salesgirl: Ah, yes, sir. This one is smaller. And it’s cheaper.

Mr. Williams: How much does it cost?

Salesgirl: Eleven pounds, thirty pence.

Mr. Williams: Eleven pounds thirty! It’s too expensive. And it’s too heavy.


Shop-assistant: Are you interested in a Peugeot?

Linda: Oh, yes. My husband says I could buy a car for my one use. I think I like Peugeots. My friend has bought one recently and she simply adores it.

Shop-assistant: We have a fantastic deal for you on the Peugeot range.

Linda: May I see one?

Shop-assistant: Follow me, please. Here it is. It was delivered only the day before yesterday.

Linda: Oh, I like it.

Shop-assistant: When you buy a car from us, not only will you get a great price for your old car but – would you believe it – we guarantee to exchange it within 12 months and credit the original price you paid.

Linda: And no deprecation?

Shop-assistant: No depreciation whatsoever.

Linda: Oh, I’ll speak to my husband and I hope I’ll take it. Could I telephone you if I have any questions?

Shop-assistant: Naturally.

Linda: What’s the phone number?

Shop-assistant: Here is the card.

Linda: Thank you.

Shop-assistant: You are more than welcome.

3. Лексические упражнения

Упражнение 1. Вставьте соответствующие речевой ситуации слова и словосочетания:

1) Where shall we buy bread and other food? Let’s go to the … .

2) Will you buy some … for breakfast? We haven’t got any at home.

3) I like this supermarket because there is no queuing at the … .

4) Last week Peter went to a department store and bought a … there.

5) There is a good … shop nearby. I can buy a dress for a party there.

6) Excuse me, where is …? I’d like to buy some sun glasses.

7) Shall I go to …? I would like to buy slippers.

8) Where is … department? Ann would like to buy buttons.

9) - What’s the … of this car? - It’s Nissan.

10) The jacket doesn’t … well. It is too big.

11) What size of … do you wear?

Упражнение 2. Переведите на английский язык:

1) Я хочу купить туфли. Пойдем в отдел обуви.

2) В супермаркете Аня купила хлеб и мясные консервы.

3) К сожалению, завтра я занят. Мне надо сделать кое-какие покупки.

4) Какой у вас размер обуви?

5) Покажите, пожалуйста, черные туфли 37 размера.

6) Мне нравятся эти ботинки. Но правый немного жмет.

7) Сколько стоит этот костюм?

8) Какой марки ваши часы?

9) Вот конфеты. Я купил их сегодня утром в универсаме.

10) Питер пошел в отдел канцтоваров.



Напишите сочинение на тему: “My Favourite Shop” по следующему плану:

1) Do you like to go shopping?

2) What kind of shopper are you?

3) How often do you do shopping?

4) What is your favourite shop?

5) Where is it situated?

6) What departments are there in the shop?

7) What goods are sold there?

8) What is the service like?

9) What can you say about prices?

10) What do/did you buy in this shop?

11) What was the cost of your purchase?

12) Why do you like this shop?


1. Что такое коммерция?

2. Опишите услуги, предоставляемые предприятиями розничной торговли.

3. Опишите супермаркет.

4. Расскажите о типах предприятий розничной торговли.

5. Расскажите о видах обслуживания в розничной торговле.

6. Расскажите о персонале предприятий розничной торговли.

7. Расскажите о предприятиях розничной торговли в Перми, их достоинствах и недостатках.

8. Опишите магазин, в котором вы работаете.

9. Расскажите, где Вы работаете, и о своих функциональных обязанностях.

10. Расскажите, какие форматы магазинов есть в Вашем городе.

11. Расскажите о продуктовых рынках Перми, их преимуществах и недостатках по сравнению с магазинами.

12. Расскажите об оптовой торговле и работе оптовиков.

13. Расскажите о предприятиях оптовой торговли в Перми.

14. Опишите овощной отдел супермаркета.

15. Опишите отдел молочных продуктов.

16. Опишите мясной магазин и отдел «Рыба. Морепродукты».

17. Опишите отдел бакалейных товаров и кондитерских изделий.

18. Расскажите о торговых ярмарках и выставках.

19. Расскажите о проведении торговых ярмарок и выставок в Перми.

20. Опишите гипермаркеты Перми.

21. Расскажите, чем удобны магазины «за углом».

22. Расскажите о преимуществах формата «corner shop».



К сдаче экзамена допускаются обучающиеся, выполнившие контрольную работу в срок, предусмотренный графиком учебного процесса. Работа должна иметь оценку «зачтено». На экзамене нужно иметь при себе тетрадь с упражнениями, выполненными во время аудиторных занятий и самостоятельно в течение всего учебного года, задания текущего контроля, заданные преподавателем к зимней сессии. Экзамен состоит из трех заданий следующего формата:

Задание 1.Прочитайте и переведите текст:

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