ТОП 10:

Develop the following 'basic dialogue' into the one more suitable for the language of business.

- A bridge is better than a tunnel. - I prefer the tunnel.

Make collocations using a word from the column on the left with one from the column on the right. There is only one way that you can make all five collocations correctly. Then fit each collocation into one of the sentences which follow.

an overall step a)
a short-term point b)
a hasty picture c)
a preliminary decision d)
a moot solution e)



1. We shouldn't be forced into a ___________________ on this; given its importance we must think it over carefully.

2. As a _______________________ we would be prepared to exchange certain general information and perhaps later we will be able to move on to more important things.


3. That's a ______________________ and we shouldn't accept it as being true without discussing it further.


4. That's a good __________________________ but we still need something more lasting for the future.


5. Margaret, you've been here longer than anyone. Ignoring the details, can you give us the _____________________ as you see it?



Say whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. The language of meetings follows definite patterns that are not all obvious.


2. The effect of hearing another person say something out loud can diminish a listener’s belief in the statement even if the speaker is perceived as an authority figure or an expert.

3. In managing the flow of a conversation about a question, it is better to start by focusing the team on what appears to be the best possible solution.

4. Getting your own ego mixed up in the question of whether you’re right or wrong about a particular point makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution.

5. If the meeting organizer has not provided adequate information about the objectives of the meeting, the participants should not take the initiative to ask as everyone should observe the system of seniority.

6. It is important to start meetings on time, finishing in a timely manner is not so crucial.


7. Storytelling can be very useful if it is being used deliberately as a coaching or teaching tool but it may get a regular meeting clearly off track. So, there should be someone to guide the discussion back to the agenda.


8. In the end of the meeting the organizer should clearly summarize what needs to be done and who is going to do it only if some definite decisions were made. If the decision was to "study the issue more" – there is no need in that.






Student A




a) Work on your own. Read the information for phone conversations 1-4. Decide what you want to say in each conversation.

1. Phone your lawyer, Bernard Robins. If you can't speak to him, leave a message and say when you are going to leave your office. Say where he can contact you after that.


2. You are Liz Jackson's flatmate. Liz isn't in. When your partner calls, tell him/her where Liz went and when she'll be back. Offer to take a message.


3. Phone your friend, Roberto. Say who you are and ask to speak to him. If he's out, tell your partner why you're calling. Leave a message and say where/how Roberto can contact you.


4. You are the receptionist for a firm of accountants called Bradley and Wise. When your partner calls, ask him/her to wait, then try to put him/her through to Gabriela Wise. Her secretary says it's her day off today. Offer to take a message.


b) Work with your partner. Take turns to phone each other.




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