ТОП 10:

Read the text of a presentation, define its style, think who the audience might be. What is the purpose of the presentation? Fill in the chart below with the expressions from the text.



Good morning, everyone. Thanks for coming to my presentation. My name's Marta Rodriguez. I'm Personnel Director of Tara Fashions. I'm going to talk to you today about our company. First, I'll give you some basic information about Tara


Fashions. Then I'll talk about our overseas stores. After that I'll outline the strengths of the company. Next I'll talk about career opportunities with Tara. And finally I'll mention our future plans. I'll be pleased to answer any questions at the end of my talk.


Let me start with some basic facts about Tara. The company started in 1978. We are a family-owned business and our head office is in Cordoba, Spain. We sell clothes for men and women, and our customers are mainly fashion-conscious people aged 20 to 35. We have 15 stores in Spain. All the stores are very profitable.


Right, those are the basic facts.


Let me add a few figures. We have an annual turnover of about ?260 million. Our net profits last year were approximately ?16 million. We have a workforce of just over 2,000 employees. So those are the numbers.


Now about our overseas stores. We have four large stores in France and another ten in other European countries. We are planning to open five new stores next year. What are our strengths? We keep up with fashion trends. If we spot a trend, we can bring out a new design in 15 days. And we get it to the stores very quickly. We deliver to stores twice a week. And we sell our designs at the right price.


OK, now what about career opportunities? It's quite simple. If you are ambitious and fashion-conscious, we have opportunities in all areas of our business. We will welcome you with open arms.


Finally, a few words about our new project. We are planning to open a new store in New York next year – on Fifth Avenue. This will give us a foothold in the US market. We're very excited about this new development.


Well, thanks very much for listening to my talk. Are there any questions?


Introducing yourself

Introducing the topic



Giving a plan of your talk

Inviting questions


Giving background information

Changing the topic



Read the text of a presentation, define its style, think who the audience might be. What is the purpose of the presentation? What techniques does the presenter use? Fill in the chart in 2.2.5. with the expressions from the text.


TETSUO Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Tetsuo Endo; I


represent the Mikan Electronics Corporation and I am going to talk to you


for a few minutes about my company's products – in particular, about our


post office weighing machines.


I came to Britain for the first time a few months ago and of course I


was very interested to see how people hero live, I had heard lots of


stories, but this was my first opportunity to see for myself. The British are


well known in other countries for standing in line – for queuing. Ah, you


know that? I discovered this was true when I waited for a bus, when I


entered a bank to cash a cheque, and when I sent a parcel to my mother in


Tokyo. And I discovered it again this morning when we had to queue on


the motorway to cross the Severn Bridge. The reason that you are so good at queuing is that you have so much practice. Now, Mikan Electronics is going to change that, because one place where you won't have to queue for nearly as long in future as you have done in the past is a British post office. That is, if you adopt our Eagle range of electronic postal weighing machines.


Tetsuo shows a series of slides demonstrating what happens in a post office with conventional weighing machines.



Then he shows another series of pictures demonstrating the new weighing machine.



TETSUO Of course we don't claim that this is new technology. On the contrary


– this is technology that has been developed and tested over a long period


in supermarkets everywhere. We are all familiar with it at the supermarket


check-out, so why not at the post office counter also?


The benefits of our Eagle weighing machine are not limited to the


rapid printing of postage labels. Changes in postal rates can quickly be


programmed into the machine. The machine is so sensitive that it can


weigh a single gram, so the post office clerk doesn't need a special


balance any more for weighing air letters. And it is easily modified to


accept any credit or debit card. The clerk swipes the card through the



First, the clerk puts the parcel on the weighing machine…

machine and the customer's account is automatically debited. In the future that could mean less cash passing across the counter – less incentive for the criminal to threaten the clerk with a gun. So, with one machine we eliminate two kinds of post office hold-up!



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