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Read the text and render it.



Many people are very keen to do well in their jobs and regard them as a career for a long period. Some people may leave their jobs for a while to do something else, for example women may take a career break, but then they go back to work again. Other people put success in their profession before all other things, such as friends or family. They may even act unfairly to gain advancement.

A job interview can be trying enough. But today, with competition fiercer than ever, interview techniques are becoming far more sophisticated and, some say, tougher. Thankfully, most of the really harrowing methods of the Eighties have vanished. (One city broker was asked to sing Ten Green Bottles at an interview. "I refused - and later they offered me the job," she says. "I was told my response was the correct one, because T had shown self-respect").

A survey of major firms by recruitment specialists Michael Page showed that more than 50 per cent used personality testing, 11 per cent graphology (handwriting assessment), 72 per cent numerical or verbal reasoning tests and 24 per cent opted for panel interviews. There is now a much greater use of "assessment centres", where candidates face a sequence of interviews and tests over a day or two. These techniques can be difficult or embarrassing if you have no idea what to expect.

Says David Bodmer of Michael Page, "Our survey shows that women are better at presenting themselves. They are generally more dynamic and they don't usually appear arrogant, which is the biggest stumbling block for men."

When offered an interview, it pays to find out as much as the personnel department will tell you about the company and what form their assessment of you will take.

Answer the following questions.

1. What is the most effective way of finding a job? By looking at job advertisements in newspapers? Writing 'Hire-me' letters? By means of self-employment?

2. Do you think it is necessary to upgrade your skills before applying for a new job?

3. Will you be content with a job which is below your pretensions?

4. Will you agree to do 'the donkey work1 before getting the job you really need?

5. What will you feel when you get turned down for a job?

6. Do you need professional advice from the Careers Service to make up your mind about your career?

Moving up in the organization

Agree or disagree with these statements. Explain your choice.

1. Success in business results from hard work? Talent? Sense of business? Job security? Rich parents? Dishonesty?

2. The main incentives for good work are money? Promotion? Threat of punishment? Self-fulfillment?

3. Aptitude, flexibility, ability to learn and commitment can be measured.

4. It is better to be "a big fish in a small pond", which means to be important and have a lot of influence only in a small organization or company.

5. Only acting in an enterprising way gives a person a competitive edge.

6. Some people tend to change jobs, others "stick to their knitting", i.e. are loyal to their profession.



The Infinitive

В большинстве случаев простой инфинитив употребляется с частицей to. Исключение являются случаи употребления инфинитива после модальных глаголов. Инфинитив выполняет в предложении следующие функции:


Функции Примеры
Подлежащее To advertise in the national press is very expensive. Реклама в центральной прессе – дело очень дорогое.
прямое дополнение He told her to wait. Он велел ей подождать.
часть сказуемого They began to negotiate the contract the day before yesterday. Позавчера они начали переговоры по контракту.
Определение It is a good question to discuss. Это очень хороший вопрос, который следует обсудить.
обстоятельство цели He came to Moscow to take part in the exhibition. Он приехал в Москву, чтобы принять участие в этой выставке.


1. Отрицательная форма инфинитива образуется с помощью not:

They have decided not to proceed with the project.

Они решили не продолжать этот проект.

2. Длительный и перфективный инфинитивы употребляются с большинством модальных глаголов и некоторыми другими глаголами:

We seem to be discussing a wrong proposal.

Кажется, мы обсуждаем неправильное предложение.

1. Translate sentences from Russian into English paying attention to Infinitive:

1. Они надеются увеличить экспорт в ближайшее время.

2. Они поставили себе задачу создать новую компанию

3. Они согласились опубликовать все финансовые показатели.

4. Им не удалось заинтересовать этих покупателей.

5. Компания старалась успокоить обеспокоенных инвесторов.

6. Газеты писали о планах компании расширить производство.

7. Их решение перенести сроки выставки вызвало много вопросов.

8. Все приветствовали возможность создания новых рабочих мест.

9. Эта идея пригласить всех директоров всем понравилась.

10. План организации нового отдела вызвал много возражений.


Role play

Dress code and working conditions

1. Read the dialogue, translate the Russian remarks into English and act it out.

- Can you give me some ground rules about the dressing code in your company. I've always worked in an office with men only. I've always had a feeling of defencelessness about dresses when all men in the room wear jackets. I know that a woman who hopes to manage affairs and exert authority must avoid any kind of dresses which portray her as weak or indecisive. Do you agree with me?

- В нашей компании принято носить то, что вам удобно. Одежда должна быть простой, элегантной и безупречной. Нужно всегда помнить: если вы одеты неопрятно, обращают внимание на ваше платье, если же ваша одежда безупречна, в вас видят женщину.

- Are accessories acceptable? In the company I worked for there was one cardinal rule: don't wear anything that jingles, wiggles, clanks or glitters. They said accessories should be silent, understated and unobtrusive — never sexy.

- Да, мы тоже придерживаемся этого правила. Вот вы, например, выглядите превосходно. Но может быть, вам стоит подумать о своих украшениях? Вы простите, что я говорю вам об этом.

- I understand that these dangling earrings, bracelets, chain collections and garish, attention-getting items I am wearing dilute any woman's authority image. But I can do nothing about it.

- Если вы хотите сделать карьеру в нашей компании, вам придется изменить свой облик. Вы меня понимаете?

- Yes.


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