ТОП 10:

Family members, home, household chores, leisure

niece, central heating, go clubbing, grandchild, bathroom, nephew, living-room, vacuuming, aunt, shopping, cousin, furniture, go out, parent, a block of flats, hobby, cooking, doing sport, party, do the cleaning


1.30 Read this friendly letter and write a similar informal e-mail to a key pal.

Dear Fiona,

Thank for your e-mail. It was nice to hear from you again.

Here is a photograph of my brother and me at the beach. We went there last weekend. My dad took the photo. We went by car. The journey took about three hours. We stayed at my aunt’s house.

We had a great time. We made big sandcastles and we swam in the sea. We ate some big ice creams, too. They were delicious. Have you ever been to the beach?

Before we left, I sent you a postcard. Has it arrived yet?

Please write soon. Can you send me a photo of your family, too?

Your friend,



Exam task. Read the text. Are these sentences true or false?

1. Mona wants to become a computer programmer.

2. She is an only child in the family.

3. She isn’t married.

4. Mona speaks three languages.

5. Her family live in the center of the capital.

My name is Mona Saeed and I am from Manama. It is the capital city of Bahrain. I am a student at Bahrain Training Institute. I am studying computer programming. I hope to work in a bank one day. I am 18 years old and I am single. I have two brothers and three sisters. We all live with our parents and grandmother in a large house in the suburbs of Manama. I speak Arabic, and English quite well. I also understand Farsi, but I can’t speak it very well. In my free time I like reading novels, watching TV, and playing computer games.


Grammar: Numerals; Degrees of comparison; Simple Passive; the Participle; Quantifiers; Continuous tenses; in, on, at


academic staff – преподавательский состав

attend v (lectures) – посещать лекции

carry out v (experiments) – проводить, ставить (опыты)

defend the diploma project – защищать дипломный проект

degree / diploma n – научная степень, диплом

design v – конструировать, проектировать

develop v – развивать, разрабатывать

device n – устройство, прибор

double period – занятие (пара)

education n – образование

engineering n – техника, машиностроение

engineer’s degree – диплом инженера

enter v – поступать (в вуз)

exam (in) n – экзамен (по)

establish v – учреждать

field n – отрасль, область (знания)

first year student – первокурсник

full time student – студент дневного отделения

graduate n – выпускник

graduate from – закончить вуз

higher school – высшее учебное заведение

have / take / pass / fail an exam – сдавать / сдать / не сдать экзамен

investigate / research v – исследовать

naval а – военно-морской

offer v – предлагать

outstanding a – выдающийся

part time student – студент вечернего отделения

postgraduate n – аспирант

science n – наука

shipyard (shipbuilding yard)– судостроительная верфь, завод

student’s record book – зачётная книжка

study v – учиться; исследовать

subject n – предмет (обучения)

teach / train / instruct v – обучать

technology n – технология, техника

term n – семестр

time-table n – расписание

the humanities (pl) – гуманитарные науки

to revise (to do a revision) v – готовиться к экзамену, повторять

for an examination материал

undergraduate n – студент

2.1 What does it mean to be well educated? How can education be of use for you? Is learning a foreign language an important part of education?

2.2 Write ten important reasons to study English.

2.3 Read these numerals according to the models:

  Model 1 17 (seventeen)–70 (seventy)
  18 – 80 13 – 30 19 – 90 14 – 40 15 – 50 16 – 60
Models 2 (whole numbers):  
– a (one) hundred 100,000 – a (one) hundred thousand  
1,000 – a (one) thousand 1,000,000 – a (one) million  
– three hundred 5,000,000 – five million  
2,000 – two thousand    
345; 2,700; 60,000; 44,502,000; 758; 6,289; 5,002,004; 1,568; 568.  


Model 3 1/6 – a (one) sixth 1/2 – a half
2/6 – two sixths 1/4 – a quarter (a fourth)
11/3 – one and a (one) third    


2/3; 5/6; 6/7; 3/4 ; 1/8; 3½; 21/5; 7/9; 12/5; ;2/6; 3/7


Model 4 0.5 – zero point five (ou point five; point five)
  2.5 – two point five
13.25; 5.6; 3.1; 24.7; 8.15; 3.6; 5.04; 0.6; 22.4; 67.15


Model 51914 – nineteen fourteen, 1900 – nineteen hundred, 2005 – two thousand and five
1147; 1242; 1380; 1703; 1905; 1941; 1945; 1986; 2000  

2.4 Read the text and find all the words and expressions related to education.

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