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Grammar: Degrees of Comparison

  Adjective Comparative Superlative
I long easy big longerthan easier than biggerthan (the)longest (the) easiest (the) biggest
II interesting more interesting than (the) most interesting
III good bad far better than worse than farther than further than (the) best (the) worst (the) farthest (the) furthest
IV much many more than (the) most
little less than (the) least

Change the adjectives according to the model.

Model:This text is difficult. – That text is more difficult,and that text is the most difficult of all.
1.This problem is interesting. 2.This lecture is good. 3.This engine is powerful. 4.This border is long. 5.This area is large. .6.This answer is bad. 7.This test is useful.

Grammar: Conjunctions of Comparison

than — чем
as … as — так же (такой же) … как
not so / as … as — не так (не такой) … как
the … the — чем …, тем

Translate the sentences.

1.Tom is as intelligent as Mark. 2.The Moskva river is less navigable than the Neva. 3.The more we study, the more we know. 4.Jane is not as pretty as Alice. 5.The more attentive we are at the lessons, the more we learn. 6.The voyage to Odessa is as beautiful as the voyage to Sochi. 7.This shipyard is not so well-known as the Admiralty shipyard. 8.Russia has more natural resources than any other country in the world.

Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form.

1.Mary is a (bad) student than Lucy. 2.The Alps are (high) than the Urals. 3.The (tall) trees in the world grow in California. 4.It is as (cold) today as it was yesterday. 5.Today the weather is (cold) than it was yesterday. 6.This is the (beautiful) view I have ever seen in my life. 7.She is not so (busy) as I am. 8.She speaks Italian (good) than English. 9.Chinese is (difficult) than English. 10.This book is (interesting) of all I have read this year. 11.The station is (far) from the beach than our hotel.

Translate the word combinations with most.

Model:   The most difficult exam (самый) Most of the exams (большинство)

most of the subjects, most of our undergraduates, the most interesting subject, most of the seminars, the most useful activity, most useful activities, most of our studies.

Answer the following questions.

l.What subject do you like best? 2.What was your best subject at school? 3.Is mathematics more difficult for you than physics? 4.What is the most difficult subject for you? 5.And what subject is the easiest? 6.Who is the best student at English in your group? 7.Who is the oldest in your family? 8. Who is the youngest?

Grammar: Simple Passive

  be + Past Participle
Present am / is / are invited
Past was / were invited
Future will be invited

We write notes. – Notes are written.

They explained the rule. – The rule was explained.

He will meet the new students in the hall. – The new students will be met in the hall.

We can make films. – Films can be made.

We looked at the student. – The student was looked at.

Translate the sentences.

1.A lot of experiments are carried out in our laboratories. 2.Higher mathematics is taught in the first year of students' studies. 3.The student was immediately sent for. 4.Were you asked to come in time? 5.The second talk on the new machine will be given tomorrow by one of the inventors. 6.The text was followed by exercises. 7.The world’s first underground railway was opened in 1863 in London, it is also called the tube. 8.“Hamlet” was written by Shakespeare.


2.14 Rewrite these sentences, putting the verbs in the passive. Keep them in the same tense, and remove they, we, etc.

Model: We clean the garages every day.

The garages are cleaned every day.

1.They export this computer to seventy different countries. 2.We opened the office at nine o’clock. 3.They send two million books to India every year. 4.We told him not to be late again. 5.They posted all the letters yesterday. 6.They’ll pay me a lot of money to do the job. 7.Fortunately, they didn’t damage the machinery. 8.We send the newspapers to Scotland by train.

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